Originals Compiled by Moonboots and Balearic Mike

    Claremont 56
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    • Byron – Too Much
    • Band Aid – A Tour in Italy (Dub)
    • Tony Esposito – Je Na
    • Radio Band – Radio Rap
    • Fist of Facts – First Strike
    • Cantoma – Maja (Dub)
    • Flayer – Wanna Get Back Your Love
    • Smith and Mudd – Wem
    • 1. Sth Notional – Yawn Yawn Yawn
    • 2. Byron – Too Much
    • 3. Band Aid – A Tour in Italy (Dub)
    • 4. Tony Esposito – Je Na
    • 5. Radio Band – Radio Rap
    • 6. The Night-S-Press – Dance
    • 7. B:dum B:dum Sound – Istanbul
    • 8. Fist of Facts – First Strike
    • 9. Cantoma – Maja (Dub)
    • 10. Mountaineer – A Town Called Ivanhoe
    • 11. Flayer – Wanna Get Back Your Love
    • 12. Smith and Mudd – Wem

    Last ever copies! Hurry if you want one!

    Awesome new compilation from Claremont 56 featuring a choice selection of rare and esoteric sunkissed leftfield sounds from two of Manchester's finest DJs, Balearic Mike and Moonboots!

    Both DJs are well known to record buyers in Manchester, having worked at the city's Eastern Bloc (Moon) and Vinyl Exchange (Mike) shops for many years. Recent times have seen their reputations as DJs rise on the back of a set of well-recieved mixes and club nights, such as Balearic Mike's excellent Cosmic Alphonsus series and the Aficionado Sunday sessions. Both DJs have hard-won reputations for digging-up rare and unknown tunes, and for their ability to discern blissed-out loveliness in what others might dismiss as a load of 'eighties tat!

    This is a really special compilation of beautiful music, and it's limited to 800 hand numbered copie so be sure to buy one now before it's too late!

    We can't recommend this lovely album enough!

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