Lotek International Rudeboy

First Word Records
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  • 0. Dreader Than Dread
  • 0. Rebel Hifi
  • 1. The Rudest Dude
  • 1. Still Splendid
  • 1. Inernational Rudeboy
  • 2. The Hiatus
  • 3. Mile High Dub
  • 4. Sundance
  • 5. Rude To Your Parents
  • 6. Drink Triples, See Double, Act Single
  • 7. Tip Toe Skank
  • 8. Never Gonna Drink Again
  • 9. Don't Want No

This album explores the evolution of Hip Hop by way of reggae soundsystem culture. Eschewing samples for a largely live production palate Lotek's added layers of instrumentation topped off with razor sharp horn lines and his own inimitable gravelly vocals. With reference points ranging from classic Studio One productions to Specials style Ska and the future dub of Mungo’s Hifi this is an album that is dripping with quality

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