• 3×LP PNILP01£17.99
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    • Linkwood – Robot Parade
    • Linkwood – Falling
    • Linkwood – Fudge Boogie
    • Linkwood – Chicago Pt.2
    • Linkwood – System
    • 1. Carbon Units
    • 2. Robot Parade
    • 3. Tears
    • 4. Falling
    • 5. Pumpernickel
    • 6. Fudge Boogie
    • 7. Chicago Pt.2
    • 8. Electricity
    • 9. System
    • 10. Nectarine


    Wicked new album of ace retro boogie disco and deep techno vibes on Prime Numbers!

    For a relatively new label Prime Numbers have quickly established themselves as a quality record label.  Prime Numbers have brought us super deep disco techno gems from Actress as well as a slew of sumptuous groovy disco edits and house bombs from Trus' Me and Reggie Dokes.

    Linkwood aka Nick Moore has had us in the palm of his hand ever since his extremely limited dubby disco limited 10" 'Miles Away' on Firecracker and its been over year waiting for 'System' to drop.  As we expected 'System, is excellent, no wonder everyone from Juan Atkins to Derrick May to Carl Craig have been tripping over themselves to give him props and support his music. 'System' is drenched in late seventies disco boogie and late night deep detroit and chicago techno flavours.  Athough there are some outrageously fantastic deep techno dancefloor stompers on here with tracks like 'Electricity' and System', there are also some slo mo soulful boogie numbers like 'Tears' featuring the slinky smooth vocals of Reggie Dokes aswell as synthy 80's boogie esque party number 'Fudge Boogie'!!!


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            Now pressed on 180g vinyl, updated to add the beatless atmospheric tracks that have always been integral parts of the complete CD versions, and also including...
            • Burial – 01
            • Burial – Distant Lights
            • Burial – Spaceape Feat Spaceape
            • Burial – Wounder
            • Burial – Night Bus
            • Burial – Southern Comfort
            • Burial – U Hurt Me
            • Burial – Gutted
            • Burial – Forgive
            • Burial – Broken Hone
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            • Burial – Pirates
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            Gary Bartz NTU TroopHarlem Bush Music: Taifa & UhuruBGP
            Gary Bartz was in the artistic eye of the hurricane that was the Black Power movement at the turn of the 70s and these two albums tell it in no uncertain...
              The Fatback BandGoing To See My BabyEast End
              Funky party bomb on East End! Complete with a fantastic eleven minute version to keep the party rockin!!!! Highly Recommended!!!!
              • The Fatback Band – Going To See My Baby (3.19)
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              Anthony Shake ShakirFrictionalism 1994-2009Rush Hour
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              • Anthony Shake Shakir – mood swing
              • Anthony Shake Shakir – live for friction
              • Anthony Shake Shakir – here, there & nowhere
              • Anthony Shake Shakir – the floor filler
              • Anthony Shake Shakir – my computer is an optimist
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                  John MoralesThe M&M MixesBBE
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                  • class acton feat chris wiltshire – weekend (JM After-session M&M Mix)
                  • curtis hairston – i want you (all tonight) (JM After-session M&M Mix)
                  • universal robot band – wanna be your lover (demo version)
                  • logg – (you got) that something (JM After-session M&M Mix)
                  • funk deluxe – this time (JM After-session M&M Mix)
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                  Released on Saturn in 1965, but recorded four or five years earlier, this is often considered the first of Ra's 'outside' recordings, with a definitive...
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                    • Moebius Plank Neumeier – speed delay
                    • Moebius Plank Neumeier – pitch control
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                    Sun RaAtlantisEvidence
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                      Features the rare groove classic 'Save Their Souls'!
                        AndresIIMahogani Music
                        The second LP from the Andres II! Full album release from Andres featuring all the tracks from his two vinyl EPs on Mahogani. J-Dilla-style hip hop...
                        • Andres – jazz afterhours
                        • Andres – soul brother never been another
                        • Andres – a new beginning ya know
                        • Andres – body and soul
                        • LP£10.99
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                          Larry LevanFinal Night At Paradise Garage (Disk 3 of 5)Slow to speak
                          Second Part in the Larry Levan 'Final Night At Paradise Garage' series! Slow To Speak have lovingly reissued the legendary recordings of the final night...
                            • 12"£11.99
                              Out of stock
                            Sitar Beat Vol. 4Indian Style Heavy FunkSitar Beat
                            Another essential volume of drum heavy Indian grooves from the 'Sitar Beat' camp featuring: "Someone To Love" by Kalyanji Anandji, "Hum Tumhe Chate Hain"...
                            • Biddu With Manhar & Anand – Hum Tumhe Chate Hain
                            • Kalyanji Anandji – Someone To Love
                            • Kalyanji Anandji – Dance Music From Bairaag
                            • 12" EP£7.99
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                            Pete La RocaTurkish Women At The Bath (1967)Fresh Sound Records
                            This is a jaw-droppingly beautiful masterpiece of late-60s modal jazz. This classic album features Chick Corea in his acoustic, pre-fusion days and his...
                              • Reissue LP£11.99
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                              Dub Echoes DVD (2009)Directed by Bruno Natal
                              'Dub Echoes' DVD out now on Soul Jazz Records!!!!!! 'Dub Echoes' is a newly produced film about Dub, featuring an incredible array of artists, both original...
                              Cannonball AdderleySoul Zodiac (1972)Capitol
                              Awesome cult classic deep jazz album from Nat Adderley featuring narrations from radio DJ Rick Holmes on the theme of astrology! Mystical out-there 1972...
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                                Audible VisionsA Spaced Out Musical CeremonyIll Studio
                                Brilliant new limited edition hand-numbered space disco mix from Tiger Sushi's Alexis Le Tan, beautifully packaged in a cosmic silver padded evelope...
                                • Audible Visions – Sample One
                                • Audible Visions – Sample Two
                                • Audible Visions – Sample Three
                                • Audible Visions – Sample Four
                                • Audible Visions – Sample Five
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