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    • Grievous Angel – We want you
    • Grievous Angel – Lickle fiction
    • Grievous Angel – 1985 style
    • 1. We want you
    • 2. Lickle fiction
    • 3. Gone, gone, gone
    • 4. Immigrant
    • 5. 1985 style
    • 6. Long gone dub (with rubi dan)
    • 7. Move down low (with rubi dan)
    • 8. Culture killer (with rubi dan)
    • 9. Soundman tribute
    • 10. Velvet dub (biitten by the black dog)
    • 11. Culture killer (dicomix)
    • 12. Velvet dub
    • 13. 1985 style
    • 14. Bad man dub (black hole remix)
    • 15. Velvet dub
    • 16. Gone, gone, gone
    • 17. Long gone dub (with rubi dan)
    • 18. We want you
    • 19. Lickle fiction
    • 20. Glitter dub
    • 21. Culture killer (with rubi dan)
    • 22. Immigrant
    • 23. Soundman tribute
    • 24. Culture killer (dicomix)
    • 25. Move down low (version)
    • 26. Move down low (with rubi dan)

    Dazzling and timely fusing of genres from dubstep to techno, uk garage to bashment. Grievous Angel is a dubstep and ragga techno outfit run by paul.meme. Grievous Angel deliver a soundsystem-ready dubstep bass pummeling that crosses over into a unique form of ragga techno, combining acidic power electronics with bashment beats. His tunes often feature infamous dancehall MC Rubi Dan, who is resident with London's Heatwave soundsystem. Grievous Angel's influences include Tackhead, Throbbing Gristle, Saxon Sound, King Jammy and El-B. A first-wave garage fan who went all the way from jungle to dark 2step, paul.meme is well known for the iconic "Dubstep Sufferah" series of DJ mixes that have pushed the boundaries of the form and reunited dubstep with both MC-driven dancehall and grime. His early mp3 releases received glowing reviews in the Wire by dub expert Steve Barker, who also commissioned a reggae and breakcore mix from him for the legendary On The Wire radio show back in 2005. "Belief is the Enemy" is the first official release for Paul. It is an exciting mix of dubstep, hyper-glitched textures and propulsive ragga techno presented over two CDs. One CD is a DJ mix with tons of bass weight and dub manipulation; the other CD is unmixed, a serious album with proper sequencing which is also an armory of dub weapons. Grievous Angel is already a firm airplay favourite with Mary Anne Hobbs - running multiple album cuts on her BBC Radio 1 show and on scene leading Rinse FM shows such as Dusk & Blackdown. Check it out!!!!

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