B-Music Drive In, Turn On, Freak Out

    Finders Keepers
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    • Sevil and Ayla – BEbek
    • Elpida – He Will Come He Will Come
    • Braen's Machine – Flying
    • Pegasus – Fire
    • Trubrot – Eg Veit Ao Pu Kemur
    • Colin Young – You're No Good
    • Furia – Solamente Tu
    • 1. Moldians – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
    • 2. Jean Jaques Dexter – Be Quite
    • 3. Ozdemir Erdogan – Karaoglan Almanya'da
    • 4. Cheung Kam Chun – Green Mountain, Jade Valley
    • 5. Spectre – Arkham
    • 6. Sevil and Ayla – BEbek
    • 7. Elpida – He Will Come He Will Come
    • 8. Unidades – Caballo Salvaje
    • 9. Braen's Machine – Flying
    • 10. Odmenn – Ord Mord
    • 11. Pegasus – Fire
    • 12. Takeshi Terauchi – Dan No Ura
    • 13. Trubrot – Eg Veit Ao Pu Kemur
    • 14. Kataryzna Sobczyk – Kasia To WtaEnie Ja
    • 15. Jan Jakeje – South Indian Line
    • 16. Colin Young – You're No Good
    • 17. Furia – Solamente Tu
    • 18. Ennio Morricone – Guerra e Pace, Pollo e Brace
    • 19. Los Mismos – Pasa El Tren
    • 20. Parva – Mosem e Gol
    • 21. Nahid Akhtar – Mere Mehbob Hai

    Excellent compilation of rare psychedelic vinyl finds from Finders Keepers' worldwide A-list team of crate diggers, including Cherrystones, Andy Votel, and David Holmes!

    Ace collection of esoteric psyche rock, Turkish rock, soundtrack business, folk funk, Bollywood wig-outs, oddball electronics, Asian weirdness, and more besides!

    This is an ace selection of records you will simply never come accross, all put together into a nice package by the folks at Finder Keepers!


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                    • Terror / Prey – Sample Four
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                    • Terror / Prey – Sample Six
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                                Message From The TribeAn Anthology of Tribe RecordsUniversal Sound
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                                • David Durrah – Space 2
                                • Phil Ranelin & Tribe – Vibes From The Tribe
                                • Phil Ranelin & Tribe – Sounds From The Village
                                • Doug Hammond – Moves
                                • Tribe – Beneficent
                                • Tribe – What We Need
                                • Marcus Belgrave – Space Oddysey
                                • Phil Ranelin & Tribe – For The Children
                                • The Mixed Bag – La Margarita
                                • Doug Hammond – Wake Up Brothers
                                • Wendell Harrison – Tons And Tons Of B.S.
                                • Tribe – Farewell To The Welfare
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                                John Crow Say..Jamaican Music of Faith, Work and Play (1981)Smithsonian Folkways
                                Fascinating roots Jamaican recordings recorded by John Storm Roberts in 1981.
                                • John Crow Say.. – I Saw the Lighthouse
                                SandBeautiful People Are EvilSoul Jazz Records
                                Amazing first album by Sand (who have now switched over to Soul Jazz main label). Heavyweight electronic/jazz/techno/punk album that is a template for...
                                • Sand – Hello Mrs. Apple
                                • Sand – Dis Plane Down
                                • Sand – Hotel Cotty
                                • Sand – Spell Pt. 1
                                • Sand – Terminus
                                • Sand – Spell Pt. 2
                                • Sand – Product Crow
                                • Sand – Vertigo Crab
                                • Sand – Sand
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