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    Information book on Nicaragua aimed at teenagers. Secondhand hardback book.
    Nice imformation and photo book. (S/hand hardback book. Different cover to that shown)
    Two gorgeous early 70s vocal harmony tracks from The Tidals. Back to back with no dub version. Finely crafted vocals by a group who were very sparsely recorded. Producer Phil Pratt recorded their first ever record 'Rebel Nyah' and then recorded these 2 gems around 1973. Comes in a handmade Pressure Sounds stamped sleeve.
    Large format hardback s/hand book.
    Large format hardback s/hand book.
    A Rastafarian journey. s/hand paperback book
    Secondhand hardback Travel book (unfortunately without dustjacket)
    A re-cut of the Studio One song that was called 'Contemplating Mind' recorded by Barrington Spence for Mr Dodd. He re-cut this version for Phil Pratt in the early 70s. Phil Pratt's arrangement is less reliant on the keyboards of Jackie Mittoo and comes with a slower rhythm. The b side is 'Where your footsteps led'. Both sides are excellent soulful early...
    An obscure Black Ark rarity produced by Phil Pratt at the Black Ark.
    Celebrating their 20th anniversary, well respected UK record shop Vinyl Underground releases this staff EP. Features two Jamie Reed classics - beautiful pure techno , with his signature sound. The flip contains two acid cuts - the new warehouse sound of Cloudy Skies by Avus 303 & The Cardinal plus a pure Roland basic acid bonus.
    5" x 7" Original speia tones photograph!
    This time Prince Fatty is up against the mighty Mungo's Hi Fi Soundsystem! Featuring contributions from Sugar Minott, Soom T, Hollie Cook and more.
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    A transposition of "Wuthering Heights" to a Caribbean context. Heathcliff is reincarnated in the character Rayze, and late-19th-century Cuba and Guadeloupe - a society in transition in the wake of emancipation - form the backdrop to the murderous passion which binds him to Cathy. s/hand paperback book
    Large format hardback s/hand book.
    s/hand paperback
    All you ever wanted to know about ... diving and snorkelling in Belize. Nice pix! s/hand paperback book.
    s/hand paperback (difft cover)
    s/hand hardback book w/dustjacket. Nice picture book!
    Description: A full decade before the horrific attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001, the small Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago came under its own terrorist assault from a small fundamentalist Muslim group known as the Jamaat al Muslimeen. For six days in 1990, the country, a former British colony that had achieved its...
    Large format hardback s/hand book.
    Large format hardback s/hand book.
    Large format hardback s/hand book.
    EoOo AKA Eomac is one half of Dublin based duo Lakker, but is also a DJ and producer in his own right, with releases on The Trilogy Tapes and now touching down on hype label of 2013 Unknown To The Unknown...
    All-time classic Hip Hop album everyone should have! There are very few albums across any genre that stand the test of time better than 93 ‘Til Infinity, the classic debut record from the Hieroglyphics crew’s very own Souls of Mischief. In an era where Gangsta Rap and G-Funk dominated the West Coast Rap scene, Souls broke ground on a completely...
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    Colour photos of Salvador in Bahia, Brazil, the heart of Afro-Brazilian culture such as capoeira and candomble.
    Sung by the Mighty Sparrow in 1956, the calypso 'Jean And Dinah' was a male response to the influence of the occupying Yankees on local girls in the post World War II period. The play is a tragi-comedy set in present-day Port-of Spain, Trinidad, in Act One, then in Act two, the characters take us some 40 years back to their theatre of the streets of...
    BACK IN STOCK  "Special white-label entry on the AMUS label series - very far out. Limited pressing on hand-stamped white label."
    Trinidad is known for its vibrant musical traditions, which reflect the island's ethnic diversity. Soca is a dance music derived from calypso, a music with African antecedents. In parang, a Venezuelan and Spanish derived folk music that dominates Trinidadian Christmas festivities, groups of singers and musicians progress from house to house,...
    Great guide to the country. s/hand paperback book.
    Debut release for WNCL Recordings from this mystery outfit. Not much is known about Girls Of The Internet except that they come from the countryside and use hardware. Four tracks of leftfield analogue electronics with an experimental edge. Elements of funk, acid, synth, heavy drums and techno prevail across the EP. An interesting release that...
    Fourth long-player for Ray Harris. Eight tracks drenched in sweet and soothing jazz. Across the album, Harris deftly fuses dancefloor aspects of jazz with latin influences. In addition, the album shows an appreciation for music from a wide range of eras ranging from the 60s to modern day. Hints of funk and soul are present as well as a sprinkling of...
    In full-swing, bumpin' discofied house. Executed in a ruff cut style, extended loops. soulful warm keys, rolling percussion - all the good stuff from Supply Records.
    This novel from former Sandinista Vice-President Ramirez, the first Nicaraguan novel to be translated into English, portrays the experiences of Nicaraguan musicians, soldiers, prostitutes, politicians, beauty queens, and other characters during the Somoza regime. s/hand hardback book.
    Brrroooooooooocce. The man, the legend - large format photo book. s/hand large format book
    Few areas of the world contain as much diversity - cultural, political, social - as the Caribbean. With a history marked by conquest, slavery and superpower rivalry, the region has been the scene of naval battles, pirate attacks and guerrilla uprisings. Today, in an age of globalization, the Caribbean faces new challenges: threats to its traditional...
    Description: The Santeria religion of Cuba - the Way of the Saints - mixes West African Yoruba culture with Catholicism. Similar to Haitian voodoo, Santeria has long practiced animal sacrifice in certain rites. But when Cuban immigrants brought those rituals to Florida, local authorities were suddenly confronted with a controversial situation...
    Large format hardback s/hand book.
    Comedy album
    Capoeira's unique blend of martial art, dance, and thrilling sport has made it an increasingly popular activity worldwide but its origins have been shrouded in mystery and its complex history not well understood. For volume two of his "Unknown""Capoeira "series, Mestre Ricardo Cachorro has done extensive archival research to shed light on these shadowy...
    Capoeira Illustrated is a complete guide to the art of Capoeira. Author, capoeira instructor and professional artist Dimitris Papadopoulos has created an in-depth study of the techniques and skills of Capoeira, illustrated by over 4000 individual sketches of more than 500 movements. Capoeira Illustrated begins with a complete history of this unique...
    Viennese Techno Supergroup featuring Patrick Pulsinger, Gerhard Potuznik, Erdem Tunakan."Look Straight", a killer electronic funk track pulled from the vaults, originally recorded in 1996 gets a remixed by John Tejada  (this is killer!!!!) , Dave Tarrida and Roberto Rodrigo for this special reissue.
    Prince's 1986 album was also the soundtrack to the movie "Under The Cherry Moon" and launched one of his biggest ever hits - "Kiss"
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    Two chugging funky grooves from the backing band at Sylvia Robinson's All Platinum and A-I record labels, 1972
    Pharell turns up the charm on this, his fourth solo album. Features the HUGE hit single 'Happy'! 
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    DESCRIPTION: Gloria Gaynor's song, "I Will Survive" was an anthem for the 70's. Her soaring song brought everyone to their feet. Today, Gaynor continues to rise like a phoenix. Her spirit and her determination came out in song, and now she raises our spirits with memoirs on the printed page. Secondhand hardback book w/dustjacket
    Rare original  hardback book w/dustjacket (£85 on Amazon!)
    This work is about Belize from a historical and contemporary perspective. Once known as British Honduras, Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America. The author looks at the different racial and ethno-cultural groups which collectively constitute Belize, a country founded by British settlers and African slaves more than 300 years...
    The More Axe series continues with edition No.4 that concentrates on the early rootsy dancehall scene 1979 onwards in Jamaica. Not only did the music change, the rhythms of bands like The Roots Radics and The High Times Band slowed it down again. This time the emphasis was on the power of the Bass line. With killer features on Sugar Minott, I Roy, Barrington...
    Nigerian-born writer resident in UK. Abiola is raised as an aristocratic African warrior in a highly developed civilisation, but when he is betrayed and sold into slavery in America he is forcibly transformed into the property of a French immigrant. Renamed Cornelius, he and fellow slave Delilah begin a relationship which culminates in the birth...