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    Kornel Kovacs1985 EditsPUSS
    Three beautifully repurposed tracks from the mid 80s curtasy of Kornel Kovacs for the Puss label. Synthy workouts on a limited stamped 10''. Chek it out!
    • Kornel Kovacs – Peru
    • Kornel Kovacs – Ivan
    • Kornel Kovacs – Bjorn
    • 10"£7.99
      Out of stock
    Restless Mashaits Ft. Deadly Headly, Scully, Vin Gordon Adwa MarchPartial
    Killer mid 90s roots tune gets a limited repress on Partial Records, featuring legendary Jamaican musicians Vin Gordon, Deadly Headly, Scully. Clean and...
    • Restless Mashaits Ft. Deadly Headly, Scully, Vin Gordon – Adwa March
    • Restless Mashaits Ft. Deadly Headly, Scully, Vin Gordon – Version
    Billy Lee RileyBeatlemania (1964)Mercury Records
    Very rare USA original album from Memphis rocker Billy Lee Riley.
      • Original LP£30.00
        Out of stock
      Romanthony with The Trojan Horse Da Change / Hold On Black Male
      Official reissue of Romanthony's 'Da'Change / Hold On' on Black Male from 1994. Super loud, cut from the orignal master tapes! 
      • Romanthony with The Trojan Horse – Da' Change (The Vocal Vamp Remix)
      • Romanthony with The Trojan Horse – Da' Change (Saxy Bootleg Remix)
      • Romanthony with The Trojan Horse – Hold On (Roman's Remix)
      • Romanthony with The Trojan Horse – Hold On (R&B Vamp Mix)
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock
      N.Y. House'n AuthorityDyckman House (Reissue)Nu Groove
      Essential release from the Nu-Groove plucked from vaults, "Dyckman House" is an amazing love letter to NYC from Rheji Burrell covering 6 tracks of raw...
      • N.Y. House'n Authority – Dyckman House
      • N.Y. House'n Authority – Ravenswood House
      • N.Y. House'n Authority – Tilden House
      • N.Y. House'n Authority – High Bridge House
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock
      Cornell CampbellHail HimPartial
      Superb vocal cut to "King Of Kings" by Cornell Campbell with dub on the flip.
      • Cornell Campbell – Hail Him
      • Cornell Campbell – Version
      • 7"£5.99
        Out of stock
      Restless Mashaits Ft. Dizzy Moore, Deadly Headly, ScullyKing Of Kings (Alternative Horns Cut)Partial
      Wicked horns instrumental from the late 90s featuring Legendary Skatalites trumpet player Johnny Moore with Deadly Headly & Scully, Limited repress..nice...
      • Restless Mashaits Ft. Dizzy Moore, Deadly Headly, Scully – King Of Kings
      • Restless Mashaits Ft. Dizzy Moore, Deadly Headly, Scully – Version
      • 7"£5.49
        Out of stock
      George Morel Let's Groove White
      The CLASSIC of CLASSICS! Originally released on Strictly Rhythm - NYC garage pressure from 1993! A massive crossover UK Garage hit way back when!...
      • George Morel – Let's Groove
      • George Morel – Let's Groove (George Morel Transparent Mix)
      • George Morel – Let's Groove (Steve Nash Mix)
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock
      Scuba Phenix 3 Hotflush
      Back In Stock! Dub techno and contemplative pieces from the Hotflush bossman!
      • Scuba – Silence
      • Scuba – Nineteen Eighty
      • Scuba – Plateau
      • Scuba – Fade
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock
      Mr. FingersThe Complete Can You Feel ItTrax
      Remastered issue of Mr. Fingers' defining house music moment, 'Can You Feel It', featuring all four of the classic remixes! 
      • Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It (Original Instrumental Mix)
      • Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It (Robert Owens Mix)
      • Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It (Martin Luther King Mix)
      • Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It (Chuck D. Mix)
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock
      Kerri ChandlerThe MoodNervous
      A S.O.T.U CLASSIC!! An essential lovingly re-mastered reissue from legend Kerri Chandler! This is house music at it's best! Check out 'RAIN' 
      • Kerri Chandler – Just livin
      • Kerri Chandler – Dreamscape
      • Kerri Chandler – Union City Nights
      • Kerri Chandler – Rain
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock
      Eric Bell Your Love Traxx
      An amazing, rare beauty of a track from deep within the Trax vaults, Eric Bell's "Your Love" originally came out in 1987 and features a KILLER instrumental...
      • Eric Bell – Your Love (Frankie Knuckles Instrumental)
      • Eric Bell – Your Love (Vocal Mix)
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock
      Rumba On The RiverA History of the Popular Music of the Two CongosVersus
      Rumba on the River presents a snapshot of an era when the currents of tradition and modernization collided to produce a unique music along the banks of...
      • Book (600g)£31.99
        Out of stock
      Making SambaA New History Of Race and Music in BrazilDuke University Press
      In November 1916, a young Afro-Brazilian musician named Donga registered sheet music for the song "Pelo telephone" ("On the Telephone") at the National...
      • Book (700g)£16.99
        Out of stock
      Les McCann Ltd.But Not Really (1965)Limelight
      Deluxe original vinyl w/ full size stapled insert booklet in thick gatefold sleeve. Writing on front. Rare! Top soul jazz from Les McCann piano, Victor...
        • Original LP£20.00
          Out of stock
        Dread Talk : The Language of the RastafariBy Velma PollardPublisher:McGill-Queen's University Press
        In "Dread Talk", Velma Pollard describes the language of Rastafari, tracing its development as an expansion of Jamaican Creole while showing how it is...
        • Book (200g)£13.99
          Out of stock
        Lukid Crawlers Liberation Technologies
        London based experimental producer Lukid joins the Mute sub-label Liberation Technologies alongside Powell, Container, and Mark Fell. "Crawlers" is a loaded...
        • Lukid – Nine
        • Lukid – La Cucaracha
        • Lukid – The Brick Burner
        • Lukid – Born In Bosnia
        • 12"£9.99
          Out of stock
        Billy HartEnchanceHorizon
        Features Hannibal, Eddie Henderson and Buster Williams!
          • Original LP£10.00
            Out of stock
          Harry ManfrediniFriday The 13th (Original Motion Picture Score)Waxwork Records
          Now avaialble on 180g vinyl. Waxwork present the original motion picture score to the seminal horror, Friday The 13th. The legendary, Harry Manfredini...
          • Harry Manfredini – Overlay Of Evil / Main Title
          • Harry Manfredini – Banjo Travelin'
          • Harry Manfredini – Alice Goes To The Lake (Parts 1 & 2)
          • Harry Manfredini – Back Up To Annie Alone
          • Harry Manfredini – Mrs V Watches
          • Harry Manfredini – Ralph In The Pantry
          • Harry Manfredini – Don't Smoke In The Bed
          • Harry Manfredini – Bill Plays Guitar
          • Harry Manfredini – Not Tonight, I've Got A Headache
          • Harry Manfredini – Brenda In Lights
          • Harry Manfredini – The Bed Axe
          • Harry Manfredini – Alive Runs To Cabin
          • Harry Manfredini – Mrs V Comes Clean
          • Harry Manfredini – Alice Runs To Light
          • Harry Manfredini – The Last Fight / The Chop To The End
          • Harry Manfredini – The Boat On The Water / Closing Theme 1 / Jason In The Lake
          • Harry Manfredini – Closing Theme
          • Harry Manfredini & John R Briggs – Sail Away Tiny Sparrow
          • New LP (180g)£25.99
            Out of stock
          Future DaysKrautrock and the Building of Modern Germany Faber & Faber
          West Germany, following the Second World War, was a country in shock: estranged from its recent history, and adrift from the rest of Europe. But this disorientating...
          • Book (400g)£12.99
            Out of stock
          LAPSLAPS EP Clan Destine
          This is WICKED! Glaswegian duo LAPS (Ladies as Pimps) are best known as Golden Teacher vocalist Lady Two Collars and Sue Zuki from Organs Of Love. Sounding...
          • LAPS – Dirty Guys Dirty Corners
          • LAPS – All The Kids
          • LAPS – Dirty Heavenly Dub
          • LAPS – Undermine
          • LAPS – Klymaxx
          • LAPS – Yolk
          • 12"£11.99
            Out of stock
          The Games Black Girls PlayLearning The Ropes From Double-Dutch To Hip-HopNew York University Press
          When we think of African American popular music, our first thought is probably not of double-dutch: girls bouncing between two twirling ropes, keeping...
          • Book (350g)£15.99
            Out of stock
          John MartynOne World (1977)Island
          Deep, deep, deep Martyn.
            • CD£7.99
              Out of stock
            • Original LP£10.00
              Out of stock
            Freddie HubbardSing Me A Song Of Songmyy (1971)Atlantic
            Unusual and brilliant combination of avant garde composition with jazz and poetry! Includes Threnody For Sharon Tate. Essential album of incomparable music....
            • Freddie Hubbard – Threnody For Sharon Tate
            • Freddie Hubbard – Interlude I
            • Original LP£19.99
              Out of stock
            Melja Steady Mobbin' EP Mister Saturday Night
            Melja is Nathan Ifergan, a producer from Maisons-Alfort in France, actually too young to attend a MSN party in NYC but he netherless has made three...
            • Melja – Steady Mobbin'
            • Melja – But it really didn't matter how it was
            • Melja – i won't forget you
            • 12"£9.99
              Out of stock
            Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Kiss Me NeckThe Scratch Story In Words, Pictures And RecordsCherry Red Books
            With more than 1,000 releases to Lee "Scratch" Perry's name in some form or other, there is a wealth of material for fans and collectors to immerse themselves...
            • Book (700g)£14.99
              Out of stock
            Brigitte Fontaine Brigitte Fontaine Superior Viaduct
            Never one to settle on a single musical style, Fontaine followed up her debut, ('Est...Folle') and her astonishing collaboration with The Art Ensemble...
            • Brigitte Fontaine – Brigitte
            • Brigitte Fontaine – Pour Le Patron
            • Brigitte Fontaine – Moi Aussi
            • Brigitte Fontaine – Famille
            • LP£18.99
              Out of stock
            Nik Weston Presents / Loleatta Holloway / Ron Henderson & Choice Of ColourLost Soul & Funk Gems Volume Two: Bring It On Up / I'll Be AroundMukatsuku
            In 1971, Loleatta Holloway released a superb funk 45 on the Fantasy sub label, Galaxy entitled 'Bring It On Up'. An essential tune from the era with...
            • Loleatta Holloway – Bring It On Up
            • Ron Henderson & Choice Of Colour – I'll Be Around
            • 7"£5.99
              Out of stock
            Cooper BrothersPitfalls Of The Ballroom (1979)Capricorn Records
            Rare/obscure southern rock on Carpicorn Records 
              • Original LP£6.99
                Out of stock
              Aurra X Dam-FunkSomebodyFamily Groove Records
              Double 7" of pure electro-funkin' disco goodness. On the first disc, we see the classic disco-soul-funk group, Aurra, deliver a sweet vocal gem which oozes...
              • Aurra – Somebody
              • Aurra – Somebody (Instrumental)
              • Aurra x Dam-Funk – Somebody (Dam-Funk Re-Freak Part 1)
              • Aurra x Dam-Funk – Somebody (Dam-Funk Re-Freak Part 2)
              • 2×7"£11.99
                Out of stock
              Tinmine Soul SupplyTinmine Soul SupplyNumero Group
              20 faith-keeping, floor-shaking soul stompers guaranteed from the folks at Numero!  
              • Lou Garland – I Travel Alone
              • Walter & The Admerations – Man Oh Man
              • James Dockery – My Faith In You Is All Gone
              • CD£10.99
                Out of stock
              SamphaToo Much / HappensYoung Turks
              Reissue of this sweet, minimal pop tune from Sampha. Limited copies available. 
                • 7"£5.99
                  Out of stock
                Gogo PenguinV2.0 (Deluxe Edition)Gondwana
                Nominated for the 2014 Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize. Signed to Matthew Halsall's Gondwana Records and championed by DJs from Mike Chadwick...
                • Gogo Penguin – Murmuration
                • Gogo Penguin – Garden Dog Barbecue
                • Gogo Penguin – Kamaloka
                • Gogo Penguin – Fort
                • Gogo Penguin – One Percent
                • Gogo Penguin – Home
                • Gogo Penguin – The Letter
                • Gogo Penguin – To Drown In You
                • Gogo Penguin – Shock And Awe
                • Gogo Penguin – Hopopono
                • LP£23.99
                  Out of stock
                • CD£10.99
                  Out of stock
                Dave Brubeck And Jay & KaiAt Newport (1956)Columbia
                Original USA Colombia pressing, 6 eyes label. RARE
                  • Original LP£12.00
                    Out of stock
                  Eddie FloydBaby Lay Your Head Down (Gently On My Bed) (1973)Stax
                  Original USA Stax 1973 album recorded at Muscle Shoals, Alabama.
                    • Original LP£14.99
                      Out of stock
                    EmpfangerBorn Free 10Born Free
                    Tough EBM influenced techno from DJ Sling and TowLie under their Empfanger guise! 
                    • Empfanger – Mother (TowLie's theme)
                    • Empfanger – Zed Is Dead
                    • Empfanger – Mother (Towlie's Theme) (An-i remix)
                    • 12"£9.99
                      Out of stock
                    Dan Physics Dan Physics L.I.E.S.
                    Dan Physics came up in the ranks of the early 90s Midwest & NYC dance underground, working at Sonic Groove Records alongside Adam-X and Frankie Bones....
                    • Dan Physics – It Races Right Through Me
                    • Dan Physics – Melody 2 Mind
                    • Dan Physics – Night Of The Overbeing
                    Dandy Livingstone Dandy Livingstone (1972)Trojan
                    Rare 1972 LP on Trojan, original vinyl.
                      • Original LP£35.00
                        Out of stock
                      Decadubs Decadubs 4 EPHyperdub
                      Vinyl only 12" press accompanying the third CD comp from Hyperdub's 10th anniversary release schedule. Breathtaking beatless beauties from the cream of...
                      • Kode9 – Pink Sham Pain Down The Drain
                      • The Bug – Siren
                      • Dean Blunt – Urban
                      • Cooly G – Mind
                      • Inga Copeland – I Am Your Ambient Wife
                      • Lee Gamble – DSM
                      • 12"£6.99
                        Out of stock
                      R. B. Dog In The Night 05Dog In The Night
                      Roughneck psycho-house from R.B. on his first outing for Dog in the Night. Three moody ultra saturated wild tracks made for the adventerous club dj.
                      • R. B. – Luv 4 All
                      • R. B. – Song 4 Whale
                      • R. B. – Egyptian Cat
                      Duane EddyDuane Eddy Plays Songs Of Our Heritage (1960)Jamie
                      Twangy Duane gets back to his roots folk country style picking - good!
                        • Original LP£6.99
                          Out of stock
                        Easy Star All-StarsDub Side Of The Moon (Bonus Tracks)Easy Star
                        The Easy Star All-Stars critically acclaimed interpretation of the Pink Floyd classic, featuring Ranking Joe, Frankie Paul and the Meditations - it shouldn't...
                        • Easy Star All-Stars – Speak To Me / Breathe
                        • Easy Star All-Stars – On The Run
                        • Easy Star All-Stars – Time
                        • Easy Star All-Stars – The Great Gig In The Sky
                        • Easy Star All-Stars – Money
                        • Easy Star All-Stars – Us and Them
                        • Easy Star All-Stars – Any Colour You Like
                        • Easy Star All-Stars – Brain Damage
                        • Easy Star All-Stars – Eclipse
                        • Easy Star All-Stars – Time Version (CD Bonus Track)
                        • Easy Star All-Stars – Great Dub In The Sky
                        • Easy Star All-Stars – Step It Pon The Rastaman Scene (Feat. Ranking Joe) (CD Bonus Track)
                        • Easy Star All-Stars – Any Dub You Like (CD Bonus Track)
                        • Original LP£14.99
                          Out of stock
                        • CD£11.99
                          Out of stock