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    Danny Holloway Shots Fired Dublab / Future Roots Inc
    Golden era NME writer and reggae DJ / producer Danny Holloway turns up a killer mix of 70's reggae roots and culture for Dublab, featuring greats such...
    • Danny Holloway – Papine Fling
    • Danny Holloway – Syncasizas
    • Danny Holloway – Shock Out
    • Danny Holloway – Ten Ton BTM
    • Danny Holloway – U I Luv & Not Annuda
    • Danny Holloway – Jungle Fiyah
    • CD£8.99
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    Fred Williams Tell Her Athens Of The North
    Absolute bullet of a soul 7" re-issued here by Fryer for Athens Of The North. Gut-wrenching, gospel-schooled soul gem!!!!!! 
    • Fred Williams – Tell Her
    • Fred Williams – The Dance Got Old
    • 7"£9.99
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    Andrew Cabic & Zachary Cowie The Elegant 80's Dublab / Future Roots Inc
    Vetiver’s Andrew Cabic and DJ Zachary Cowie (Turquoise Wisdom) share a thirteen-track journey of emotional transcendence via modern elegance.  Oddball...
    • Andrew Cabic & Zachary Cowie – Sample 1
    • Andrew Cabic & Zachary Cowie – Sample 2
    • Andrew Cabic & Zachary Cowie – Sample 3
    • Andrew Cabic & Zachary Cowie – Sample 4
    • CD£8.99
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    GondwanaAumOpal Tapes
    Gondwana a.k.a Lumisokea's Andrea Taeggi paints vivid atmospheric soundscapes for Opal Tapes.  'Aum' blends organic with electronic to produce a varied...
    • Gondwana – A Gospel Of Dirt
    • Gondwana – Bootstrapping
    • Gondwana – Binaural Beats
    • Gondwana – Right Brainer
    • Gondwana – Pingvellir
    • Gondwana – Entelechia
    • Gondwana – The Invisible Prison
    • New LP £12.99
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    Lee BannonCaligula Theme Music 2.7.5Chillectro
    'Caligula Theme Music 2. 7. 5' sees the diversely gifted Lee Bannon drop a heavyweight album that shifts betwen EDM, Trap, Jungle and Hip-Hop - all with...
    • Lee Bannon – 2013 (feat Matt Stoops)
    • Lee Bannon – N W U N
    • Lee Bannon – YG & A (feat Rokamouth)
    • Lee Bannon – Three Bitches (feat Kirk Knight & Rokamouth)
    • Lee Bannon – Working (feat Rokamouth)
    • Lee Bannon – Strike
    • Lee Bannon – Working Part 2 7 5
    • Lee Bannon – Oak Park Dark
    • Lee Bannon – God Kings
    • Lee Bannon – L I R (feat Chuck Strangers)
    • CD£12.99
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    Ontario HospitalFuture ReadyOpal Tapes
    Ontario Hospital is a lethal pairing of Dave Foster (Huren/Teste) and Rich Oddie (Orphx). The result is a full on audio assault of hard techno, EBM and...
    • Ontario Hospital – Future Ready
    • Ontario Hospital – Consumer Report
    • Ontario Hospital – Perfect Skin
    • Ontario Hospital – Bleed Down
    • 12"£8.99
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    Lee BannonJoey Bada$$ / ProEra Instrumentals Vol. 1Chillectro
    Produced between 2011 and 2013, genre-hopping producer, Lee Bannon drops ten instrumental versions of the Joey Bada$$ tracks that he produced. The album...
    • Lee Bannon – Untitled PE instrumental 1
    • Lee Bannon – Satellite
    • Lee Bannon – 46 Goonz
    • Lee Bannon – Hilary $wank
    • Lee Bannon – Enter The Void
    • Lee Bannon – Untitled (PE instrumental)
    • Lee Bannon – Run Or Fly
    • Lee Bannon – 95 Til Infinity
    • Lee Bannon – Untitled 4
    • Lee Bannon – My Jeep
    • CD£12.99
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    Hot Chocolate Man To Man (1976)RAK
    With 'Heaven Is In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac'
      • Original LP£6.99
        Out of stock
      Lee BannonNever/Mind/The/Darkness/of/it...Chillectro
      The genre-defying producer follows up 'Caligula Theme Music 2. 7. 5' with 'Never/mind/the/darkness/of/it' - an eclectic blend of trap, ambient and EDM...
      • Lee Bannon – Supremekillah
      • Lee Bannon – Rellahmatic
      • Lee Bannon – 547
      • Lee Bannon – H
      • Lee Bannon – Nevermindthedarknessofit
      • Lee Bannon – All U Had
      • Lee Bannon – C C S
      Attack DubRare Dubs From Attack Records 1973-1977Jamaican Recordings
      Attack records was created to handle the ever expanding output of the incredibly prolific Bunny 'Striker' Lee. 'Attack Dub' compiles some of the finest...
      • Attack Dub – Don't Cut Off Your (dub)
      • Attack Dub – A Moving (dub)
      • Attack Dub – A Dancing Roots (version)
      • Attack Dub – Step It Up (version)
      • Attack Dub – This A The Best (version)
      • Attack Dub – Easy Skanking (version)
      • Attack Dub – Every Knee Shall Bow (version)
      • Attack Dub – Skanking With Pablo
      • Attack Dub – Rocking (dub)
      • Attack Dub – Want To Go Home (dub)
      • Attack Dub – Dance With Me Baby
      • Attack Dub – Im Gone (dub)
      • Attack Dub – The Meduica
      • Attack Dub – Money (dub)
      • Attack Dub – Out Of Order (dub) (**CD only Bonus track**)
      • Attack Dub – I Forgot To Say I Love You (version) (**CD only Bonus track**)
      • CD£11.99
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      • New LP £12.99
        Out of stock
      John Tejada Signs Under TestKompakt
      ** 180 gram vinyl + CD ** John Tejada returns to Kompakt with 'Signs Under Test' - his 12th album! The eleven tracks showcase his deep sound which is...
      • John Tejada – Two 0 One
      • John Tejada – Y 0 Why
      • John Tejada – Beacht
      • John Tejada – RUR
      • John Tejada – Vaalbara
      • John Tejada – Cryptochrome
      • John Tejada – Rubric
      • John Tejada – Penumbra
      • John Tejada – Endorphins
      • John Tejada – Meadow
      • John Tejada – Heave In Sight
      • CD£11.99
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      • 2×LP + Bonus CD£18.99
        Out of stock
      Cal TjaderA Fuego Vivo (1982)Concord Jazz
      w/ the always fantastic Mark levine on piano. Great latin jazz
        • Original LP£12.00
          Out of stock
        Alex HarveyAlex Harvey (1971)Capitol Records
        Fantastic deep debut album from country singer Alex Harvey (not the Scottish geezer). Includes the original version of much-covered Delta Dawn a FANTASTIC...
        • Alex Harvey – Light Of Kindness
        • Alex Harvey – Delta Dawn
        • Original LP£25.00
          Out of stock
        OdettaAt Town Hall (1963)Vanguard
        Odetta accompanying herself on guiatr w/ Bill Lee on string bass
          • Original LP£10.00
            Out of stock
          Joy Orbison / Kassem MosseBig Room / IP Mirrors (Plate 4)Nonplus UK
          " IP Mirrors" unveils a darker twisted side to Kassem Mosse - trippy, echoed glassy soundscapes and crashing bass. Seriously good. Joy Orbison applies...
          • Joy Orbison – Big Room
          • Kassem Mosse – IP Mirrors
          • 12"£7.99
            Out of stock
          The Incredible Jimmy SmithBucket Blue Note
          Trio setting for Jimmy Smith, originally released in 1963, with Quentin Warren on guitar and Donald Bailey on drums
            • New LP (180g)£21.99
              Out of stock
            CerroneCerrone's Paradise (1977)Atlantic
            Influential disco producer's second album released in 1977. Tracks include, 'Take Me', 'Time For Love' &  'Cerrone's Paradise' a 16 minute plus...
            • Cerrone – Cerrone's Paradise
            • Cerrone – Take Me
            • Cerrone – Time For Love
            • Cerrone – Cerrone's Paradise
            • LP + CD£18.99
              Out of stock
            Max RoachChattahoochee Red (1981)CBS
            Always forward thinking Max Roach, 1981. Check 'The Dream' - deep!
            • Max Roach – The Dream / It's Time
            • Original LP£12.00
              Out of stock
            Chris ConnorChris Connor (1956))Atlantic
            Fantastic looking HEAVY card/vinyl original Atlantic jazz vocalist 1956 album. A thing of great beauty!Original = Original USA Vinyl VG+ /Sleeve VG- (sticker...
              Jan GarbarekDis (1977)ECM Records
              Recorded in Oslo, 1976. Jan Garbarek plus Ralph Towner
                • Original LP£12.00
                  Out of stock
                Dee Dee SharpDown Memory Lane (1963)Cameo
                Philly soul singer legend early original album
                  • Original LP£18.00
                    Out of stock
                  Eivets Rednow Eivets Rednow Motown
                  Stevie Wonder instrumental album (recorded under his name spelt backwards!)
                    • Original LP£10.00
                      Out of stock
                    Mahmoud AhmedGebtout Yehon Fikren (1974)Mahmoud Records
                    Superb super-super-rare unplayed Ethiopian original vinyl in original sleeve.  Awesome vocals of Mahmoud Ahmed and the killer Dahlack Band.  Ahmed...
                    • Mahmoud Ahmed – Gebtout Yehon Fikren
                    • Mahmoud Ahmed – Anchin Kalekugn
                    • Original 7"£40.00
                      Out of stock
                    Illinois Jacquet With Milt Buckner & Alan Dawson Go Power! (1966)Cadet
                    Cadet records, 1966. Illinois Jacquet sax, Milt Buckner organ, Alan Dawson drums. soul jazz groove. Original vinyl.
                      • Original LP£19.99
                        Out of stock
                      GrinderswitchHonest To Goodness (1974)Capricorn Records
                      Quality southern rock on Capricorn Records
                        • Original LP£12.00 £6.00
                          Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG-Original = Original USA Vinyl, back cover is weirdly missing!

                          100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' or your money back!
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                        Susan CadoganHurt So Good (incls. Bonus Tracks)Trojan
                        Classic Lee Perry production from 1976! Includes 'Nice And Easy', 'Fever', 'In The Ghetto' and the hit tune 'Hurt So Good'. This CD edition also has an...
                        • Susan Cadogan – In The Ghetto
                        • Susan Cadogan – Nice And Easy
                        • Susan Cadogan – Hurt So Good
                        • Susan Cadogan – Congratulations
                        • Susan Cadogan – If You Need Me
                        • Susan Cadogan – Lay Down
                        • Susan Cadogan – I Keep On Loving You
                        • Susan Cadogan – Don't Burn Your Bridges
                        • Susan Cadogan – Feeling Is Right
                        • Susan Cadogan – Fever
                        • Susan Cadogan – Shame
                        • Susan Cadogan – Hurt So Good (Single Version)
                        • The Upsetters – Loving Is Good
                        • The Upsetters – Dub It
                        • Junior Byles – Fever
                        • The Upsetters – Influenza Version
                        • Jah T – Lick The Pipe Peter Part 4
                        • Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters – Hot & Cold Version
                        • Milton Henry – This World
                        • The Upsetters – Rub A Dub
                        • CD£6.00
                          Out of stock
                        Chris ConnorI Miss You So (1956)Atlantic
                        Early jazz vocalist album - thick vinyl and sleeve!
                          Wanda JacksonI've Gotta Sing (1971)Capitol Records
                          Wanda Jackson 1971 album. Original USA vinyl
                            • Original LP£12.00
                              Out of stock
                            ImperialsImperials (1972)Imperials
                            Recorded in Nashville
                              • Original LP£7.99
                                Out of stock
                              Charles EarlandLeaving This Planet (1974)Prestige
                              KILLER fusion. Original USA gatefold double vinyl bullet!
                              • Charles Earland – Leaving This Planet
                              • Original LP£30.00
                                Out of stock
                              LutherLuther (1976)Cotillion
                              Fantastic early Luther Vandross with 'Funky Music' which became 'Fascination' when David Bowie recorded it on his Young Americans album.
                              • Luther – Funky Music (Is A Part Of Me)
                              • Original LP£25.00
                                Out of stock
                              Memphis HornsMemphis Horns (1970)Cotillion
                              The funky Memphis Horns recorded at Sounds of Memphis. Original USA vinyl
                                • Original LP£20.00
                                  Out of stock
                                Various ArtistsNew & Old Sounds (1978)United Artists
                                Impossible to know from the front cover but this a fantastic selection of STUDIO ONE tunes (licensed to UA at the end of the 70s for this series). Expertly...
                                  • Original LP£25.00
                                    Out of stock
                                  Chico O'FarrillNine Flags (1966)Impulse!
                                  Original first pressing mono Impulse Records 1966.
                                    • Original LP£25.00
                                      Out of stock
                                    Dan Shake Out Of Sight Black Acre
                                    The only guy ever to have a release on Moodyman's Mahogani music outside of Detroit. The UK's Dan Shake returns with killer two-sider deep house 12"...
                                    • Dan Shake – Out Of Sight
                                    • Dan Shake – Traders II (feat. Rennie Foster)
                                    • 12"£7.99
                                      Out of stock
                                    Marcia GriffithsPlay Me Sweet And NiceTrojan
                                    'Play Me Sweet And Nice' originally surfaced in 1974. The original ten track album is now expanded for CD with an additional fourteen bonus tracks. A stunning...
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Sweet Bitter Love
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Gypsy Man
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – There's No Me Without You
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – I Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Here I Am Baby (Come And Take Me)
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Everything I Own
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Green Grasshopper
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Play Me
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Children At Play
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Mark My Word
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – The First Cut Is The Deepest
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Melody Life
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Work And Slave
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Working To The Top (My Ambition) (Part 1)
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Don't Let Me Down
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Band Of Gold
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Put A Little Love In Your Heart
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – I See You, My Love
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – It's Too Late
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Baby If You Don't Love Me
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Love Walked In
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – When Will I See You Again
                                    • Marcia Griffiths – Play Me (Part 2)
                                    • New 2×LP £25.99
                                      Out of stock
                                    • CD£10.99
                                      Out of stock
                                    Aroy Dee Re-sketched MOS
                                    Tight remix set of deep house reworks from the MOS camp... featuring R-A-G, D'Marc Cantu, Paul Du Lac, and Cliff Lothar! 
                                      The Tennors & FriendsReggae Girl (2xCD version)Trojan
                                      Top Reggae album originally released in 1968. Features songs by The Tennors, The Harmonians, Roman Stewart, Jonny Moore & Karl Bryan, Eric Morris and...
                                      • The Tennors – Reggae Girl
                                      • The Harmonians – Oh My Baby
                                      • The Tennors – (Rub Me) Khaki
                                      • Ronnie Davis, The Tennors, Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – The Stage
                                      • Clive All Stars – Donkey Trot
                                      • Roman Stewart, The Tennors, Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – While I Was Talking
                                      • Eric Monty Morris – He Is Back
                                      • The Tennors – Ride Your Donkey
                                      • Cliff Smith – I'm Gonna Make It
                                      • The Harmonians – Go Your Way
                                      • The Tennors – Grampa
                                      • The Tennors – Cleopatra
                                      • Karl Bryan & Johnny Moore – Parapinto
                                      • Charlie Organaire with Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Copy Me Donkey
                                      • Winston Wright & The Mules – Puzzle
                                      • Delroy Jones & The Tennors – Double Attack
                                      • Karl Bryan – The Creeper
                                      • The Tennors – Massie Masa
                                      • Karl Bryan & Johnny Moore – Cool Hand Luke
                                      • Delroy Jones – Donkey Skank
                                      • Clive All Stars – San Sebastian
                                      • The Tennors – Youre No Good
                                      • Eric Monty Morris – A Little Bit Of This
                                      • Eric Monty Morris – Deportation
                                      • The Tennors – Do The Reggae
                                      • The Pacesetters – Nimrod Leap
                                      Carmen McRaeThe Great American Songbook (1972)Atlantic
                                      Double album recorded live at Dontes in 1972 on Atlantic
                                        • Original LP£12.99
                                          Out of stock
                                        J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding The Great Kai & J. J. (1961)Impulse!
                                        Original copy Impulse - the first ever release on the great Impulse Records!
                                          • Original LP£19.99
                                            Out of stock
                                          Zoot SimsWaiting Game (1966)Impulse!
                                          2nd press USA gatefold vinyl
                                            • Original LP£15.00
                                              Out of stock
                                            AudenWall To Wall EPHotflush
                                            The enigmatic and mysterios Auden returns to Hotflush with four slices of atmospheric tech for dancefloors. ‘Lock In’ uses fast-paced drum...
                                            • Auden – Lock In
                                            • Auden – Utopian
                                            • Auden – Perished
                                            • Auden – Xirox
                                            • 12"£7.99
                                              Out of stock
                                            Chocolate MilkWe're All In This Together (1977)RCA
                                            The sound of New Orleans funk and soul in the late 70s - expertly produced by Allen Toussaint at Sansu.
                                            • Chocolate Milk – Grand Theft
                                            • Original LP£14.99
                                              Out of stock