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    The ClarendoniansLonely HeartachesShockin' Austin
    Peter Austin recalls, ..."this song was recorded for B K Calnek (Caltone label) in 1968. I saw my future with the first love of my life, Hortense Lewis,...
    • The Clarendonians – Lonely Heartaches
    • Larry Marshall & Peter Austin – Money Girl
    • 7"£6.99
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    The Tartans (Cedric Myton & Devon Russell)Make Up Your MindDrum Beat
    This is what Drumbeat recalls: "Devon Russel and Cedric Mython now, Devon Russel was the one i was more acquainted with, so I only remember that one day...
    • The Tartans – Make Up Your Mind
    • Max Romeo – I've Been Looking Back
    • 7"£6.99
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    Derrick Morgan & George DekkerMe Naw Give UpHop
    Boss Sound double header from 1968 Featuring Derrick Morgan & George Dekker.
    • Derrick Morgan & George Dekker – Me Naw Give Up
    • Derrick Morgan & George Dekker – Johnny Pram Pram
    • 7"£6.99
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    The EthiopiansReggae Hit The TownSpade
    Ranny "Bop" Williams produced several songs with the Ethiopians. The story goes that there was supposed to be a recording session financed by Harry Robinson,...
    • The Ethiopians – Reggae Hit The Town
    • Delroy Wilson – This Life Makes Me Wonder
    Devon RussellShort Up DressHot Shot
    Tartans member Devon Russell comments about the latest fashion trend, with members of the Hippy Boys and Ranny Williams Guitar solo. Flip side shows Bobby...
    • Devon Russell – Short Up Dress
    • Bobby Kalphat & Hippy Boys – Sea Wave
    • 7"£6.99
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    The VersatilesSomeone To LoveDeltone
    The Versatiles were a vocal trio lead by Junior Byles, the other members were Dudley Earl and Ben 'Louis' Davis. They recorded for Joe Gibbs, Enid Barnett...
    • The Versatiles – Someone To Love
    • The Hitones – Oh Little Girl
    • 7"£6.99
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    The InspirationsTighten UpUpsetter
    "Tighten Up" was recorded... at WIRL, but the duo had to re-record the vocal track at Studio One after some kind of conflict arose during the initial session....Despite...
    • The Inspirations – Tighten Up
    • King Scratch – Cane River Rock
    The MellotonesTug-O-WarHot Shot
    The Mellotones did these two songs for producer and Hippy Boys guitarist Jackson Jones, who was linked with Rupert Jackson, the man behind a little record...
    • The Mellotones – Tug-O-War
    • The Mellotones – Go On
    • 7"£6.99
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    LaraajiAmbient 3: Day Of RadianceGlitterbeat
    Reissue of Laraaji's classic album ‘Ambient 3: Day of Radiance' - widely celebrated at that the time of its release in 1980 (the third installment...
    • Laraaji – The Dance #1
    • Laraaji – The Dance #2
    • Laraaji – The Dance #3
    • Laraaji – Meditation #1
    • Laraaji – Meditation #2
    • LP£14.99
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    • CD£10.99
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    KnxwledgeAnthologyStones Throw
    Knx, aka Knxwledge, is a beat maker raised in central New Jersey and Philadelphia, now based at home in Los Angeles. 'Anthology' is the essential...
    • Knxwledge – OpinyunGayme
    • Knxwledge – NwunsStrongr.ntro
    • Knxwledge – Dntleave
    • Knxwledge – Getonup
    • Knxwledge – Epitome[JostLike]
    • Knxwledge – Hai[$100Nytemayrs]
    • Knxwledge – knxanswr
    • Knxwledge – Kanaloap(Layte)
    • Knxwledge – mysunshine
    • Knxwledge – kaveman_
    • Knxwledge – Preservatives
    • Knxwledge – _whyde.we
    • Knxwledge – maykesince
    • Knxwledge – norfridge
    • Knxwledge – Misti.ide[roop]
    • Knxwledge – knfly
    • Knxwledge – Takira
    • Knxwledge – EechDai
    • Knxwledge – Unkanny
    • Knxwledge – myne
    • Knxwledge – relintlessli
    • Knxwledge – MedikatdMinits
    • Knxwledge – shudistay
    • Knxwledge – LookinOp
    • Knxwledge – Jive
    • 2×LP£24.99
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    TeebsAV - Estr Outtakes/Remixes Hit + Run
    Teebs is back with yet another essential slice of wax. Hit + Run offer up the Outtakes and Remixes from the 'Estr' sessions. This LP is full of classic...
      • New LP £14.99
        Out of stock
      Lee PerryBabylon A Fall (The Best Of Lee Perry)Sanctuary
      Classic Lee Perry productions on one 2xCD issue! 
        • 2×CD£7.99
          Out of stock
        Fat Freddy's Drop BaysThe Drop
        Fat Freddy’s Drop release their fourth studio album, ‘BAYS’, Opening with the slow burn funk of ‘Wairunga Blues’ the album...
        • Fat Freddy's Drop – Wairunga Blues
        • Fat Freddy's Drop – Slings & Arrows
        • Fat Freddy's Drop – 10 Feet Tall
        • Fat Freddy's Drop – Wheels
        • Fat Freddy's Drop – Razor
        • Fat Freddy's Drop – Makkan
        • Fat Freddy's Drop – Fish In The Sea
        • Fat Freddy's Drop – Cortina Motors
        • Fat Freddy's Drop – Novak
        • 2×LP£18.99
          Out of stock
        • CD£10.99 £5.00
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        Tricky Presents Skilled MechanicsBeijing To Berlin!K7
        Sleazy hip-hop business from Tricky and pals! 
        • Tricky feat. Ivy – Beijing to Berlin
        • Tricky feat. Milo – Necessary
        • 7"£6.99
          Out of stock
        XL Middleton / GhostCan't Help The Way I Feel / No Further feat. Moniquea & Joanna Rose Spectrum
        Two killer modern funk jams! “Can’t Help the Way I Feel” is a superb rendition of Evelyn King’s “Love Come Down”....
        • XL Middleton – Can't Help The Way I Feel
        • Ghost – No Further (feat Moniquea & Joanna Rose)
        • 7"£8.99
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        MogwaiCentral BeltersRock Action
        Scottish post-rock troupe, Mogwai, release a "a set of career highlights and rarities" spanning 20 years of their musical output. 
          • 3×CD£11.99
            Out of stock
          Homegrown SyndromeConfrontationAthens Of The North
          'Confrontation' by Homgrown Syndrome is a banger that has been heavily in demand for the last 8 or so years. A killer disco funk a-side flipped with...
          • Homegrown Syndrome – Confrontation
          • Homegrown Syndrome – You and Me Babe
          • 7"£10.99
            Out of stock
          Underground ResurrectionDreams / RealityAOE
          A huge funk 45 monster that's even getting love from the soul heads for the strong vocals and some intricate changes throughout! Tough! 
          • Underground Resurrection – dreams
          • Underground Resurrection – reality
          • 7"£8.99
            Out of stock
          Lee PerryDub-TriptychSanctuary
          Classic collection! 
            • 2×CD£10.99
              Out of stock
            Jakki Got Me Burnin' Up b/w InstrumentalCity Of Dreams
            Reissue of this 1980's disco bullet on City Of Dreams. Original copies are not cheap so this repress is very welcome. Features WIlle Bobo on percussion....
            • Jakki – Got Me Burnin' Up
            • Jakki – Instrumental
            • 12"£13.99
              Out of stock
            Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana OrchestraInto ForeverGondwana Records
            Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra follow-up on the excellent 'When The World Was One' of 2014, with this, the equally as impressive, 'Into Forever'...
            • Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – Only a Woman (feat. Josephine Oniyama)
            • Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – As I Walk (feat. Josephine Oniyama)
            • Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – Dawn Horizon
            • Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – Badder Weather (feat. Josephine Oniyama)
            • Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – These Goodbyes
            • Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – The Land Of
            • Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – Longshan Temple
            • Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – Cushendun
            • Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – Into Forever (feat. Josephine Oniyama)
            • Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – Daan Park
            • Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra – Jamais Vu (feat. Bryony Jarman-Pinto)
            • LP£16.99
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            • CD£10.99
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            The UsLet's Do It Today (Procrastination)AOE
            The full-length versions of these undeniably heavy funk / psych joints from The Us avaible now for the first time since they were recorded over 45 years...
            • The Us – Let's Do It Today (Procrastination)
            • The Us – Peace
            • 7"£8.99
              Out of stock
            Gesloten CirkelM 012Murder Capital
            Tough, double-jointed acid tracks and darkside electro rhythms from Gesloten Cirkel - slammin' new release on Murder Capital! 
            • Gesloten Cirkel – Chasing Away The Night
            • Gesloten Cirkel – Charming
            • Gesloten Cirkel – Perron
            • 12"£7.99
              Out of stock
            White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn)Neighborhood Wonderful Stones Throw
            Krondon & Shafiq Husayn collaborate to form White Boiz. The Strong Arm Steady MC and Sa-Ra producer combine their skills for this Stones Throw 14-track...
            • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Mothership Intro
            • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Live From The Mothership / Water Ain’t Wet
            • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Main St.
            • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Learn Tho
            • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Freedom
            • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – G.U.N. (God Understand Niguhs)
            • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Mary's Son
            • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Variety / Oliver’s Stone
            • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Heartbreak
            • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Bloomingdales
            • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Hear Say
            • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Erotica Exotica
            • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Suffering Suckatashe (Duel 1)
            • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Going Down (Duel 2)
            Neville WatsonNight of the Inflatable Muscle HeadsDon't Be Afraid
            Neville Watson makes his DBA debut proper after appearing on Special Editions in 2013 with four rave-ready belters! 
            • Neville Watson – Night of the Inflatable Muscle Heads
            • Neville Watson – Creatine Cretin
            • Neville Watson – Deep Vee Douche
            • Neville Watson – M8, Do You Even Squat?
            Aurra Perfect Date Family Groove
            The first single from the mysterious "Satisfaction" album that was never released. 200 copies WW only!! After departing from Salsoul Steve Washington...
            • Aurra – Perfect Date
            • Aurra – Perfect Date (instrumental)
            • 7"£6.99
              Out of stock
            Plastic DancePlastic Dance 1Finders Keepers
            Finders Keepers focus in on the global punk and makeshift electro scene from once upon a time! 
            • Killing Car – OST
            • Cybotron – Sweet 16/9th floor
            • Sirons – Cruise Missile Blues (Instrumental)
            • New LP £15.99
              Out of stock
            Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly Aftermath / Interscope
            KILLER new album from Kendrick Lamar featuring Dre, Snoop, George Clinton and Thundercat! Living up the mad hype on this one. Outkast freakiness, live...
            • Kendrick Lamar – Wesley's Theory
            • Kendrick Lamar – For Free? (Interlude)
            • Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta
            • Kendrick Lamar – Institutionalized
            • Kendrick Lamar – These Walls
            • Kendrick Lamar – U
            • 2×LP£24.99
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            • CD£7.99
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            Cool CreationsWish Upon LoveAthens Of The North
            Inspired by Kool And The Gang, 'Wish Upon Love / Nightime on the Beach' by Cool Creations were taken from that little know but much loved LP...
            • Cool Creations – Wish Upon Love
            • Cool Creations – Nightime on the Beach
            • 7"£10.99
              Out of stock
            The Second Re$$urrectionYou Done Let the Daylight Catch You (feat. Louis Johnson)Athens Of The North
            Athens Of The North are quick to bring the second of holy grail releases from The Second Re$$urrection! Two hugely sought after disco gems! 
            • The Second Re$$urrection – You Done Let The Daylight Catch You (feat. Louis Johnson)
            • The Second Re$$urrection – Smoke in the Disco
            • 7"£10.99
              Out of stock
            JennetteYou Turn Me OnCity Of Dreams
            City Of Dreams reissue another gem. This time they visit 1985 and the rare Miami 808 fresstyle funk / electro / modern soul / boogie number 'You Turn Me...
            • Jennette – You Turn Me On
            • Jennette – You Turn Me On (Dub)
            • 12"£14.99
              Out of stock
            Koute Jazz12 Jazz Tracks from the French West IndiesHeavenly Sweetness
            This new compilation follows up from Freedom Jazz France - released in 2013 and compiled by Diggers' Digest. The first compilation is about exploring abundant...
            • Camille Soprann Hildevert – Soprann Aux Antilles
            • Marcel-Louis Joseph – Priere Au Soleil
            • Edmony KraterZepiss – Gwadloup
            • Erick Cosaque – Kominike
            • José Manclière – Vini Coute E Tann'
            • Kat-Tet – Nikita
            • Les Vikings De La Guadeloupe – Ka Nou Pe Fe
            • Guadeloupe Reflexions – Samba Arawak
            • 1. Camille Soprann Hildevert – Soprann Aux Antilles
            • 2. Marcel-Louis Joseph – Priere Au Soleil
            • 3. Edmony KraterZepiss – Gwadloup
            • View full info and tracklisting
            • CD£12.99
              Out of stock
            • 2×LP£15.99
              Out of stock
            Bill EvansEasy To LoveWaxTime
            Recorded in 1956 with Teddy Kotick (bass) and Paul Motian (drums), this was the pianist’s first studio album under his own name. Produced by Orrin...
              • New LP (180g)£16.99
                Out of stock
              Dexter Gordon Generation Prestige (1973)
              w/ Freddie Hubbard, Buster Williams, Cedar Walton, Billy Higgins.
                • Original LP£12.00
                  Out of stock
                The Esoteric CircleGeorge Russell Presents The Esoteric CircleFlying Dutchman
                The 1970s and 1980s saw jazz become a different sort of music. It continued to draw from its American roots, but truly original voices from Europe became...
                  • CD£8.99
                    Out of stock
                  ShadowLove Lite Elektra (1979)
                  boogie funk soul 79
                    • Original LP£10.00
                      Out of stock
                    Eddie HoranLove The Way You Love Me HDM Records (1978)
                    Disco funk latin  some sleeve damage
                      • Original LP£8.99
                        Out of stock
                      DJ SnowboyPresents The Good FootBGP
                      DJ Snowboy creates a musical snapshot of his underground Soho party at 'The Good Foot'. Expect the best of R&B, 60s soul, latin and a touch of jazz!
                      • CD£11.99
                        Out of stock
                      Leron ThomasRole PlayHeavenly Sweetness
                      One of the most talented musicians of the New York jazz scene but who frees himself completely from borders of the jazz and beyond! With already a big...
                        • 12"£9.99
                          Out of stock
                        Cyril X. Diaz And His OrchestraTabuCook
                        Two massive instrumentals from Cyril X. Diaz & His Orchestra. "Tabu" (also recorded as Tabou, Tabú, and Taboo) is a popular cuban music standard...
                        • Cyril X. Diaz And His Orchestra – Tabu
                        • Cyril X. Diaz And His Orchestra – Serenal
                        • 7"£8.49
                          Out of stock
                        Mal WaldronThe QuestJazz Workshop
                        Recorded in 1961, with Eric Dolphy on alto sax and clarinet, Booker Ervin on tenor sax, and Ron Carter on cello (yes!)
                          • New LP (180g)£19.99
                            Out of stock
                          Milton NascimentoGeraesEMI (1976)
                          Classic 70s Nascimento album featuring great musicians like Nelson Angelo. Nascimento in full command of his unique sound drawing on jazz, folk and the...
                          • Milton Nascimento – Fazenda
                          • Milton Nascimento – Caldera
                          • Original LP£18.00
                            Out of stock
                          Max McFerren I'm BackUltimate Hits
                          Monster house / techno crossover 12" taking cues from the more ghetto sounds of a late 80's basement club in Chicago to the bleeps of Dan Bell and vintage...
                          • Max McFerren – I'm Back
                          • Max McFerren – Bio Pic Sessions
                          • Max McFerren – My Best Friend Tho
                          • Max McFerren – RAW V
                          • 12"£7.99
                            Out of stock
                          Jimmy SmithJimmy Smith - The Blue Note Re-Issue SeriesBlue Note (1975)
                          1975 collection on original Blue Note double gatefold album w/ lee Morgan, Donald Bailey, Art Blakey, Tina Brooks and more. Blue label liberty original.
                            • Original 2×LP£14.99
                              Out of stock