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    Lord InvaderCalypso (1955)Smithsonian Folkways
    One of Calypso's finest exponents, recorded in 1955
    • Lord Invader – Brown Skin Girl
    Ikonika AerotropolisHyperdub
    Fantasy house and soaring electronics from Ikonika's follow up to her 2010 debut album. Formulating a new forward-thinking, more polished sound from her...
    • Ikonika – Beach Mode (Keep It Simple) feat. Jessy Lanza
    • Ikonika – Mr Cake
    • Ikonika – Eternal Mode
    • Ikonika – Completion V3
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    Jordan GCZDigitalis EPFuture Times
    Jordan GCZ, aka Jordash from Juju & Jordash graces the Future Times label with three tracks of swung, deep house brilliance! 
    • Jordan GCZ – Swingonoguitaro
    • Jordan GCZ – Digitalis
    • Jordan GCZ – Fusionfuk
    Aphex Twin Syro Warp
    After a 13 year hiatus Richard D James aka Aphex Twin return with brand new album 'Syro' - fitting somewhere in between the sound of his complex 'Drukqs'...
    • Aphex Twin – minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]
    • Aphex Twin – XMAS_EVET10 [120][thanaton3 mix]
    • Aphex Twin – produk 29 [101]
    • Aphex Twin – 4 bit 9d api+e+6 [126.26]
    • Aphex Twin – 180db_ [130]
    Lead BellyLead Belly Sings Folk SongsSmithsonian Folkways
    Vital 1940s recordings of 15 songs featuring Lead Belly performing solo and accompanied by Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston, and Sonny Terry. 
      Esso Steel Band of Bermuda Bermuda HoneymoonSmithsonian Folkways
      In the 1950s, steel pan and calypso, imported from Trinidad and Tobago, were hot in Bermuda. Lloyd Simmons and Hubert Smith, Jr. sing calypso with the...
        Lord MelodyCaribbean Limbo MusicSmithsonian Folkways
        How low can you go? Chances are, you’ll laugh (or at least giggle) before you reach your limit. These largely instrumental pieces with limbo-appropriate...
          Classic African-American Ballads / Various ArtistsClassic African-American Ballads from Smithsonian FolkwaysSmithsonian Folkways
          Classic African-American Ballads is a sampling of an important, historic, and engaging slice of America's Black music heritage. The heyday of the Black...
            The Brute Force Steel BandMusic to Awaken the Ballroom BeastSmithsonian Folkways
            In the streets of Antigua shortly following WWII, The Brute Force Steel Band began as one of the ensembles that would pioneer Caribbean steel pan music....
              The Bandana RepublicA Literary Anthology by Gang Members & Their AffiliatesSoft Skull Press
              There are some really great essays in here from former gang members from the 1950s and 1960s. The writings in this book give slices of history. It also...
              Little BrazilAn Ethnography of Brazilian Immigrants in New York CityPrinceton
              Walking west on 46th Street in Manhattan, just three blocks from Rockefeller Center, one passes Brazilian restaurants, the office of New York's Brazilian...
              The Liberation of SoundAn Introduction to Electronic MusicPrentice Hall Press
              Published in 1972, this book gives a very interesting perspective on the evolution of electronic music. It's not a howto book, or a physics book, but an...
              The Cow-Tail Switchand other West African StoriesTroll (1947)
              Looking for African folktales? Look first to the work of Harold Courlander. He is one of the finest folktale anthropologists of his generation. "The Cow-Tail...
              BrazilArea Resource Pack Stanley Thornes
              s/hand spiral bound information book.
              Caribbean Powerby Colin RickardsDobson (1963)
              Colin Rickards traveled over 20,000 miles studying and interview people for a factual and unbiased brief, yet eloquent, history of Central American countries...
              Jamaican Villageby John & Penny HubleyBlack
              Nice information book for the kids innit
              The Theatrical Into Theatreby Kole OmostosoNew Beacon
              S/hand Ex-library hardback book w/dustjacket - theatre in the Caribbean
              A History of Belize by Narda DobsonLongman
              s/hand book.
              Creole Songs of Haiti / Various ArtistsCreole Songs of HaitiSmithsonian Folkways
              This recording combines vocal interpretations of Vodou (an Afro-Haitian religion) ceremonial songs and popular secular melodies by legendary Haitian singer,...
                The Best of Caribbean CookingElizabeth Lambert OrtizAndre Deutsch (1975)
                Nice hardback book, 1975 first edition.
                J.D. Short and Son HouseJ.D. Short and Son House: Blues from the Mississippi DeltaSmithsonian Folkways
                This album presents the distinctive blues born from the hardships of life—especially African-American life—in northern Mississippi. In addition...
                  Louisiana Creole Music / Various ArtistsLouisiana Creole MusicSmithsonian Folkways
                  The French-speaking, black Creoles from the prairies of lower Louisiana produce a wide variety of music, from Cajun two-steps to the blues. This album...
                    Music from the South / Various ArtistsMusic from the South Vol. 1: Country Brass BandsSmithsonian Folkways
                    The fieldwork for this album sought to explore sources that would lead listeners back to the decades between the emancipation of the slaves in 1863 and...
                      Music of Haiti / Various ArtistsMusic of Haiti: Vol. 1 - Folk Music of HaitiSmithsonian Folkways
                      Folklorist, ethnographer and ethnomusicologist Harold Courlander, known for his important early work documenting the “vast unwritten literature,...
                        Music of Haiti / Various ArtistsMusic of Haiti: Vol. 3 - Songs and Dances of HaitiSmithsonian Folkways
                        The Ayida Group, a troupe folklorique of Port-au-Prince that sprung (with many similar troops) out of a 1930’s—’40s social movement revaluing...
                          Johnny ClarkeRide On GirlAttack
                          Classic roots vocal originally released in 1977 produced by Bunny Lee with instrumental cut not dub on the flip.
                          • Johnny Clarke – Ride On Girl
                          The Khalid Aziz Book of Simple Caribbean CookingPepper Press
                          Nice small s/hand hardback book
                          ClublandThe Fabulous Rise and Murderous Fall of Club CultureSt. Martin's Press
                          It's all true - nutter New York club scene, darlings. s/hand hardback book.
                          Before the RevolutionA FIlm By Bernardo BertolucciBFI
                          Italian maestro Bernardo Bertolucci was just 22 years old when he directed this coming-of-age drama set in Parma. Loosely based on Stendhal's novel 'The...
                          Fast Food NationA Film By Richard LinklaterPalisades Tartan
                          Richard Linklater-directed fictionalised condemnation of fast-food consumerism based on the best selling book by Eric Schlosser. Through the stories of...
                          Charlie McCoyCharlie McCoy (1972)Monument
                          Includes a version of Tammy Wynette's wicked tune, Delta Dawn
                          • Charlie McCoy – Delta Dawn
                          MatomLove MistakesPlanet E
                          Matt 'Radio Slave' Edwards and Thomas 'Cagedbaby' collaborate on this album release for Planet E. 'Love Mistakes' pays homage to Berlin's Hansa studios...
                          • Matom – Crossroads
                          • Matom – Experiment 1 Variation 3
                          • Matom – Hansa
                          King Tubby's Classics: The Lost Midnight Rock Dubs Chapter 3Roots
                          Tracks taken from the archive of producer Jah Thomas' Midnight Rock label. This is the third and final in the series of lost and previously unreleased...
                          • King Tubby's – Highway Dub
                          • King Tubby's – North Circular Dub
                          • King Tubby's – Border Patrol Dub
                          • King Tubby's – Motor Way Dub
                          • King Tubby's – South Circular Dub
                          • King Tubby's – 95 North Dub
                          • King Tubby's – 95 South Dub
                          • King Tubby's – Cross Bronx Dub
                          • King Tubby's – Turnpike Dub
                          • King Tubby's – Parkway Dub
                          • King Tubby's – Causeway Dub
                          • King Tubby's – Mandellah Highway Dub
                          • King Tubby's – Expressway Dub
                          • King Tubby's – Toll Booth Dub
                          BelizeA Natural Destination JMP
                          s/hand book
                          The Brothers Torresby Coert VoorhessHyperien
                          s/hand hardback book.
                          Gang Lands Brazilby Ross KempPenguin
                          Brazil gangs. s/hand paperback
                          What's it Like to Live in...JamaicaHodder
                          Nice little info book for young people. s/hand hardback book.
                          Syl JohnsonBack For A Taste Of Your LoveFat Possum
                          'Back For A Taste Of Your Love' was originally released in 1973. This essential funky soulful album from the era is now reissued by Fat Possum Records.
                          • Syl Johnson – Back For A Taste Of Your Love
                          • Syl Johnson – I'm Yours
                          • Syl Johnson – I Let A Good Girl Go
                          • Syl Johnson – Anyway The Wind Blows
                          • Syl Johnson – You Don't Know Me
                          • Syl Johnson – Feelin' Frisky
                          • Syl Johnson – We Did It
                          • Syl Johnson – Wind, Blow Her Back My Way
                          • Syl Johnson – I Hate I Walked Away
                          • Syl Johnson – The Love You Left Behind
                          Augustus PabloBorn To Dub YouVP Records
                          'Born To Dub You' is an album of rare and unreleased Augustus Pablo from the vaults of ‘Gussie’ Clarke. This re-mastered album contains the...
                          • Augustus Pablo – Skylarking
                          • Augustus Pablo – Skylarking 2
                          • Augustus Pablo – Origan Style
                          • Augustus Pablo – Classical Illusion (Dub Vendor 12")
                          • Augustus Pablo – Stardum
                          • Augustus Pablo – No Entry
                          • Augustus Pablo – Born To Dub You
                          • Augustus Pablo – Born To Dub You Pt. 2
                          • Augustus Pablo – Believe A Dub
                          • Augustus Pablo – Classical Illusion (Micron 7")
                          Fela KutiFinding Fela (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Knitting Factory Records
                          The soundtrack to the documentary, ‘Finding Fela,’ directed by Acadamy Award winning director, Alex Gibney. The film tells...
                          • Fela Kuti & Nigeria 70 – Jeun Ko Ku (Chop 'N Quench)
                          • Fela Kuti & Africa 70 – Opposite People (edit)
                          • Koola Lobitos – Highlife Time
                          • Fela Kuti & Africa 70 – Lover
                          • Fela Kuti & Nigeria 70 – Viva Nigeria
                          • Fela Kuti & Africa 70 – Upside Down (edit)
                          • Fela Kuti & Africa 70 – Egbe Mi O (Carry Me)
                          • Fela Kuti & Africa 70 – Johnny Just Drop (edit)
                          • Fela Kuti & Africa 70 – VIP (pt 2 - live In Berlin)
                          • Fela Kuti & Egypt 80 – Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense (edit)
                          • Fela Kuti & Africa 70 – Go Slow (edit)
                          • The Fela Band! – Zombie
                          • Fela Kuti & Egypt 80 – Power Show (edit)
                          • Fela Kuti & Egypt 80 – Beasts Of Nation (edit)
                          • Fela Kuti & Africa 70 – Shuffering & Smiling (edit)
                          • The Fela Band – Colonial Mentality (with Femi Kuti - live At The New Afrika Shrine)
                          • 1. Fela Kuti & Nigeria 70 – Jeun Ko Ku (Chop 'N Quench)
                          • 2. Fela Kuti & Africa 70 – Opposite People (edit)
                          • 3. Koola Lobitos – Highlife Time
                          • View full info and tracklisting
                          John LennonWalls And BridgesEMI (1974)
                          1974 album rereleased on 180g heavyweight vinyl.
                            • New LP (180g)£21.99
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                            • Original LP£8.99
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                            Dark SkyImaginMonkeytown
                            London's trio of house and bass influenced producers (who've previously released on Pictures, Black Acre & Mr Saturday Night) drop a debut full of...
                            • Dark Sky – Imagin
                            • Dark Sky – Silent
                            • Dark Sky – Voyages
                            Eric CopelandLogo My EgoLIES
                            Eric Copeland of the experimental electronic band Black Dice joins the vanguard of Ron Morelli's LIES label with a beautiful network of tough rhythms conjured...
                            • Eric Copeland – Logo My Ego
                            • Eric Copeland – Uncle Sams Blues
                            • Eric Copeland – Trophy Nuts
                            Close & Second StoreyNo Love Lost - Seven Davis Jr RemixAus Music
                            Label boss Will Saul working under his Close moniker with Al Tourettes’ latest incarnation Second Story, and featuring vocals from Kid A. Broken,...
                            • Close & Second Storey – No love lost
                            • Close & Second Storey – no love lost - Seven davis jr rmx
                            • Close & Second Storey – Lacuna slide
                            • Close & Second Storey – WAL