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    3TMLakeWe Jazz
    Acoustic jazz and abstract electronics from Finnish trio 3TM. 'Lake' is a collection of nine originals tracks ranging from the looping, hypnotic compositions...
    • 3TM – Seven Keys
    • 3TM – Lake
    • 3TM – A Pile of Broken Dreams
    • 3TM – Woods
    • 3TM – Contrail
    • 3TM – Laws of Life
    • 3TM – World Loop
    • 3TM – Suburban Portraits
    • 3TM – Model Two
    Bowman TrioPersistenceWe Jazz
    The Helsinki-based Bowman Trio return with their second LP 'Persistence' on We Jazz Records. Comprised of bass, drums and trumpet, the band have created...
    • Bowman Trio – Willows Intro
    • Bowman Trio – Persistence
    • Bowman Trio – Badwater
    • Bowman Trio – Mä en jaksa
    • Bowman Trio – Willows Outro
    • Bowman Trio – The Chase
    • Bowman Trio – My Horse
    • Bowman Trio – Mac Elliot
    • Bowman Trio – Sista sommardagen