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    Sven LibaekThe Music Of Sven LibaekVotary Records
    A reissue of a collection of short film soundtracks composed by the legendary, Sven Libaek.  All taken from 1960s Australian documentary...
    • Sven Libaek – Happy City
    • Sven Libaek – Done Away With
    • Sven Libaek – Title Unknown
    • Sven Libaek – Man And A Mural
    • Sven Libaek – Concours D'Elegance
    • Sven Libaek – Gold Coast Fanfare
    • Sven Libaek – Lake Moondara
    • Sven Libaek – White Desolation
    • Sven Libaek – Theme From An Unknown Movie
    • Sven Libaek – Race Pace
    • Sven Libaek – Northern Territory
    • Sven Libaek – Baroque Theme