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    The Black AtlanticModernity and Double ConsciousnessVerso
    To the forces of cultural nationalism trapped in their respective camps, this bold book sounds like a liberating call. There is, Paul Gilroy tells us,...
    Derek BaileyAnd the Story of Free ImprovisationVerso
    £10 OFF!!!! CHEAPER THAN AMAZON! This brilliant biography of the cult guitar player makes you forget everything you think you know about jazz improvisation,...
    • Book (600g)£16.99 £6.99
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    The Wire PrimersA Guide To Modern MusicVerso
    Since it was founded in 1982, The Wire magazine has covered a vast range of alternative, experimental, underground and non-mainstream music. Now some of...
    • Book (350g)£12.99 £5.00
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    A Short History Of Cahiers du CinemaVerso
    Cahiers du Cinema was the single most influential project in the history of film. Founded in 1951, it was responsible for establishing film as the 'seventh...
    • Book (200g)£9.99 £5.00
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    White RiotPunk Rock and the Politics of Race Verso
    From The Sex Pistols to Bad Brains, skinheads to afropunks, the punk rock movement has been obsessed by race. And yet the connections have never been addressed...
    • Book (650g)£14.99
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    Nicaragua The Sandinist Revolution Verso
    rare s/hand paperback
    Buda's WagonA Brief History of the Car BombVerso
    In this brilliant and disturbing history, Mike Davis traces the car bomb's worldwide use and development, in the process exposing the role of state intelligence...
    • Book (400g)£8.00
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    Novas TravessiasContemporary Brazilian PhotographyVerso
    This volume highlights the work of contemporary Brazilian photographers with an emphasis on images which reflect the dynamism and eclecticism of Brazilian...
    • Book (900g)£20.00 £8.00
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    Che: A Graphic BiographyBy Spain Rodriguez Verso
    A graphic biography of the most iconic revolutionary figure of the twentieth century. Since his death in 1967, Ernesto “Che” Guevara has become...
    • Book (450g)£8.00
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