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SotePersian Electronic Music Vol 2: Sacred Horror In DesignSub Rosa
With 'Persian Electronic Music Vol 2: Sacred Horror In Design', Tehran-based Sote devises an idealised fusion of the musical heritage and tradition of...
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Music From Yemen Arabia: Sanaani, Laheji, Adeni & SamarVarious ArtistsSub Rosa
These songs originate from the city of Sanaa, the sheikdom of Lahej and the port of Aden. Samar is the delicious, luxury time when people gather for relaxation,...
  • 1. الثلاثي الكوكباني – You Said That You Would Forget Me
  • 2. الثلاثي الكوكباني – Wa Seed Ana Lak Al Khodam
  • 3. حسن الزبيدي – Ana Mush Areemak
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Ethiopian Urban And Tribal Music: Mindanoo Mistiru / Gold From WaxVarious ArtistsSub Rosa
Ethiopia has many languages and styles of music. These recordings were made in the Empire of Ethiopia in 1971. The music recorded in Addis Adaba uses...
  • 2×LP£19.99
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  • 2×CD£15.99
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William S. BurroughsBreak Through In Grey Room (Reissue)Sub Rosa
Experimental 'cut-up' voice technique synonymous with Burroughs, recorded during the mid-60's in hotel rooms in New York, Paris, London...
  • 1. Ian Sommerville – K-9 Was In Combat With The Alien Mind-Screens
  • 2. Origin And Theory Of The Tape Cut-Ups
  • 3. Brion Gysin – Recalling All Active Agents
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  • LP£18.99
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John CageEarly Electronic And Tape MusicSub Rosa
** White vinyl ** Fine collection of early electronic and tape music from the innovator John Cage. Six tracks performed by Langham Research Centre of...
  • CD£12.99
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  • New LP £18.99
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An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Seventh A-Chronology 1930-2012Sub Rosa
Latest and last in this essential series of anthologies exploring the underside of experimental electronic music history - gems from engineers, oddballs...
  • 3×CD£14.99
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