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    MuslimgauzeA.P Reworks TwoStaalplaat
    Deep, spatial versions of archive material from cult UK electronic musician, Muslimgauze. Experimental producer Anders Peterson reduces the material into...
    • Muslimgauze – Citadel In Nightlight I-IV
    • Muslimgauze – Tassili N’Ajjer I
    • Muslimgauze – Tassili N’Ajjer II
    MuslimgauzeSadaam's ChildrenStaalplaat
    Deeply experimental and meditative field recordings with dub and 4th world themes from the exhaustive archive of cult UK producer, Muslimgauze. Previously...
    • Muslimgauze – Believers of the Blind Sheikh
    • Muslimgauze – Gulf Between Us
    • Muslimgauze – Tikrit Brotherhood Quartetr
    • Muslimgauze – Effendi