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    Tom ZeGrande LiquidacaoRozenblit
    Brazilian Tropicalia laced with crazy vocal melodies that samples a multitude of genres from funk to psychedelic rock and bossa nova creating, in the...
    • Tom Ze – Sao Sao Paulo
    • Tom Ze – Curso Intensivo de Boas Maneiras
    • Tom Ze – Gloria
    • Tom Ze – Namorinho de Portao
    Lula Cortes Rosa De Sangue Rozenblit
    Re-issue of this monster rarity! Originally custom pressed in 1980, 'Rosa de Sangue' is the closing chapter of the amazing Recife psychedelic movement...
    • Lula Cortes – Living Moon
    • Lula Cortes – Calming Ballad
    • Lula Cortes – Coat Of Stories