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    Lost Souls Of SaturnThe Awakening (inc. James Holden remix)R&S
    Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa’s deep and exploratory collaboration, Lost Souls Of Saturn gets the most amazing, ancestral trance / ceremonial techno overhaul...
    • Lost Souls Of Saturn – The Awakening
    • Lost Souls Of Saturn – The Awakening (James Holden's Past Life Rave Regression)
    Lakker return to R&S with their stunning new album. Época is a bracing return to form,combining caustic electronics with fresh inspiration from the...
    • Lakker – Shoulder To The Bat
    • Lakker – 100 Bar
    • Lakker – Nest
    • Lakker – A Juggling Of Numbers
    • Lakker – Clavier
    • Lakker – Dropped Shoulders
    • Lakker – A Whisper In Your Ear
    • Lakker – Body From The Water
    • Lakker – Murmuration
    • Lakker – Discourage It All
    Nicolas JaarNymphsR&S
    Nicolas Jaar's 'Nymphs' series from 2011-2015 is compiled via R&S and the first time they've all been released on one, collected vinyl release.
    • Nicolas Jaar – Don't Break My Love
    • Nicolas Jaar – Why Didn't You Save Me
    • Nicolas Jaar – The Three Sides Of Audrey And Why She's All Alone Now
    • Nicolas Jaar – No One Is Looking At U
    • Nicolas Jaar – Swim
    • Nicolas Jaar – Mistress
    • Nicolas Jaar – Fight
    • Nicolas Jaar – Revolver
    • Nicolas Jaar –  Took Me Out
    Paul WhiteRejuvenateR&S
    As the title suggests, Rejuvenate marks a rebirth for South London musician Paul White. Abandoning sampling altogether, White wrote, played and produced...
    • Paul White – A Chance
    • Paul White – Set The Tone (feat Denai Moore)
    • Paul White – See Through (feat Denai Moore)
    • Paul White – Returning
    • Paul White – Spare Gold (feat Shungudzo)
    • Paul White – Ice Cream Man (feat Shungudzo)
    • Paul White – Waves
    • Paul White – Rejuvenate
    • Paul White – Soul Reunion
    • Paul White – Laugh With Me (feat Sarah Williams White)
    • Paul White – All Around (feat Sarah Williams White)
    LoneAmbivert Tools Vol. 3R&S
    Third part of Lone's wicked 'Ambivert Tools' series sees the producer locked deeper into the old school style breakbeat house mode with kaleidoscopic synth...
    • Lone – Temples
    • Lone – Hyper Seconds
    • 12"£8.99
      Out of stock
    DjrumBroken Glass ArchR&S
    Wicked, raw, energetic afro-techno business on the a-side from Djrum! The mood tempers a little on the flip with the more introspective mood of 'Showreel...
    • Djrum – Broken Glass Arch
    • Djrum – Showreel Pt. 2
    • Djrum – Showreel Pt. 1
    • 12"£7.99
      Out of stock
    LoneAmbivert Tools Vol. 2R&S
    More dreamy, ultra-vivid house excursions from Lone, back with the second volume of more club orientated tracks in the 'Ambivert Tools' series. 
    • Lone – Minds Eye Melody
    • Lone – Looking Glass
    • Lone – Under Cherry Blossoms
    • 12"£7.99
      Out of stock
    LoneAmbivert Tools Vol. OneR&S
    Following Lone AKA Matt Cutler’s stunning sixth album ‘Levitate’s hallucinogenic joyride through breakbeats, he returns to R&S with ‘Ambivert Tools’...
    • Lone – Crush Mood
    • Lone – Chroma
    • Lone – From A Past Life
    • 12"£7.99
      Out of stock
    Space Dimension ControllerEXOSTACK EPR&S
    R&S welcomes back Space Dimension Controller’s Jack Hamill for a EP of his trademark housey, disco infused future-funk. 
    • Space Dimension Controller – Exostack
    • Space Dimension Controller – Exostack - Kornel Kovacs Remix
    • Space Dimension Controller – Biopan
    • 12"£7.99
      Out of stock
    Paul White feat Danny BrownAcceleratorR&S
    Paul White is one of the biggest and most respected producers in the game right now. In 2016 he produced Danny Brown's genre-defying 'Atrocity Exhibition’...
    • Paul White feat Danny Brown – Accelerator
    • Paul White feat Danny Brown – Lion's Den
    • 12"£7.99
      Out of stock
    Moire Gel EP R&S
    Werk-Discs cohort Moire makes his debut on R&S with four futuristic, hallucinogenic dancefloor belters. 
    • Moire – let down
    • Moire – stfn
    • Moire – gel
    • Moire – blind
    • 12"£6.99
      Out of stock
    Blue DaisyDarker Than BlueR&S
    London-based artist is back with a full-length offering for R&S records -  expect an intense fusion of grime, dubstep and shards of left-field...
      • CD£12.99
        In stockAdd to Bag
      • LP£18.99
        Out of stock
      More expert club tracks from Appleblim & Second Storey together on R&S!
      • ALSO – Formation
      • ALSO – Rant Check: Parts 1 & 2
      • 12"£6.99
        Out of stock
      Model 500Sonic Sunset (2014 Remaster)R&S
      R&S reissue a new edition of Atkins’ Sonic Sunset double pack, originally released in 1994 and engineered Moritz Van Oswald.This classic techno...
      • Model 500 – Sonic Sunset (Calm mix)
      • Model 500 – Sonic Sunset (Cave mix)
      • Model 500 – Neptune
      • Model 500 – I Wanna Be There
      • 2×12"£15.99
        Out of stock
      Expert club tracks from Appleblim & Second Storey together on R&S!
      • ALSO – Sid's Conundrum
      • ALSO – Ashford Swaithes
      • ALSO – Dive Prophets
      • 12"£6.99
        Out of stock
      Paul White Shaker Notes R&S
      Paul White makes his debut for R&S, putting aside his his sampler in favour of drums, bass, guitar, synths and his own vocals. 'Shaker Notes' is daubed...
      • Paul White – all we know
      • Paul White – where you gonna go?
      • Paul White – honey cats
      • Paul White – wait & see
      • Paul White – is it up to us?
      • CD£10.99
        Out of stock
      Alma ConstructAlma Construct EPR&S
      Fuzzed, slo mo house music and mechanised rhythm from newcomer Jack Thompson aka Alma Construct on R&S!  
      • Alma Construct – On The Edge Surrounded With The Shores Of Assudrey
      • Alma Construct – Deer Drink From The River
      • 12"£5.99
        Out of stock
      Shanghai DenEP1 (RS1407)R&S
      New material on R&S and a debut from Shanghai Den - the nom de plume of a certain Falty DL! Arriving with the killer 'The Sun / Vale W. Group'! 
      • Shanghai Den – The Sun
      • Shanghai Den – Vale W. Group
      • 12"£6.99
        Out of stock
      Lone Reality Testing R&S
      Matt Cutler is on his sixth album as Lone. Reality Testing, released on R&S, mixes up influences of Detroit techno, rave to jungle and leading back...
      • Lone – restless city
      • Lone – meeker warm energy
      • Lone – aurora northern quarter
      • Lone – airglow fires
      • Lone – coincidences
      Lone Airglow Fires R&S
      MASSIVE new Lone single! Departing from the themes of rave/hardcore revival and cinematic interstellar travel, 'Airglow Fires' sees him exploring...
      • Lone – Airglow Fires
      • Lone – begin to begin
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock
      Model 500 Control / The Messenger R&S
      BACK IN STOCK!  Juan Atkins returns to R&S under his Model 500 guise! Usually joined by fellow Detroit members UR's Mike Banks and Mark Taylor,...
      • Model 500 – control
      • Model 500 – the messenger
      • 12"£5.99
        Out of stock
      James Blake Love What Happened Here R&S
      Long awaited, mutlifaceted offering from the incredibly talented James Blake, "Love What Happened Here" is an minimalistic, understated soulful-electronic...
      • James Blake – love what happened here
      • James Blake – at birth
      • James Blake – curbside
      • 12"£6.99
        Out of stock
      Bullion Say Arr Ee R&S
      Magnificent new single from genre-bending expermentalist Bullion on R&S!   On 'Say Arr Ee' Bullion replaces what would have previously been samples...
      • Bullion – Say Arr Ee
      • Bullion – What does she know
      • 10"£5.99
        Out of stock
      Space Dimension Controller The Pathway To Tiraquon6 R&S
      Jack Hamil is the freakishly talented Belfast born producer Space Dimension Controller. SDC is able to channel some next other galaxy to us mere earthlings...
      • Space Dimension Controller – 2257 AD
      • Space Dimension Controller – Usurper
      • Space Dimension Controller – Flight Of The Escape Vessels
      • Space Dimension Controller – Tiraquons Return (A New Home)
      • 2×12"£14.99
        Out of stock
      BlawanWhat You Do With What You HaveR&S
      Blawan ups his game even further, getting absurdly dirty on WYDWWYH, w/ an audio-sample from a RBMA lecture, a seriously grottily vocal 303, some gorgeous...
      • Blawan – WYDWWYH
      • Blawan – Vibe Decorium
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock
      The ChainLostwithiel EPR&S
      Wicked, weird record, engaging with the most interesting aspects of rave and euphoric club music from a contemporary, quite experimental position within...
      • The Chain – Lostwithiel
      • The Chain – lostwithiel dub
      • The Chain – maje
      • 12"£6.99
        Out of stock
      LoneEcholocations EPR&S
      Amazing six track double twelve from superb house technician Lone on R&S!   'Echolocations' channels the best bits from Chicago house &...
      • Lone – Coreshine Voodoo
      • Lone – Explorers
      • Lone – Approaching Rainbow
      • Lone – Blossom Quarter
      • Lone – Rapid Racer
      • 2×12"£13.99
        Out of stock
      BlawanBohla EPR&S
      Following his well received single for Hessle Audio, Blawan joins the R&S massive with this ace three tracker, 'Bohla EP'. Lead track 'Bohla' with it's...
      • Blawan – Bohla
      • Blawan – Kaz
      • Blawan – Lavender
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock
      Model 500OFI - Bullion & Space Dimension Controller RemixesR&S
      Fresh on from his recent 'You Drive Me To Plastic' on Young Turks Bullion has produced a fantastically bonkers remix of the legendary Model 500. ...
      • Model 500 – OFI - Bullion remix
      • Model 500 – OFI - Space Dimension Controller remix
      • 10"£6.99
        Out of stock
      Second single for the hotly tipped London based producer Pariah on the legendary R&S record label. Parish’s debut single ‘Detroit Falls/Orpheus’...
        • 2×12"£10.99
          Out of stock