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    California Flight ProjectCalifornia Flight ProjectPreservation Records
    Preservation Records present the first official release on vinyl of California flight Project's best early tracks, 79-81. Fantastic modern soul from Berkley...
    • California Flight Project – California Flight
    • California Flight Project – Got To Be Loved
    • California Flight Project – On Our Own
    • California Flight Project – Do You Feel My Love
    • California Flight Project – God Gifted
    • California Flight Project – Dance On It
    • California Flight Project – Looking Back On Yesterday
    Atle LauveAtle LauvePreservation Records
    What is this? Who is this dude? He (Atle) got the funk. Atle got the soul. Atle got the smooth sound of Westcoast. Here is the result of 10 handpicked...
    • Atle Lauve – Du Er Så Deilig
    • Atle Lauve – Ut På Turné
    • Atle Lauve – Vekk Med Tv'en
    • Atle Lauve – Hold Meg
    • Atle Lauve – Du Er Den Jeg Vil Ha
    • Atle Lauve – Farlig Kjærlighet
    • Atle Lauve – Alt Var Galt
    • Atle Lauve – Ole Langefinger
    • Atle Lauve – Fredag
    • Atle Lauve – Morgenstemning