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    CoilAstral Disaster Sessions Un/Finished Musics (Limited Edition)Prescription
    These rare recordings were recorded as part of the legendary Prescription label 'album' series in the late 1990's that resulted in Coil's essential masterpiece, 'Astral...
    • Coil – The Sea Priestess (Alternative mix)
    • Coil – Mothership (Short version)
    • Coil – The Avatars
    • Coil – I Don't Want to be the One (Instrumental version)
    • Coil – Cosmic Disaster
    CoilAstral Disaster (Limited Yellow Vinyl Edition)Prescription
    Now a limited, yellow vinyl edition! Official reissue of one of the most sought after Coil titles! This rare album was recorded as part of the...
    • Coil – The Sea Priestess
    • Coil – 2nd Son Syndrome
    • Coil – I Don't Want To Be The One
    • Coil – The Avatars
    • Coil – The Mothership And The Fatherland