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    Neil LandstrummThreesomePeacefrog Records
    Long overdue reissue of Neil Landstrumm's pioneering techno LP, Threesome. Threesome features Landstrumm’s three Peacefrog EP’s originally released...
      Theo ParrishFirst FloorPeacefrog Records
      Classic Theo Parrish album from 1998 for Peacefrog Records. Every home should have one!
      • Theo Parrish – First Floor Metaphor
      • Theo Parrish – Sweet Sticky
      • Theo Parrish – Paradise Architects
      • Theo Parrish – Love Is War For Miles
      • Theo Parrish – Electric Alleycat
      • Theo Parrish – JB's Edit
      • Theo Parrish – Dark Patterns
      • Theo Parrish – Heal Yourself And Move
      • Theo Parrish – Sky Walking