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    Beatrice DillonWorkaroundPAN
    Skewed, bass heavy techno and electronic music experiments from the excellent Beatrice Dillon via the peerless PAN imprint. Rian Treanor, Actress and Call...
    • Beatrice Dillon – Workaround One
    • Beatrice Dillon – Workaround Two
    • Beatrice Dillon – Workaround Three
    • Beatrice Dillon – Workaround Four
    • Beatrice Dillon – Workaround Five
    • Beatrice Dillon – Clouds Strum
    • Beatrice Dillon – Workaround Six
    • Beatrice Dillon – Workaround Seven
    • Beatrice Dillon – Workaround Eight
    • Beatrice Dillon – Workaround Nine
    • Beatrice Dillon – Square Fifths
    • Beatrice Dillon – Workaround Bass
    • Beatrice Dillon – Pause
    • Beatrice Dillon – Workaround 10
    • LP£21.99
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    HelmChemical FlowersPan
    Vivid electronic experiments and sound collage from the one and only Helm on his 'Chemical Flowers' album for Pan. Features string arrangements from the...
    • Helm – Capital Crisis (New City Loop)
    • Helm – I Knew You Would Respond
    • Helm – Body Rushes
    • Helm – Leave Them All Behind
    • Helm – Lizard In Fear
    • Helm – Toxic Racecourse
    • Helm – You Are The Database
    • Helm – Chemical Flowers
    • LP + Download Code£19.99
      Spot-varnished sleeve.
      Out of stock
    Bez - Freaky Dancin'Me and the MondaysPan
    You alright? Yeah, alright? OVER 60% OFF RIGHT? Right! This is a story of Bez, the man with the maracas and Shaun Ryder's sidekick in the Happy Mondays....
    • Book (300g)£12.99 £5.00
      Out of stock
    M.E.S.H. drops his second LP for PAN! 'Hesaitix' is a dense weave of "hyper-ornamented rhythms, shifting from the meditative to states of manic unease...
    • M.E.S.H. – Nemorum Incola
    • M.E.S.H. – Mimic
    • M.E.S.H. – Blurred Cicada I
    • M.E.S.H. – 2 Loop Trip
    • M.E.S.H. – Search. Reveal.
    • M.E.S.H. – Privileged Lord
    • M.E.S.H. – Coercer
    • M.E.S.H. – Blurred Cicada II
    • M.E.S.H. – Signal Ride Drum
    • M.E.S.H. – Diana Triplex
    • M.E.S.H. – Ihnaemiauimx
    • LP + Download Code£17.99
      Out of stock
    ErrorsmithSuperlative FatiguePAN
    YES! New album material of warped techno from maverick, forward-thinking producer and Smith N Hack affiliate, Errorsmith landing on PAN!
    • Errorsmith – Lightspeed
    • Errorsmith – Who-is
    • Errorsmith – I’m Interesting, Cheerful & Sociable
    • Errorsmith – Centroid
    • Errorsmith – Superlative Fatigue
    • Errorsmith – Retired Low-level Internal Server
    • Errorsmith – Internet of Screws
    • Errorsmith – My Party
    • 2xLP + Download Code£20.99
      Out of stock
    Killer ragga / dancehall mutations from STILL on the ever on point PAN label!
    • STILL – Haile Selassie Is The Micro-Chip
    • STILL – Bubbling Ambessa (Afrikan Messiah Riddim)
    • STILL – Nazenet (Wasp Riddim)
    • STILL – Dont Stop (Wondo Riddim)
    • STILL – Rough Rider
    • STILL – BANZINA (Banzina Riddim)
    • STILL – Gozpaal (Mustard Riddim)
    • STILL – Still Sound Boy Test (Interlude)
    • STILL – Mangrovia
    • LP + Download Code£16.99
      Out of stock
    Ska'd for LifeA Personal Journey with The SpecialsPan
    Import USA Paperback edition book As bass player with the Specials, in his second-hand suit and pork pie hat, Horace Panter was a member of one of the...
    London-based producer / MC, Visionist, drops an album of Grime futurism, melding the influence of folk, pop and R&B into this unique LP release...
    • Visionist – You Stayed
    • Visionist – Victim
    • Visionist – 1 Guarda
    • Visionist – I’ve Said
    • Visionist – Vffected
    • LP£16.99
      Out of stock
    Afrikan Sciences Circuitous PAN
    Astral, afro-futurist cosmic electonic music from Eric Douglas Porter aka Afrikan Sciences on PAN! Taking elements of jazz, hip hop and techno re-imagined...
    • Afrikan Sciences – two in the chamber
    • Afrikan Sciences – reddin off
    • Afrikan Sciences – transient authority
    • Afrikan Sciences – evolved in twists
    • CD£9.99
      In stockAdd to Bag
    • New 2×LP £18.99
      Out of stock
    Objekt Flatland PAN
    TJ Hertz aka Objekt subverts the classic techno blueprint with an LP debut for PAN!
    • Objekt – Agnes Revenge
    • Objekt – One Fell Swoop
    • Objekt – Ratchet
    • Objekt – Strays
    • Objekt – Agnes Apparatus
    • Objekt – Dogma
    • CD£10.99
      Out of stock
    • 2×LP£18.99
      Out of stock
    Lee Gamble KOCHPAN
    Lee Gamble focuses again on club music, but from a parallel, dream-like perspective; where the realms of techno and hardcore dissipate into gaseous form....
    • Lee Gamble – Untitled Reversion
    • Lee Gamble – Motor System
    • Lee Gamble – You Concrete
    • 2×LP£18.99
      Out of stock
    • CD£13.99
      Out of stock
    Rashad BeckerTraditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. I PAN
    Blessed with a heightened sensitivity to frequency and a love of bass and subbass; Rashad has this discipline via working as chief mastering engineer...
      • LP£16.99
        Out of stock
      Helm Silencer PAN
      Helm aka Luke Younger makes another appearance on PAN with four tracks of ancestral drum work and cunning electronics. Employing field recording techniques...
      • Helm – Silencer
      • Helm – Mirrored Palms
      • Helm – Bergamo
      • 12"£9.99
        Out of stock
      Concrete Fence (Regis & Russell Haswell) New Release (1) PAN
      The long-awaited debut collaborative project between Regis and Russell Haswell. Three tracks of inimitable experimental techno! Hypnotic, textural, gurning...
      • Concrete Fence (Regis & Russell Haswell) – Industrial Disease
      • Concrete Fence (Regis & Russell Haswell) – Caulk
      • 12"£9.99
        Out of stock
      Black Sites (Helena Hauff & F#X)Prototype EP PAN
      PAN debut the new single by Black Sites, a collaboration between Hamburg based artists Helena Hauff and Circuit Diagram member F#X. Riotous and cerebral...
      • Black Sites (Helena Hauff & F#X) – Prototype
      • Black Sites (Helena Hauff & F#X) – N313P
      • 12"£9.99
        Out of stock
      Lee Gamble Diversions 1994-1996 Pan
      Limited repress. Amazing EP from Deviations 1994-1996" 12"; experimental abstractions derived from his collection of jungle cassette compilations. Dream-like,...
      • Lee Gamble – Emu
      • Lee Gamble – Razor
      • Lee Gamble – Helicopter
      • Lee Gamble – Digbeth
      • LP£9.99
        Out of stock
      Lee Gamble Dutch Tvashar Plumes Pan
      BACK IN STOCK! An excellent journey through blurred rave hallucinations, frayed intense Techno and sonic abstractions via complex digital synthesis.  "Dutch...
      • Lee Gamble – skorokhodz
      • Lee Gamble – plis 97s
      • Lee Gamble – coma skank (binoconverge mix)
      • Lee Gamble – exprand trace
      • Lee Gamble – overund
      • LP£16.99
        Out of stock
      Sensate Focus Deviation Heat-TreatedPan
      A 35 minute audio response by Mark Fell (Sensate Focus) to source material by Heatsick, somewhere between cover version, remix and deconstruction.   Along...
      • Sensate Focus – sample one
      • Sensate Focus – sample two
      • Sensate Focus – sample three
      • LP£9.99
        Out of stock
      HeatSick Deviation EP Pan
      *140g white vinyl housed in a typically gorgeous silk-screened PVC sleeve, artwork by Bill Kouligas and Kathryn Politis** Berlin's Steven Warwick aka...
      • HeatSick – deviation
      • HeatSick – c'etait un rendez-vous
      • HeatSick – stars down to earth
      • HeatSick – no fixed address
      • 12"£13.99
        Out of stock