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    Kiki GyanFeeling So GoodOom Dooby Dochas
    Oom Dooby Dochas present the first ever reissue of Kiki Gyan's afro-disco classic!
    • Kiki Gyan – Disco Dancer
    • Kiki Gyan – Sunshine Baby
    • Kiki Gyan – Sexy Dancer
    • Kiki Gyan – Black Afro Punk
    • Kiki Gyan – Alhaji Who Are You
    • Kiki Gyan – We Make Music
    • LP£22.99
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    • CD£11.99
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    Osamu KitajimaOsamuOom Dooby Dochas
    Oom Dooby Dochas reissue Osamu Kitajima's 1977 album.
    • Osamu Kitajima – Sui-In = 水陰
    • Osamu Kitajima – Frost Flowers
    • Osamu Kitajima – Hear The Rain, See It Fall
    • Osamu Kitajima – Endless Steps
    • Osamu Kitajima – Yesterday And Karma = 昨日-因縁