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    Orchestre Shika-ShikaHit After HitNo Wahala Sounds
    A selection of singles recorded by Congolese band Shika Shika in Kenya between 1981-1984. Intricate interwoven guitar leads, bustling bass, the high-hat...
    • Orchestre Shika-Shika – Mangenge
    • Orchestre Shika-Shika – Tika Na Lela
    • Orchestre Shika-Shika – Cherie Safi (Pt. 1)
    • Orchestre Shika-Shika – Cherie Safi (Pt. 2)
    • Orchestre Shika-Shika – Bibi Tamaa
    • Orchestre Shika-Shika – Bana Nkoi
    Afro NationalTemedi Oh / Den KickNo Wahala Sounds
    Little known outside their native Sierra Leone where they were huge stars in the 1970s, Afro National played a brand of afro-pop that was a fusion of myriad...