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    Tourist KidCrude TracerMelody As Truth
    Debut release on Melody As Truth for electronic, Melbourne based producer Tourist Kid. Serene glassy ambience and drone experiments.
    • Tourist Kid – Example
    • Tourist Kid – Discourse II
    • Tourist Kid – Learn
    • Tourist Kid – Variegare
    • Tourist Kid – Know
    • Tourist Kid – UV Bleacher Tangent
    • Tourist Kid – Bacterial
    • Tourist Kid – Petrol
    Jonny NashPassive AggressiveMelody As Truth
    Next up, MAT8. "Passive Aggressive", the first collaborative album release from Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft. Deep wave, new age and ambient states- tip! 
    • Jonny Nash – Photo With Grey Sky, White Clouds
    • Jonny Nash – Refractory Cafe
    • Jonny Nash – Beluga's Song
    • Jonny Nash – Hanging Glass Structure
    • Jonny Nash – Inside
    • Jonny Nash – Small Town
    • Jonny Nash – See Yourself Out Of The Way
    • Jonny Nash – Time, Being