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    HejiraThread Of GoldLima Limo
    London-based trio Hejira announce their second LP Thread of Gold, released through their own Lima Limo Records. 'Thread of Gold' tells the story of vocalist,...
    • Hejira – Save it for Another
    • Hejira – Joyful Mind
    • Hejira – Ribs
    • Hejira – Lima Limo
    • Hejira – Empire
    • Hejira – A Taxi Man
    • Hejira – Seven
    • Hejira – You
    • Hejira – Thread of Gold
    HejiraThe Lima Limo CeremonyLima Limo
    Following a lineage from Matthew Herbert's Accidental label (where the band released their album debut of 2013) through to a single release on...
    • Hejira – Welcome
    • Hejira – I Don't Belong To Anyone
    • Hejira – Fresh
    • Hejira – No Matter