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    'Nehruviandoom' is Bishop Nehrus debut album. Produced by Metal Fingers and featuring MF Doom vocals on several tracks, it's a compact nine track, 30 minute...
    • NehruvianDOOM – First Day Of Class
    • NehruvianDOOM – Om
    • NehruvianDOOM – Mean The Most
    • NehruvianDOOM – So Alone
    • NehruvianDOOM – Darkness (HBU)
    • NehruvianDOOM – Coming For You
    • NehruvianDOOM – Caskets
    • NehruvianDOOM – Great Things
    • NehruvianDOOM – Disastrous
    Shape of Broad MindsOPR8RLex
    Ace new hip hop on Lex!
    • Shape of Broad Minds – OPR8R (Collipark Mix)
    • Shape of Broad Minds – OPR8R