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    Ana Roxanne~~~Leaving Records
    Debut album from Southeast Asian musician, based in Los Angeles - Ana Roxanne. Deep, souful, electronic experiments. One for fans of Julia Holter, Sarah...
      BauhausThe Bela SessionLeaving Records
      UK post-punk pioneers Bauhaus' immensely influential “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” – originally released in 1979 – is considered the original goth-rock...
        OpioWounded Healer (feat. Homeboy Sandman)Leaving Records
        Matthewdavid's Leaving Records presents new material from Opio of Souls of Mischief / Hieroglyphics with added rhymes from Homeboy Sandman!
        • Opio – Wounded Healer feat. Homeboy Sandman
        • Opio – Galvanometer 1st
        • Opio – Wounded Healer feat. Homeboy Sandman (Swamp Witchdoctor version)
        • Opio – Galvanometer 2nd
        • Opio – Wounded Healer feat. Homeboy Sandman (Mountain Sage version)
        • Opio – Galvanometer 3rd
        SaafronReishiLeaving Records
        Stones Throw affiliate (curated by Matthewdavid), Leaving Records drops this killer LP of instrumental boom-bap manoeuvres from Dakim Saadiq's Saafron...
        • Saafron – Saffron
        • Saafron – Mana
        • Saafron – Gumiho
        • Saafron – Chiyo
        • Saafron – Puppet Master (Light Sleeper II)
        • Saafron – Host Body
        • Saafron – Mtulazaji - Spirit Bomb
        • Saafron – Destructo Disc
        • Saafron – Special Beam
        • Saafron – Penobscot
        • Saafron – Hollow
        • Saafron – Stigma Style
        DntelHuman VoiceLeaving Records
        Jimmy Tamborello, of the Postal Service is back with this full-length album entitled 'Human Voice'. This eight track journey is full of synthesized, electronic,...
        • Dntel – Human Voice
        • Dntel – Fringes Of Focus (Instrumental)
        • Dntel – If I Stay A Minute
        • Dntel – Bike Path
        • Dntel – Foraya
        • Dntel – Connections
        • Dntel – Bay Loop
        • Dntel – Ashby