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    José ManclièreDoubout Pou GadéDiggersdigest
    Privately released only solo album by José Manclière, with amazing experimental fusion tracks merging Gwo Ka, Funky Jazz & Biguine, with an early electronic...
    • José Manclière –  Vini Couté E Tann'
    Cossi AnatzJazz Afro-OccitanDiggersdigest
    An overlooked french jazz album with a real singular sound mixing the North African, Arabic and Occitan music. Composed and partly recorded live by Michel...
    • Cossi Anatz – Al Coltrane (Regret)
    • Cossi Anatz – Magali Vous Dit Merde
    • Cossi Anatz – Aden Arabie
    • Cossi Anatz – Hortus
    • Cossi Anatz – Bourrée Du Céor
    • Cossi Anatz – Sarhaoui (Bourrée Du Désert)