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    Gusmano CesarettiFragments of Los Angeles 1969-1989Damiani
    OVER 60% OFF THIS SUPER DELUXE LARGE FORMAT USA HARDBACK PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK! CHEAPER THAN AMAZON!! Wicked photos - Los Angeles 1969! This book rocks Self-taught...
    • Book (1.5kg)£35.00 £15.00
      Out of stock
    Rolling Stones Fansby Joseph SzaboDamiani
    70% OFF!! LARGE FORMAT USA NEW HARDBACK BOOK NICE PIX!!In 1978 two of Joseph Szabo's high school students invited him to join them at a Rolling Stones...
    • Book (800g)£25.00 £8.00
      Out of stock
    Brasilby Kristin CappDamiani
    Brasil is a photographic exploration of culture, landscape and light by the photographer Kristin Capp. Shooting in black-and-white film with a Rolleiflex...
    • Book (850g)£25.00 £10.00
      Out of stock
    Ron GalellaNew YorkDamiani
    STUNNING DELUXE LARGE FORMAT USA HARDBACK PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK - OVER 60% OFF!!! This is the first Ron Galella book that focuses exclusively on New York City...
    • Book (1.4kg)£34.00 £12.00
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    Tabboo!The Art of Stephen TashjianDamiani
    STUNNING DELUXE LARGE FORMAT USA HARDBACK BOOK - NEARLY 70% OFF!!East Village, New York, punky, gay, groovy East Village artist Stephen Tashjian has been...
    • Book (2.8kg)£35.00 £10.00
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    Sights in the City, New York Street PhotographsBy Jamel ShabazzDamiani
    During the summer of 1980, under the direction of his father, a photographer, Jamel Shabazz armed himself with a Canon AE1 SLR camera and passionately...
    • Book (1.3kg)£38.00
      Out of stock
    Joe's Junk YardBy Lisa KeresziDamiani
    Classic blue-collar americana photography book. A personal narrative photo book, spanning more than fifty years and three generations, that explores...
    Bill OwensPhotographsDamiani
    A black-and-white photograph captures a woman, curlers in her hair and a baby in her arms, standing in a messy kitchen and saying, "How can I worry about...
    • Book (1.5kg)£35.00 £10.00
      Out of stock
    FunkytownPhotographs by Dean FreemanDamiani
    "FunkyTown" digs into British photographer Dean Freeman's archive--it goes way beyond Beckham--to gather published and unpublished portraiture, fashion...
    • Book (1.5kg)£25.00 £6.99
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    I Am CubanPhotographs by Helena De BragancaDamiani
    Traveling extensively in Cuba between 2007 and 2009, photographer Helena de Braganca sought to capture the nation's undocumented lives, from prostitutes...
    • Book (1.4kg)£25.00 £7.99
      Out of stock