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    IxnaKnotpopConcentric Circles
    Previously unreleased album of deviant new wave from San Fransisco duo, Ixna. Like Brian Eno and The Flying Lizards, the album is a sideways and inverted...
    • Ixna – Fun Fun Fun
    • Ixna – Ridi Ridi
    • Ixna – Black Shirts
    • Ixna – Flashlight
    • Ixna – I Can't Remember
    • Ixna – Galileo
    • Ixna – Somebody Said
    • Ixna – In The City
    • Ixna – Ixna Portal Exo
    • Ixna – Mi Ne Parolas
    Carola BaerThe Story Of ValerieConcentric Circles
    Beautiful, personal and emotionally resonant drum computer mantras in the key of Dead Can Dance, The Cocteau Twins and classic 4AD. Issued via an apparent...
    • Carola Baer – Maker Of Me
    • Carola Baer – Golden Boy
    • Carola Baer – Save Me
    • Carola Baer – We Already Feel
    • Carola Baer – Springtime
    • Carola Baer – Doors Talk
    • Carola Baer – Solemn Cattle
    • Carola Baer – Nothing Left To Say
    • Carola Baer – See The Lights Again
    • Carola Baer – Dreams
    • Carola Baer – On Top Of The Mountain