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    ElecktroidsKilohertz EPClone Classic Cuts
    Clone reissue the classic 'Kilohertz EP' by the Elecktroids! Originally released on Warp back in 1995 and produced by Gerald Donald and James Stinson of...
    • Elecktroids – Kilohertz
    • Elecktroids – Magnetic Field
    • Elecktroids – Remote Control Hornet
    • Elecktroids – Algorithm
    • Elecktroids – Digital Warlock
    DJ Joe LewisLost In TracksClone Classic Cuts
    Joe Lewis' almost unobtainable classic acid EP "Lost In Tracks" now remastered from the original tapes for Clone Classic Cuts. A rare opportunity...
    • DJ Joe Lewis – Acid Falls
    • DJ Joe Lewis – All Over The World
    • DJ Joe Lewis – One On One
    • DJ Joe Lewis – Relax, Don't Do It
    • DJ Joe Lewis – Just Hold Back, The Feelin'
    • DJ Joe Lewis – And The Beat, Goes On