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    Sleepers Poets ScientistsVarious ArtistsCES Records
    A compilation of nine, female Georgian artists, showcasing works by students at the CES (Creative Education Studio), where artist Natalie Beridze teaches...
    • Anushka Chkheidze – The Old Man And The Sea
    • sTia – One
    • Anushka Chkheidze – Only Notes
    • Anushka Chkheidze – 995
    • Katie Eristavi – Monument (feat. Dea Bezhuashvili)
    • Anushka Chkheidze – Sleepers, Walkers, Scientists
    • Eto Gelashvili – Rivers
    • Tamta Gwarliani – Thoughts
    • Ani Zakareishvili – 5 Margarets
    • N. Chavchavadze – Queen Size
    • Dea Bezhuashvili – Snow Queen
    • Tamta Gwarliani – Failed To Open
    • Natalie Beridze – Girl Galaxy