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    BèlènouEmosyon Tambou-ABeauMonde Records
    Reissue of an obscure Martinique release that fuses western jazz traditions with the ancestral folk music of Bélé from the Lesser Antilles islands of...
    • Bèlènou – Emosyon Tanbou-A
    • Bèlènou – Bélya Pou Péyi-A
    • Bèlènou – Tout Pèp La Sanblé
    • Bèlènou – Sové Tè-A
    • Bèlènou – Wi Nou Ké Rivé
    • Bèlènou – Ni Dé Jou
    • Bèlènou – Démokrasi
    • Bèlènou – Dansé Ting-Bang
    Cap'tain CreoleNi Bel JouninBeauMonde Records
    Reissue of this 1985 release that was originally released on a now very rare 7" on CAP records. This release from creole-speaking, French reggae band,...
    • Cap'tain Creole – Fre Moin
    • Cap'tain Creole – Ni Bel Jounin