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    OrpheeA film by Jean CocteauBFI
    In Jean Cocteau's updating of the Orpheus myth, Orphee (Jean Marais) is a famous poet whose obsession with a mysterious princess - representing death -...
    Before the RevolutionA FIlm By Bernardo BertolucciBFI
    Italian maestro Bernardo Bertolucci was just 22 years old when he directed this coming-of-age drama set in Parma. Loosely based on Stendhal's novel 'The...
    Carmen JonesOtto Preminger presents Oscar Hammerstein II's BFI
    Carmen is a passionate sexy creature who lures handsome GI Joe away from his sweetheart Cindy Lou. Following a brawl with his sergeant, Joe deserts his...
    A Zed & Two NoughtsA Film By Peter GreenawayBFI
    Peter Greenaway's surreal story has twin brothers (Brian and Eric Deacon), both zoologists, re-examining the meaning of life after a car accident involving...