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    Steven JulienBloodlineApron Records
    Steven Julien aka FunkinEven returns to his own Apron imprint with an EP of lo-fi box jams run through his signature set up of vintage Roland gear! Killer...
    • Steven Julien – Hunt
    • Steven Julien – Roll of the Dice
    • Steven Julien – Bloodline
    • Steven Julien – Apache
    • Steven Julien – Queen Of Ungilsan
    • Steven Julien – IDK
    SMBDMoon TheoryApron Records
    The one and only Simbad (aka SMBD) works some deep analog frequencies for FunkinEven's quality assured Apron imprint! 
    • SMBD – Message
    • SMBD – Nuwhat
    • SMBD – Message 406Y
    John T. GastOverseerApron Records
    Sharp techno wares on Funkineven's Apron label from clandestine, Hype Williams affiliate, John T. Gast! Limited, single-sided copies available. 
    • John T. Gast – Overseer
    L.M.Y.ELend Me Your EarsApron Records
    L.M.Y.E. (Lend Me Your Ears) are two Bristol based friends who met via the Idle Hands record shop which is central to the city's burgeoning house scene....
    • L.M.Y.E – Cali 76