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    The MG'sThe MG's (1973)Stax
    The MGs solo album (without Booker T) released in 1973 on Stax
      • Cassette Tape £4.99
        Cassette = Original cassette tape (still sealed)
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      • Original LP£10.00
        Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original = Original USA LP
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      Unovidual & M.NomizedSaunetic FractionPeripheral Minimal
      Reissue of this incredibly unique minimal synth album. Echoes elements of the early cut-up Dadaist experimental oddness of Cabaret Voltaire. A sought after...
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – Reflections in the Mirror
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – Easy Touch
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – The Gun
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – Faiding Steps 1
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – The Importance
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – Hunting for Silence
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – Schaltkreisser
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – Distant Call
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – Aerial Waves
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – Faiding Steps 2
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – Lazy Dreamer
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – Jumping Indians
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – Dawn Dancer 1
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – In the Park
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – Flashing Lights
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – The Treath
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – Random Feever
      • Unovidual & M.Nomized – My Geisha
      Negative ResponseEctopic BeatManufactured Desire Records
      Very limited cassette issue material from south London's Negative Response - a cult, minimal synth/DIY project that formed in 1980.
        • Cassette Tape £11.99
          Limited edition of 30 hand-numbered copies
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        CzarfaceCzarface Meets GhostfaceSilver Age
        The adventure continues as Czarface now faces off with Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah! Strictly mind melting beats and bars as three MCs clash like...
        • Czarface – Back at Ringside
        • Czarface – Face Off
        • Czarface – Iron Claw
        • Czarface – Czarrcade '84
        • Czarface – Powers and Stuff
        • Czarface – Masked Superstars
        • Czarface – Morning Ritual
        • Czarface – Super Soldier Serum
        • Czarface – The King Heard Voices
        • Czarface – Listen to the Color
        • Czarface – Mongolian Beef
        • Czarface – (Post Credits Scene)
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        • CD£12.99
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        • Cassette Tape £10.99
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        Huey BrissBlack WaxRules Follow Us
        'Black Wax', the album from West Coast rapper Huey Briss and producer Nikobeats, shows that raw lyricism and laid-back beat production is not about to...
        • Huey Briss – Gil Scott Never Lied (feat. DJ Babu)
        Milton NascimentoYauarete (1987)Columbia
        1987 releaseOriginal Vinyl VG+/Sleeve VG+100% SOTU Original Vinyl Guarantee happy or money back! Original cassette tape (still sealed)
          • Original LP£9.99
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          • Cassette Tape £4.99
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          Greg BelsonThe Colour of DesireOrigin Peoples
          Library / OST mixtape vibes from Los Angeles’ most revered gospel music knowledges, Greg Belson - limited copies available!
            CultureClashCultureClashLost Futures
            For is initial release, Lost Futures focus in on material from Dutch production crew, The Awax Foundation who penned some of the more intriguing,...
            • CultureClash – Mama Africa
            • CultureClash – U.U. Inlands (Halal Edit)
            • CultureClash – Zitarz
            • CultureClash – Never Take A Wrong Turn When You're In The Jungle
            • CultureClash – Ama-Zone
            • CultureClash – Sultan Groove
            • CultureClash – Bad Dream
            • CultureClash – Asian Approach
            • CultureClash – Mystic (House Dub)
            • CultureClash – Khöömiy (Dub)
            • CultureClash – Yatiyaña
            Violeta ParraLa Cueca Presentada por Violeta ParraDeath Is Not The End
            Death Is Not The End reissue a rare early LP from Chilean songwriter, folklorist and visual artist Violeta Parra. In this collection, Volume III of...
            • Violeta Parra – Presentacion y Comentario Inicial
            • Violeta Parra – La Cueca del Balance
            • Violeta Parra – Adios, Que Se Va Segundo
            • Violeta Parra – Florecio el Copihue Rojo
            • Violeta Parra – Un Viejo Me Pidio un Beso
            • Violeta Parra – Cueca del Organillo
            • Violeta Parra – Cuando Estaba Chiquillona
            • Violeta Parra – Una Chiquilla en Arauco
            • Violeta Parra – Quisiera Ser Palomita
            • Violeta Parra – En el Cuarto de la Carmela
            • Violeta Parra – La Muerte Se Fue a Bañar
            • Violeta Parra – De Las Piernas de un Zancudo
            • Violeta Parra – Dame de Tu Pelo Rubio
            • Violeta Parra – Comentario
            • Violeta Parra – Yo Vide Llorar un Hombre
            • Violeta Parra – Tengo de Hacer un Retrato
            • Violeta Parra – Pañuelo Me Diste
            • Violeta Parra – Cueca del Payaso
            • Violeta Parra – La Mariposa
            • Violeta Parra – Para Que Me Casaria
            • Violeta Parra – Cueca Valseada
            • Violeta Parra – La Niña Que Esta Bailando
            • Violeta Parra – Cueca De Armonica
            • Violeta Parra – El Aji Ma'uro
            • Violeta Parra – En la Cumbre de Los Andes
            • Violeta Parra – Cueca Larga de Los Meneses
            • Violeta Parra – Palabras Finales
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            • Cassette Tape £7.99
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            Paulinho Da CostaSunrise (1984)Pablo
            Heavweight Brazil/Jazz fusionGreat Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
              • Cassette Tape £4.99
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              • Original LP£10.00
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              Ron CarterPeg Leg (1978)Milestone
              Milestone, 78. Low end theory with bassist Carter joined by Kenny Barron, Buster Williams, Ben Riley et al. Funky but deepGreat Original still-sealed cassette...
                Charles EarlandSmokin' (1977)Muse
                Heavy, heavy, heavy jazz dance with tugh version of Milestones.  Original USA vinyl - rare.Great Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                  Little SonnyBlack & Blue (1971)Stax
                  Wicked r'n'b/funk instrumental album on Stax circa 1971 Original cassette tape (still sealed)
                    Bernie WorrellBlacktronic Science (1993)Gramavision
                    He's the P-Funk Beethoven. Features Maceo Parker, George Clinton, Bill Laswell, Fred Wesley and moreGreat Original still-sealed cassette...
                      Harold LandEastward Ho! Harold Land In New York (1960)Original Jazz Classics
                      Deep jazz w/ Kenny Dorham originally released on Jazzland RecordsOriginal OJC cassette tape (still sealed)
                        Laura LeeGreatest HitsHDH
                        Great Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                          Dorothy NorwoodHe's A Friend (1978)Jewel Records
                          Fantastic gospel soul on original cassette!Great Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                            Mighty SparrowHot Like Fire (1991)ICE
                            Original calypso sounds!Original groovy still-sealed cassette tape!
                              The Dirty Dozen Brass BandJelly (The Dirty Dozen Brass Band Plays Jelly Roll Morton)Columbia
                              New Orleans brass does the Jelly RollGreat Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                Joyce SimsLooking For A Love (1989)Sleeping Bag Records
                                Original Sleeping Bag Records cassette tape (still sealed)
                                  Jon LucienMother Nature's SonMercury
                                  Jon Lucien on CASSETTE! It's like the whole world has turned upside down ...Great Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                    Fred WesleyNew Friends (1990)Antilles
                                    Includes Geri Allen, Carmen Lundy, Steve Turre and Stanton Davis in the line-up!Totally Groovy Rare Original still sealed cassette...
                                      Bill OkonNightmare On Bass Street (1993)Innovative Bass Productions
                                      OMG! Miami Bass/Electro on cassette - boomin' sounds in your jeep mo'fo'sBill Okon (Maggotron)Cover note: "Warning: The Price Does Not Include...
                                        Sérgio MendesOceano (1996)Verve Forecast
                                        Great Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                          Junior DelgadoOne Step More (1988)Mango
                                          w/ Jackie Mittoo, Augustus Pablo, and nuff players! GROOVY CASSETTE Great Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                            George CablesPhantom Of The City (1985)Contemporary Records
                                            Fusion on Contemporary RecordsGreat Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                              The DramaticsPositive State Of MindVolt
                                                • Original LP£9.99
                                                  Vinyl condition: NM-Sleeve condition: NM-Original USa vinyl mint sealed opened once
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                                                • Cassette Tape £4.99
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                                                The Staple SingersPray On (1992)Frank Music
                                                Groovy gospel soul on cassette!Great Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                                Roaring LionSacred 78'sICE
                                                Original cassette tape (still sealed/cutout)
                                                  Claudio RoditiSlow FireMilestone Records
                                                  Tough latin/fusionGreat Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                                    The Curtis Counce GroupSonority (1956/89)Contemporary Records
                                                    Unreleased tracks collected hereGreat Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                                      George Robert-Tom Harrell QuintetSun Dance (1988)Contemporary Records
                                                      Fusion 1988 on cassette!Original groovy still-sealed cassette tape!
                                                        David ByrneThe Forest (1991)Sire
                                                        Fairly scarce 1991 album from David Byrne on cassette!Great Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                                          George Russell SeptetThe Stratus Seekers (1962)Original Jazz Classics
                                                          Rare Deep jazz album originally released on Riverside Original OJC cassette tape (still sealed)
                                                            Milton NascimentoTxai (1990)Columbia
                                                            1990 Nacscimento LP Brazil/Jazz fusionGreat Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                                              Roaring LionViva Le KingICE
                                                              Calypso sounds from Roaring Lion!Great Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                                              Mighty SparrowVolume FourICE
                                                              Calypso sounds on cassette!Great Original still-sealed cassette tape !!! (cutout)
                                                                Steve CropperWith A Little Help From My Friends (1969)Volt
                                                                Wicked late 60s instrumental album on Volt/Stax from in-house genius guitar man Cropper + crew Original  cassette tape (still sealed)
                                                                  Junior VasquezDJs Take Control - Volume 2One Records
                                                                  Junior Vasquez mix-tape - How cool is that?Great Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                                                    Gil EvansGil Evans & Ten (1957)Original Jazz Classics
                                                                    Originally released on Prestige Records, 1957 (just 2 years before Evans arranged Miles Davis' seminal Kind of Blue album Great Original...
                                                                      Lord KitchenerKlassic Kitchener Volume OneICE
                                                                      Calypso king!Great Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                                                        Lord KitchenerKlassic Kitchener Volume TwoICE
                                                                        Calypso kingGreat Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                                                          Frank MorganLament (1986)Contemporary Records
                                                                          w/ Billy Higgins, Cedar Walton, Buster WilliamsGreat Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                                                            Mr. MagicMr. Magic's Rap Attack Volume 2Profile Records
                                                                            Old school hip-hopGreat Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                                                              Don EllisNew Ideas (1961)Original Jazz Classics
                                                                              Deep jazz w/ Jaki Byard. Originally released 1961 on New Jazz/Prestige RecordsGreat Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                                                                The Neville BrothersTreacherous Too! A History Of The Neville Brothers, Vol. 2 (1955-1987)Rhino Records
                                                                                Funky New Orleans funkers collectionGreat Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!
                                                                                  Mark MurphyNight MoodMilestone Records
                                                                                  Oh yes! Great Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!