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    Black Friday 2019


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    Vincent GalloWhenWarp Records
    Original Warp Records - never played deluxe packaging RARE! Original UK pressing Vinyl VG+ /Sleeve VG+100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at...
      • Original LP£150.00
        Out of stock
      BibioPhantom BrickworksWarp
      Bibio returns with a new album titled ‘Phantom Brickworks’. This new nine track collection demonstrates a more atmospheric side to the...
        • CD£10.99
          Out of stock
        • LP£19.99
          Out of stock
        Reissue of the classic 1994 ambient/electronic 'Amber' from Autechre on Warp. 
          • 2×LP£20.99
            Out of stock
          Lorenzo SenniPersonaWarp
          Lorenzo Senni releases his first EP on Warp Records after announcing his signing to the label; in ‘Persona’ Senni explores his fascination...
            • 12"£15.99
              Out of stock
            AutechreTri RepetaeWarp
            Classic 1995 album from Autechre on Warp given a reissue for 2016. 
              • 2×LP£20.99
                Out of stock
              Boards Of Canada GeogaddiWarp
              Essential follow-up to their tracendental Warp debut, 'Music Has The Right...'. Opting for a gloomier tone, 'Geogaddi' is a classic itself in its...
              • Boards Of Canada – Julie And Candy
              • Boards Of Canada – Dawn Chorus
              • 3×LP£21.99
                Out of stock
              • CD£10.99
                Out of stock
              Boards Of Canada Music Has The Right To Children (2013 Reissue)Warp
              In the decade and a half since its release, Boards Of Canada’s Warp debut has built a mythical prestige. With it's ultramarine tones and nostalgia-inducing...
              • Boards Of Canada – Roygbiv
              • 2×LP£21.99
                Out of stock
              • CD£10.99
                Out of stock
              Boards Of Canada The Campfire HeadphaseWarp
              "The Campfire Headphase", the third, and one of the most well-loved BOC albums! This is the first time the vinyl has been available since the original...
              • Boards Of Canada – Chromakey Dreamcoat
              • Boards Of Canada – Peacock Tail
              • Boards Of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy
              • 2×LP£21.99
                Out of stock
              • CD£10.99
                Out of stock
              Nightmares On WaxFeelin' GoodWarp
              Warp Records’ longest-serving artist George Evelyn aka Nightmares On Wax, dropping the classic "A Word Of Science" debut album back in 1991...
              • Nightmares On Wax – Be, I Do
              • Nightmares On Wax – Master Plan
              • Nightmares On Wax – Luna feat. Wolfgang Haffner
              • Nightmares On Wax – Give Thx
              • CD£10.99
                Out of stock
              Boards Of Canada Tomorrow's Harvest Warp
              Extremely anticipated new album from Warp label veterans Boards Of Canada. Veering away from the guitars of "The Campfire Headphase" and opting for a more...
              • Boards Of Canada – Reach For The Dead
              • Boards Of Canada – Jacquard Causeway
              Gonjasufi Mu.zz.leWarp
              BACK IN STOCK! Mojave desert-dweller-yogi and California resident Gonjasufi returns with a second album for Warp! "Mu.zz.le" is far bleaker and darker...
              • Gonjasufi – whitepicketfence
              • Gonjasufi – feedin' birds
              • Gonjasufi – nikels and dimes
              • Gonjasufi – venom
              • CD£8.99
                Out of stock
              • 2×10"£12.99
                Out of stock
              SquarepusherUfabulum Warp
              Tricked-out deluxe edition of the new emission from Warp's shapeshifting/bassslapping/circuitmelting virtuoso. From drill'n'bass and (good) future jazz,...
              • 2×LP + Bonus CD£33.99
                Out of stock
              • CD£8.99
                Out of stock
              Leila(Disappointed Cloud) AnywayWarp
              New single from Leila in anticipation for her forthcoming album on Warp! "(Disappointed Cloud) Anyway" features Mt Sims from The Knife on vocals; an enchanting,...
              • Leila – (disappointed clouds) anyway
              • Leila – (disappointed clouds) anyway - instrumental
              • Leila – not havin' that
              • 12"£6.49
                Out of stock
              GonjasufiA Sufi & A KillerWarp
              Spectular mystical debut album from Gonjasufi on Warp Records! Friend of Flying Lotus, rapper, singer, Mojave desert-dweller-yogi and California resident...
              • Gonjasufi – ancestors
              • Gonjasufi – sheep
              • Gonjasufi – suzieQ
              • Gonjasufi – kowboyz&indians
              • Gonjasufi – change
              • CD£10.99
                Out of stock
              Flying lotusPattern + Grid WorldWarp
              Brand new mini-LP from profilic beatsmith Flying Lotus on Warp! Following on from his recent album 'Cosmogramma' Flying Lotus delivers seven new tracks...
              • Flying lotus – clay
              • Flying lotus – kill your co-workers
              • Flying lotus – pie face
              • Flying lotus – time vampires
              • CD£7.99
                Out of stock
              Labels UnlimitedThe Story Of Warp RecordsBlack Dog Publishing
              An extensive guide through the story of one of the most important record labels - from Sheffield to the world!
              • Book (1.1kg)£19.95
                Out of stock
              Flying LotusCosmogrammaWarp
              Brand highly anticipated album from Flying Lotus on Warp! In his second full length release for Warp, Flying Lotus has taken his craft to bold new levels,...
              • Flying Lotus – pickled!
              • Flying Lotus – computer face pure being
              • Flying Lotus – and the world laughs with you featuring thom yorke
              • Flying Lotus – do the astral plane
              • Flying Lotus – german haircut
              Prefuse 73PreparationsWarp
              Excellent new album from Scott Herren's Prefuse 73 project! Highly evolved sample-delic hip hop beats with electronica glitches and purs erroding layer...
              • Prefuse 73 – Beaten Thursdays
              • Prefuse 73 – The Class of 73 Bells
              • Prefuse 73 – Smoking Red
              • Prefuse 73 – Noreaster Cheer
              • Prefuse 73 – Pomade Suite Version One
              • Prefuse 73 – For Her Non Place
              • Prefuse 73 – Spacious and Dissonant Part 2
              • Prefuse 73 – Pitu
              • Prefuse 73 – Over Ensembles
              • Prefuse 73 – Out We Will Go
              • CD£12.99
                Out of stock