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VoodooBy Kyle KristosJ. B.Lippincott (1976)
Pointing out the elements of Catholicism that coexist with the drums, trances, and animal sacrifice, Kristos catalogues the chief loa (lesser gods),...
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    Original first edition paperback in good condition except sticker removal mark on spine
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Ferdinand DennisDuppy ConquerorFlamingo
Secondhand paperback in good condition.100% Guarantee on this and all Original Books at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy'...
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    Secondhand paperback in good condition.
    100% Guarantee on this and all Original Books at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' or your money back!
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Voodoo, Truth and Fantasy (aka Voodoo Search for the Spirit)By Laennec HurbonNew Horizons
A bit like the Rough Guide to Reggae - except for Voodoo. Recommended! Out of Africa came the cult of spirits who could enter human beings and cross...
JUNGLE MAGIC: An Eye-Witness Account of the Unholy World of Voodooby James H. NealThe New English Library
Rare 'voodoo' book. Secondhand paperback in ok condition
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Marie, Voodoo Queenby Margot ArnoldMayflower
Novel based on the story of Marie Levaux, famous New Orleans Voodoo queen. Secondhand UK paperback
Voodoo In New OrleansBy Robert TallantPelican
The word 'voodoo' elicits reactions from fear to fascination; thoughts of pins stuck in dolls, hexes, and strange rites immediately come to mind. But few...
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Voodoo and Magic PracticesJean KerboullBarrie & Jenkins
Original secondhand hardback with dustjacket in plastic cover in G- condition. Rare English translation
Secrets of VoodooBy Milo RigaudCity Lights
Secrets of Voodoo traces the development in Haiti and the Americas of this complex religion from its sources in Africa. the book represents a straightforward...
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Drum and Candleby David St. ClairDoubleday & Company
Out-of-print book club edition secondhand hardback book w/dustjacket (and stickers)
Voodoo-ErosBy Felix BrykUnited Book Guild (1964)
1964 edition hardback book with no dustjacket. A reprint of the first English-language edition of 1934. It covers many subjects such as clothing, ornaments,...
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Voodoo In HaitiBy Alfred MetrauxSchocken Books
A classic study of Vodou/Voodoo in Haiti. By one of the most distinguished anthropologists of the twentieth century, Voodoo in Haiti is a...
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Voodoo Fire In HaitiBy Richard A. LoedererPelican
Originally published in the early thirties, Loederer presents an account of his adventures in Haiti and captures the sights, sounds and sensations of this...
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The Voodoo QueenBy Robert TallantPelican
Witch? Sorceress? Daughter of Satan? Murderer? Thief? Saint? Which label best fits Marie Laveau? Queen of the Voodoos, she is considered to have been the...
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Mama Lola: A Voodoo Priestess in BrooklynBy Karen McCarthy BrownUniversity of California
Karen McCarthy Brown's "Mama Lola" challenges stereotypes of Vodou by offering an intimate portrait of African-based religion in everyday life. She explores...
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