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    Erick CosaqueChinal Ka 1973-1995Heavenly Sweetness
    First anthology dedicated to one of the most important figures in Guadeloupean music! Erick Cosaque is a singer-percussionist and leading figure of Gwo...
    • Erick Cosaque – Guadeloupe Ile De Mes Amour
    • Erick Cosaque – Joue Zizipan
    • Erick Cosaque – Decere Nou De Maye
    • Erick Cosaque – Kominike
    • Erick Cosaque – Lheureux Noir
    • Erick Cosaque – Jean Line La Clere
    • Erick Cosaque – Donatien
    • Erick Cosaque – Lundi Bon Matin
    • Erick Cosaque – De Ti Mo Pawol Cweol
    • Erick Cosaque – De Chate Cole
    • Erick Cosaque – Roger A Di Wha Wha
    • Erick Cosaque – Embawgo
    • Erick Cosaque – Jan Pol Rabal Koto
    • Erick Cosaque – A Koz Don Biye
    • Erick Cosaque – Zombie Dance
    • Erick Cosaque – Wolemin Oupwi
    Colleen Grant / Sandra HamiltonLatin Parang / Parang JamSoundway
    Soundway reissue two rare, Parang dancefloor cuts from early 1980s Trinidad & Tobago!
    • Colleen Grant – Latin Parang
    • Sandra Hamilton – Parang Jam
    Daniel Dimbas & La DiferenciaLa Diferencia Edits (feat. Antal & Palms Trax edits)Not On Label
    Heavy zouk double-sider! Both tracks taken from Daniel Dimbas' 1985 'La Differencia' album with Palms Trax and Rush Hour's Antal on edit duties!
    • Daniel Dimbas & La Diferencia – Carnaval Soca (Antal Edit)
    • Daniel Dimbas & La Diferencia – La Musique (Palms Trax Edit)
    Pour Me A Grog: The Funána Revolt in 1990s Cabo VerdeVarious ArtistsOstinato Records
    A collection of frenetic 'funána' tracks from the 90s, composed and performed from artists dwelling on the Atlantic islands of Cabo Verde.
    • Ferro Gaita – Rei Di Tabanka
    • Etalvino Preta – Mulato Ferrera
    • Tchota Suari – Nha Boi
    • Avelino Pantera – Nha Lutcha
    • Peps Love – Pom Um Grogu
    • Bitori – Mô Na Máma
    • Orlando Pantera – Rabidanti
    • Fefé Di Calbicera – Tra Tchapêu
    GwakasonneVwayajéSéance Centre
    'Vwayajé' collects the rare and highly sought-after mid-to-late 80s material from Guadeloupean Afro-cosmic group, Gwakasonne.
    • Gwakasonne – Atmosphere
    • Gwakasonne – W3
    • Gwakasonne – Karayib
    • Gwakasonne – Suzy
    • Gwakasonne – Vou
    • Gwakasonne – Siklon
    • Gwakasonne – Pita
    • Gwakasonne – Nirvacina
    • Gwakasonne – Respé
    • Gwakasonne – Lewoz
    • Gwakasonne – Rekreasyon
    • Gwakasonne – Algerie 62
    Danyel WaroBwarouzBuda Musique
    Buda Musique deliver the first vinyl release for Maloya music royalty, Danyel Waro's seminal album 'Bwarouz'. Originally released in 2001 and previously...
      Saigon Soul RevivalHọa Âm XưaSaigon Supersound
      Ho Chi Minh City based band, Saigon Soul Revival has been bringing alternative pre 1975 music from Saigon back to the stage since 2016 with their live...
      • Saigon Soul Revival – Đi Xa Đời Nhau
      • Saigon Soul Revival – Hào Hoa feat. Blacka
      • Saigon Soul Revival – Nhân Gian Tình
      • Saigon Soul Revival – Vỡ Mộng ân Tình Nguyễn feat. Thị Hải Phượng
      • Saigon Soul Revival – Tình Nhạc Sỹ
      • Saigon Soul Revival – Sầu Đông
      • Saigon Soul Revival – Giây Phút Cuối Tuần feat. Mai Lệ Huyền
      • Saigon Soul Revival – Nào Ta Cùng Hát
      • Saigon Soul Revival – Bài Ca Ngông
      • Saigon Soul Revival – Chuồn Chuồn Xanh (Hòa tấu) feat. Nguyễn Thị Hải Phượng
      • Saigon Soul Revival – Chốn Tình Xưa
      Zap MamaZap MamaCramm
      Originally released on Crammed in 1991, Zap Mama's acapella debut album has become a classic, and influenced hosts of vocalists and musicians around the...
      • Zap Mama – Mupepe
      • Zap Mama – Ndje Mukanie
      • Zap Mama – Abadou
      • Zap Mama – Marie-Josee
      • Zap Mama – Etupe
      • Zap Mama – Nabombeli Yo
      • Zap Mama – Take Me Coco
      • Zap Mama – Son Cubano
      • Zap Mama – Guzophela
      • Zap Mama – Plekete
      • Zap Mama – Bottom
      • Zap Mama – I Ne Suhe
      • Zap Mama – Mizike
      • Zap Mama – Babanzele
      • Zap Mama – Din Din
      Miyasaka + 5Animals GardenBBE
      'Animals Garden' by Miyasaka + 5 was originally issued in 1979 on the cult private Japanese label ALM and is reissued for the first time via BBE!A one-off...
      • Miyasaka + 5 – Animals Garden
      • Miyasaka + 5 – Ballad For Mammoth
      • Miyasaka + 5 – Dog's Dance
      • Miyasaka + 5 – Pecker's Blues
      AmamiGiantBongo Joe
      Swiss troupe, Amami, drop a wicked blend of dancehall and driving Afrobeat vibes - killer, party-starting release via Bongo Joe!
      • Amami – Far East
      • Amami – Ivory
      • Amami – Fast
      • Amami – Super Shaggy
      • Amami – Giant
      Yin YinThe Rabbit That Hunts TigersBongo Joe
      Yin Yin find a magical sweet spot between disco-funk and powerful “Thai beat”. Characterised by hippie drum machines and surf guitars, this album could...
      • Yin Yin – Nata Ni Thale
      • Yin Yin – Pingpxng
      • Yin Yin – One Inch Punch
      • Yin Yin – Lotus
      • Yin Yin – Thom Ki Ki
      • Yin Yin – On Yiep
      • Yin Yin – Alpaca
      • Yin Yin – Kroy Wen
      • Yin Yin – Sui Ye
      • Yin Yin – The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers
      • Yin Yin – A Ballad For Chong Wang
      • Yin Yin – The Sacred Valley of Cusco
      • Yin Yin – Dis ko Dis ko
      Rhythms of the WorldBy Francis Hanly BBC Books (1989)
      s/hand large format paperback
      • Original Book (500g)£10.00
        Secondhand paperback book
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      Black Pearl: The Hairderesser from HaitiA. and E. SheehanHarvill (1956)
      Good Haiti historical novel about 'the hairdersser from Haiti'
      • Original Book (400g)£20.00
        1956 Ist Edition UK hardback with dustjacket some ageing - pretty good considering 63 years old!
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      El KhatYa RaiyatBatov
      ‘Ya Raiyat’ is the product of a traditional Yemeni folk song, dismantled and reformed by El Khat and Yemeni music producer, Eyal El Wahab.
      • El Khat – Ya Raiyat
      • El Khat – Ya Raiyat (Radio Trip Edit)
      Elijah MinnelliI Hope The Goats Come BackBreadminster County Council
      **Upfront exclusive - limited to 300 copies!** Eiljah Minnelli is back with a second single, 'I Hope The Goats Come Back' following up on the killer 'Bebe...
      • Elijah Minnelli – I Hope The Goats Come Back
      • Elijah Minnelli – Dub
      • 7"£9.99
        Limited 7" edition of 300 units inc. 'Breadminster County Council' insert.
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      Yukihiro TakahashiSaravah!Wewantsounds
      Yukihiro Takahashi's sophisticated city funk classic released in 1978 when he had just joined YMO. Co-produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto and featuring Haruomi...
      • Yukihiro Takahashi – Saravah!
      Bossa 70Si Voce Pensa / BirimbaoMatasuna Records
      Matasuna Records reissue another musical jewel from Peru on 45 for the first time. Both were recorded by the band Bossa 70 originally released on their...
      • Bossa 70 – Si Voce Pensa
      • Bossa 70 – Birimbao
      Esnard BoisdurMizik Bel (inc. Africaine 808 remix)Favorite Recordings
      Zouk / island disco rarity gets the necessary vinyl issue via Favorite Recordings - includes an up-to-date club fix from Africaine 808!
      • Esnard Boisdur – Mizik Bel (Original Version)
      • Esnard Boisdur – Mizik Bel (Africaine 808 Remix)
      BèlènouEmosyon Tambou-ABeauMonde Records
      Reissue of an obscure Martinique release that fuses western jazz traditions with the ancestral folk music of Bélé from the Lesser Antilles islands of...
      • Bèlènou – Emosyon Tanbou-A
      • Bèlènou – Bélya Pou Péyi-A
      • Bèlènou – Tout Pèp La Sanblé
      • Bèlènou – Sové Tè-A
      • Bèlènou – Wi Nou Ké Rivé
      • Bèlènou – Ni Dé Jou
      • Bèlènou – Démokrasi
      • Bèlènou – Dansé Ting-Bang
      Cap'tain CreoleNi Bel JouninBeauMonde Records
      Reissue of this 1985 release that was originally released on a now very rare 7" on CAP records. This release from creole-speaking, French reggae band,...
      • Cap'tain Creole – Fre Moin
      • Cap'tain Creole – Ni Bel Jounin
      Atomic ForestDisco RoarNow-Again Records
      Reissued third album by India's best known psychedelic-rock ensemble, in its entirety. The companion piece Now-Again's 'Atomic Forest' anthology, 'Obsession'....
      • Atomic Forest – 2001 Space Odyssey
      • Atomic Forest – Life Is Anew
      • Atomic Forest – Proud Mary
      • Atomic Forest – Devil Woman
      • Atomic Forest – You Are On My Mind
      • Atomic Forest – Thank You Lord
      • Atomic Forest – Smack Water Jack
      • Atomic Forest – Spectrum
      • Atomic Forest – I Wish
      • Atomic Forest – Rock-N-Roll
      • Atomic Forest – Disco Queen
      • Atomic Forest – Night In White Satin
      • Atomic Forest – Another Star
      Skah Shah No. 1Skah Shah No. 1 (1975)Marc Records
        • Original LP£30.00
          Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original = Original USA LP Vinyl gatefold

          100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' money-back guarantee!
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        Alefa Madagascar: Salegy, Soukous & Soul From The Red Island 1974-1984Various ArtistsStrut
        Strut continues its essential compilation series of Indian Ocean sounds with ‘Alefa Madagascar’, the first compilation to document the unique culture...
        • Jean Kely et Basth – Andosy Mora
        • Soymanga – Moramora Zoky
        • Roger Georges – Mama
        • Ny Anjarasoa – Mahonena
        • Charles Maurin Poty – Amboliako Fary
        • Mahaleo – Izahay Mpamita
        • Papa James – Ngoma Hoe
        • Los Pepitos et Leur Ensemble – BB Gasy
        • Jeanot Rabeson et Son Orchestre – Jazz Sega
        • Feon'Ala – Farahy
        • Terak' Anosy Group – Soaliza
        • Saka Dit The King – Ody Ody (Tsy Mentsy Mandroso)
        • Michael – Razana Tsy Ho Meloko
        • Falafa – Rapela
        • Los Matadores – Andeha Hanarato
        • Nino Rafah – Oa Niny E
        • Kaiamba Orchestra – Tokatoka
        • Atrefy Andriana – Zaka Tiako Mamolaka Keriko
        Esa Presents Amandla: Music To The PeopleVarious ArtistsSoundway
        Compiled by South African DJ and producer Esa Williams, 'Music To The People', compiling an exemplary selection of South African kwaito house to Brazilian...
        • Penny Penny – Shilungu
        • Alaska – Accuse (Instrumental)
        • Ze Spirits Band – Tucheza (Esa Extended Mix)
        • Nonku Phiri – Sîfó (feat. Dion Monti)
        • Os Panteras – Melo Do Anjo (Outra Edit)
        • Pascal Latour – Lague Yo (Boulo Edit)
        • Mim Suleiman – Presha Kuka (Unreleased Version)
        • Esa – Pantsula Traxx
        • Narchbeats – Cheeks
        • DJ Spoko – #Justsnares
        Serenata Guayanesa10 Años de Exitos (1981)Sono-Rodven
        Deep Roots venezuelan group
          • Original LP£15.00
            Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original = Original USA LP Vinyl in shrink

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          RupaDisco JazzNumero
          Numero reissue this HUGELY in demand and mega-rare Indian soul / disco / funk gem from 1982! In a word: ESSENTIAL!
          • Rupa – Moja Bhari Moja
          • Rupa – East West Shuffle
          • Rupa – Aaj Shanibar
          • Rupa – Ayee Morshume
          • CD£14.99
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          • LP£22.99
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          Body Beat: Soca-Dub and Electronic Calypso (1979-98)Various ArtistsSoundway
          17 party-starting cuts of soca crossover, rapso, electronic calypso, and Caribbean ‘soca-soul’ that sit alsongide the resurgence of burger-highlife,...
          • Cito Jarvis – Fighting Soldier
          • Roger Bain – Stand Up & Rock Your Body (Instrumental)
          • *D* Ivan – Fire (Extended Dub Edit)
          • Bill Campbell – Body Beat
          • Brother Resistance – Move It (Version)
          • Adonijah – It’s Alright
          • Peter Britto – I Want Your Love
          • Juno D – Hotter And Hotter (Dub Edit)
          • Colin Jackman – D’Jab Jab Dance (Bad Lad Mix)
          • Levi John – S-O-C-A
          • Spiking – Liberation Train
          • Mohjah – Zion Gates (Dub)
          • Andre Tanker – Wild Indian Band
          • Touch – Touch Music (Edit)
          • D’ Rebel Band – Solid
          • The Millers – Last Days
          • Chocolate Affaire – Jump To Calypso
          • 1. Cito Jarvis – Fighting Soldier
          • 2. Roger Bain – Stand Up & Rock Your Body (Instrumental)
          • 3. *D* Ivan – Fire (Extended Dub Edit)
          • View full info and tracklisting
          Ziad RahbaniAbu AliWewantsounds
          Reissue of this extremely hard-to-find 12" single from Lebanese composer, pianist, playwright and political commentator Ziad Rahbani. 'Abu Ali' is musician's...
          • Ziad Rahbani – Abu Ali
          • Ziad Rahbani – Prelude (Theme From Mais El Rim)
          Edgar ValcárcelComposiciones Electrónicas para los Andes (1967-2006)Buh
          Edgar Valcárcel is responsible for introducing locally the new languages of the international musical avant-garde, in a meeting with the legacies of Peruvian...
            Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El ClavoLoé Loá - Rural Recordings Under The Mango TreeOlindo Records
            Landmark album in Afro-Venezuelan music available on vinyl for the first time! Originally released in 2017 on CD; most of the music on the album is in...
            • Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El Clavo – Oh, Santa Rosa
            • Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El Clavo – Pueblo De Fiesta
            • Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El Clavo – No La Peles, Papá
            Cambodian NuggetsVarious ArtistsAkenation
            Before the Khmer Rouge took power in 1975, unleashing a horrifying genocide, Cambodia had one of the most vibrant and exciting music scenes in Asia. With...
              Grupo PilonLeite Quente Funaná De Cabo VerdeOstinato Records
              Following on from the essential 'Synthesize the Soul', Grupo Pilon represents the second chapter of the Krioulu diaspora story. In smaller pockets, second...
              • Grupo Pilon – Longi Di Bo
              • Grupo Pilon – Rabes
              • Grupo Pilon – Txada Liton
              • Grupo Pilon – S'ta Contente
              • Grupo Pilon – Kanto Nstaba Nobu
              • Grupo Pilon – Libertadi
              PixvaeCaliBongo Joe
              Musical hybrid, rooted in multiple territories, Pixvae was formed the intention to confront the traditional musics from the Pacific coast of Colombia,...
              • Pixvae – Mi Sombrerito
              • Pixvae – Veni Adorar
              • Pixvae – La Balsada
              • Pixvae – la Cancion Del Camino
              • Pixvae – Canto de Lejos
              • Pixvae – El Currulao Que Me Llama
              • Pixvae – Ronca Canalete
              Isaac SassonCantos Campesinos (inc. Hector Plimmer remix)Olindo Records
              Third release in in Olindo Records 'Venezuelan' series of 45s. Featuring two original compositions by Caracas based multi-instrumentalist and composer,...
              • Isaac Sasson – Paseo en un sueño
              • Isaac Sasson – Canción para mi familia, Venezuela
              • Isaac Sasson – Cantos Campesinos (Hector Plimmer Remix)
              VariousMizik Solay Sa BonAtangana Records
              Atangana Records presents its 4th releases, beginning a new collaboration with Henri Debs & Fils imprint. With this compilation EP, gathering rare and...
              • Ti Celeste – Pa Dekouraje’w Toni
              • Les Maxels – Bail Ti Bouin Z’Oizo
              • Lewis Meliano – Oh Claudy My Love
              • Daniel Dimba – C’est La Vie
              Mr Bongo Record Club: Vol. 3Various ArtistsMr Bongo
              Mr Bongo return to their record club series, delivering another fine compilation of recent rare finds, favorites from DJ sets, plus hot selects from their...
              • J. B. De Carvalho E Seu Terreiro – Fui À Umbanda
              • Trio Ternura – A Gira
              • Alcione – Figa de Guiné
              • Impacto 5 – Longe Daqui Aqui Mesmo
              • Abaete – Pisa No Taboado
              • Tobias – Coisa Sentimental
              • Os Flippers – Estrelar
              • Spaceark – Don't Stop (Unreleased Long Version)
              • Pure Release – I'll Know It's Love For Sure
              • Luther Davis Group – You Can Be A Star
              • 2×LP£18.99
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              • CD£9.99
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              Minoru MuraokaBambooMr Bongo
              Mr Bongo reissue this cult Japanese jazz / breakbeat, folkloric mega-rarity as hallowed the likes of DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Egon and co. Uniquely combines...
              • Minoru Muraoka – Take Five
              • Minoru Muraoka – Mogamigawa Funauta
              • Minoru Muraoka – The Positive And The Negative
              • Minoru Muraoka – And I Love Her
              • Minoru Muraoka – The House Of The Rising Sun
              • Minoru Muraoka – Do You Know The Way To San Jose
              • Minoru Muraoka – Soul Bamboo
              • Minoru Muraoka – Call Me
              • Minoru Muraoka – Scarborouge Fair
              Minyo CrusadersEchoes Of JapanMais Um Discos
              Minyo Crusaders rework historic Japanese folk songs with Latin, African, Caribbean and Asian rhythms on their debut album, 'Echoes of Japan'.
              • Minyo Crusaders – Kushimoto Bushi
              • Minyo Crusaders – Hohai Bushi
              • Minyo Crusaders – Otemoyan
              • Minyo Crusaders – Mamurogawa Ondo
              • Minyo Crusaders – Yasugi Bushi
              • Minyo Crusaders – Akita Nikata Bushi
              • Minyo Crusaders – Toichin Bushi
              • Minyo Crusaders – Tanko Bushi
              • Minyo Crusaders – Aizubandaisan
              • Minyo Crusaders – Sumo Jinku
              DIY Disco Molam: Rarities From The Khaen Sang LabelVarious ArtistsZudRangMa Records
              A superb compilation of exceptional experimental Molam from Thailand by producer Soonthorn Chairatanachot, previously only released as a short run of 45’s...
              • Maneerat Kaewsadet – Kieow Choo Pern
              • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Lam Plearn Sadudee Maharacha
              • Maneerat Kaewsadet – Toey Bump
              • Patcharee Kaewsadet – Yaa Ti Kaa Laai
              • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Bor Ti Kaa Laai
              • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Toey Disco
              • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Kor Bump
              • Ratree Seewilai – Chern Bump
              • Preeda Kaewsadet – Kiew Bao Kae
              • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Toey Taam Kaao
              • 1. Maneerat Kaewsadet – Kieow Choo Pern
              • 2. Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Lam Plearn Sadudee Maharacha
              • 3. Maneerat Kaewsadet – Toey Bump
              • View full info and tracklisting
              Edwidge DanticatAfter the Dance - A Walk Through carnival in Jacmel, HaitiCrown
              If you've seen Soul Jazz Records' Kanaval book - here is an eye-witness look at the carinival in Haiti
              • Original Book (300g)£10.00
                S/hand hardback US first edition book
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              FeminaPerlas & ConchasFemina
              Femina channels blissed out, harmony-soaked soul music with a purpose. Lyrically poignant with hip hop and Latin influences, ‘Perlas & Conchas’ is...
              • Femina – Brillando
              • Femina – Perlas
              • Femina – Agradezco
              • Femina – Resist (feat. Iggy Pop)
              • Femina – Palpita y goza
              • Femina – Fémina - Arriba
              • Femina – Plumas
              • Femina – Cristal
              • Femina – Treparme
              • Femina – Somos lo que somos
              Akira IshikawaBack To RhythmMr Bongo
              Ultra-rare jazz-funk/fusion album from 1975 by Japanese drummer, Akira Ishikawa. Featuring percussion-heavy versions of ‘Let’s Start’, ‘Bongo Rock’...
              • Akira Ishikawa – I've Got To Use My Imagination
              • Akira Ishikawa – Bongo Rock
              • Akira Ishikawa – Do It Til You're Satisfied
              • Akira Ishikawa – Hey Jude
              • Akira Ishikawa – El Condor Pasa
              • Akira Ishikawa – Pick Up The Pieces
              • Akira Ishikawa – Love Is The Answer
              • Akira Ishikawa – I Shot The Sheriff
              • Akira Ishikawa – Let's Start
              • Akira Ishikawa – Boogie On Raggae Woman
              Akiko YanoJapanese GirlWewantsounds
              Wewantsounds continue their ambitious Akiko Yano reissue program with the release of 'Japanese Girl', her landmark debut album from 1976. Backed by Little...
              • Akiko Yano – Kikyu Ni Notte
              • Akiko Yano – Kuma
              • Akiko Yano – Denwasen
              • Akiko Yano – Tsugaru Tour
              • Akiko Yano – Funamachi-uta Part 2
              • Akiko Yano – Ooinaru Shiino-ki
              • Akiko Yano – Herikoputaa
              • Akiko Yano – Futa
              • Akiko Yano – Oka Wo Koete
              • Akiko Yano – Funamachi-uta Part 1
              ColaderaLa Dôtu LadoAgogo
              Coladera releases its second album, presenting the various styles of lusophone music. Led by Brazilian guitarist Vitor Santana and João Pires, who also...
              • Coladera – La Dôtu Lado
              • Coladera – A Luz de Yayá
              • Coladera – Primer Letra
              • Coladera – Mandinga
              • Coladera – Mantafro
              • Coladera – Algum Lugar em Nós
              • Coladera – Funaná do Moreré
              • Coladera – Céu Azulino
              • Coladera – Orixá
              • Coladera – Deserto do Sal
              • Coladera – Gira
              Louis Moreau GottschalkThe Banjo And Other Creole Ballads, Cuban Dances, Negro Songs, And Caprices (1956)Vanguard
                • Original LP£20.00
                  Vinyl condition: VGSleeve condition: VG+Thick card sleeve original Vanguard Records - a thing of beauty!
                  100% guaranteed
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                BlundettoSlow Dance EPHeavenly Sweetness
                The third and last EP from Blundetto’s album ‘Slow Dance’, featuring remixes from French artists, Patchworks and Voilaaa who drops a heated, kompa...
                • Blundetto – Slow Dance (Extended Version)
                • Blundetto – Slow Dance (Extended Instrumental Version)
                • Blundetto – Slow Dance (Voilaaa remix)
                • Blundetto – Have A Little Faith (Patchworks remix)
                Al Caiola and his Orchestra and ChorusMoon over Hawaii (1963)RCA
                  • Original LP£9.00
                    Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original UK LP Vinyl,
                    100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' or your money back!
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                  El Tipo Este Y Al QuetzLa Revancha de la MananaPura Vida Sounds / Heavenly Sweetness
                  For Cubans, El Tipo Este is the pioneer of all things hip-hop. As founding member of Obsesion, one of the nation’s most notable hip hop exports. Early...
                  • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Zafra
                  • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Sin Protocolo
                  • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Lo Emental
                  • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Regla Sound System
                  • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Tu Verá
                  • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Dicen
                  • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Usame
                  • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Interludio en el 106
                  • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Inflowencias
                  • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Ya No Me Pertenezco
                  • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Revolución Vivencial
                  • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Tierra, Semillas y Frutas