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    RupaDisco JazzNumero
    Numero reissue this HUGELY in demand and mega-rare Indian soul / disco / funk gem from 1982! In a word: ESSENTIAL!
    • Rupa – Moja Bhari Moja
    • Rupa – East West Shuffle
    • Rupa – Aaj Shanibar
    • Rupa – Ayee Morshume
    Baroque Jazz TrioBaroque Jazz TrioSouffleContinu Records
    Reissue of The Baroque Jazz Trio's 1970 cult classic self titled debut. A psychedelic blend of Baroque, free-jazz, Indian classical and various other outernational...
    • Baroque Jazz Trio – Delhi Daily
    • Baroque Jazz Trio – Terre Brulée
    • Baroque Jazz Trio – Chandigardh
    • Baroque Jazz Trio – Latin Baroque
    • Baroque Jazz Trio – Zoma
    • Baroque Jazz Trio – Cesar Go Back Home
    Ziad RahbaniAbu AliWewantsounds
    Reissue of this extremely hard-to-find 12" single from Lebanese composer, pianist, playwright and political commentator Ziad Rahbani. 'Abu Ali' is musician's...
    • Ziad Rahbani – Abu Ali
    • Ziad Rahbani – Prelude (Theme From Mais El Rim)
    Edgar ValcárcelComposiciones Electrónicas para los Andes (1967-2006)Buh
    Edgar Valcárcel is responsible for introducing locally the new languages of the international musical avant-garde, in a meeting with the legacies of Peruvian...
      Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El ClavoLoé Loá - Rural Recordings Under The Mango TreeOlindo Records
      Landmark album in Afro-Venezuelan music available on vinyl for the first time! Originally released in 2017 on CD; most of the music on the album is in...
      • Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El Clavo – Oh, Santa Rosa
      • Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El Clavo – Pueblo De Fiesta
      • Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El Clavo – No La Peles, Papá
      Perú NegroPerú NegroVampi Soul
      Vampi Soul reissue the 1974 album from Afro-Peruvian / música criolla group, Perú Negro. Although lesser known than music from other nearby countries,...
      • Perú Negro – Pobre Negrita
      • Perú Negro – Los Machetes
      • Perú Negro – Toro Mata
      • Perú Negro – Navidad Negra Y Zapateo Criollo
      • Perú Negro – Cancion Para Ekue
      • Perú Negro – Lando
      • Perú Negro – El Payande
      • Perú Negro – Negrito De DoNde Vienes
      • Perú Negro – Ollita Noma
      • LP (180 gram)£21.99
        Gatefold sleeve.
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      Grupo PilonLeite Quente Funaná De Cabo VerdeOstinato Records
      Following on from the essential 'Synthesize the Soul', Grupo Pilon represents the second chapter of the Krioulu diaspora story. In smaller pockets, second...
      • Grupo Pilon – Longi Di Bo
      • Grupo Pilon – Rabes
      • Grupo Pilon – Txada Liton
      • Grupo Pilon – S'ta Contente
      • Grupo Pilon – Kanto Nstaba Nobu
      • Grupo Pilon – Libertadi
      PixvaeCaliBongo Joe
      Musical hybrid, rooted in multiple territories, Pixvae was formed the intention to confront the traditional musics from the Pacific coast of Colombia,...
      • Pixvae – Mi Sombrerito
      • Pixvae – Veni Adorar
      • Pixvae – La Balsada
      • Pixvae – la Cancion Del Camino
      • Pixvae – Canto de Lejos
      • Pixvae – El Currulao Que Me Llama
      • Pixvae – Ronca Canalete
      Isaac SassonCantos Campesinos (inc. Hector Plimmer remix)Olindo Records
      Third release in in Olindo Records 'Venezuelan' series of 45s. Featuring two original compositions by Caracas based multi-instrumentalist and composer,...
      • Isaac Sasson – Paseo en un sueño
      • Isaac Sasson – Canción para mi familia, Venezuela
      • Isaac Sasson – Cantos Campesinos (Hector Plimmer Remix)
      Colombian Soul: Compiled by Bagar aka Tricky DVarious ArtistsBBE
      Featuring cutting-edge underground sound-system crews and hip hop collectives and Latin Grammy nominated stars alike (and pretty much everything in between),...
      • Jimena Angel – Oyelo
      • Cerrero – Cuando Canto Grito
      • Bagar Aka Tricky D – Time; Los Secundos Nunca Paran
      • Systema Solar – Aguazero
      • Pernett – Gracias
      • Dragao – Cumbia Lobina
      • Lianna – Cada Paso
      • Esteban Copete – Adios Morena
      • Alma – Kong
      • Salsangroove – Mujer Divina
      VariousMizik Solay Sa BonAtangana Records
      Atangana Records presents its 4th releases, beginning a new collaboration with Henri Debs & Fils imprint. With this compilation EP, gathering rare and...
      • Ti Celeste – Pa Dekouraje’w Toni
      • Les Maxels – Bail Ti Bouin Z’Oizo
      • Lewis Meliano – Oh Claudy My Love
      • Daniel Dimba – C’est La Vie
      Sababa 5 & YurikaCrossroad Of Love / Blue UniverseBatov Records
      Sababa 5’s debut single features the talented Japanese singer and belly dancer Yurika. The two songs - Crossroad of Love (Ai no Kousaten) and Blue Universe...
      • Sababa 5 & Yurika – Crossroad Of Love
      • Sababa 5 & Yurika – Blue Universe
      • 7"£6.99
        Limited edition of 300 copies
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      Akiko YanoIroha Ni KonpeitouWewantsounds
      Akiko Yano's cult second studio album from 1977, featuring some of the best musicians from Tokyo and New York! East-meets-west pop fusion!
      • Akiko Yano – Kawaji
      • Akiko Yano – Iroha Ni Konpeitou
      • Akiko Yano – A Long Wait
      • Akiko Yano – Hourou
      • Akiko Yano – Ike Yanagida
      • Akiko Yano – Hai Hai Gasa
      • Akiko Yano – Potsun
      • Akiko Yano – Kinou Wa Mou
      • Akiko Yano – On The Way Home
      • Akiko Yano – East Wind
      • LP + Download Code£23.99
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      • CD£12.99
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      Ahmed FakrunAuidnyGroovin Recordings
      Groovin Recordings reissue Ahmed Fakrun's rare 7" debut for the first time. A killer, Libiyan disco double header from 1977!
      • Ahmed Fakrun – Auidny
      • Ahmed Fakrun – Njoo El Leyl
      Mr Bongo Record Club: Vol. 3Various ArtistsMr Bongo
      Mr Bongo return to their record club series, delivering another fine compilation of recent rare finds, favorites from DJ sets, plus hot selects from their...
      • J. B. De Carvalho E Seu Terreiro – Fui À Umbanda
      • Trio Ternura – A Gira
      • Alcione – Figa de Guiné
      • Impacto 5 – Longe Daqui Aqui Mesmo
      • Abaete – Pisa No Taboado
      • Tobias – Coisa Sentimental
      • Os Flippers – Estrelar
      • Spaceark – Don't Stop (Unreleased Long Version)
      • Pure Release – I'll Know It's Love For Sure
      • Luther Davis Group – You Can Be A Star
      Minoru MuraokaBambooMr Bongo
      Mr Bongo reissue this cult Japanese jazz / breakbeat, folkloric mega-rarity as hallowed the likes of DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Egon and co. Uniquely combines...
      • Minoru Muraoka – Take Five
      • Minoru Muraoka – Mogamigawa Funauta
      • Minoru Muraoka – The Positive And The Negative
      • Minoru Muraoka – And I Love Her
      • Minoru Muraoka – The House Of The Rising Sun
      • Minoru Muraoka – Do You Know The Way To San Jose
      • Minoru Muraoka – Soul Bamboo
      • Minoru Muraoka – Call Me
      • Minoru Muraoka – Scarborouge Fair
      Minyo CrusadersEchoes Of JapanMais Um Discos
      Minyo Crusaders rework historic Japanese folk songs with Latin, African, Caribbean and Asian rhythms on their debut album, 'Echoes of Japan'.
      • Minyo Crusaders – Kushimoto Bushi
      • Minyo Crusaders – Hohai Bushi
      • Minyo Crusaders – Otemoyan
      • Minyo Crusaders – Mamurogawa Ondo
      • Minyo Crusaders – Yasugi Bushi
      • Minyo Crusaders – Akita Nikata Bushi
      • Minyo Crusaders – Toichin Bushi
      • Minyo Crusaders – Tanko Bushi
      • Minyo Crusaders – Aizubandaisan
      • Minyo Crusaders – Sumo Jinku
      The Mauskovic Dance BandThe Mauskovic Dance BandSoundway
      Debut album from Amsterdam five piece, The Mauskovic Dance Band who fuse no-wave, Afro-Caribbean rhythms and space disco. Entirely self-produced, the...
      • The Mauskovic Dance Band – Drinks By The Sea
      • The Mauskovic Dance Band – Space Drum Machine
      • The Mauskovic Dance Band – Percussione & Spazio Sounds
      • The Mauskovic Dance Band – It's The Wrong Goodie
      Los TaxisDel Barrio Pal BarrioNames You Can Trust
      Names You Can Trust signing, Los Taxis dedicate their 'cumbia sonidera' style to the bustling taxi-culture of NYC!
      • Los Taxis – Del Barrio Pal Barrio
      • Los Taxis – Cumbia De Los Taxistas
      DIY Disco Molam: Rarities From The Khaen Sang LabelVarious ArtistsZudRangMa Records
      A superb compilation of exceptional experimental Molam from Thailand by producer Soonthorn Chairatanachot, previously only released as a short run of 45’s...
      • Maneerat Kaewsadet – Kieow Choo Pern
      • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Lam Plearn Sadudee Maharacha
      • Maneerat Kaewsadet – Toey Bump
      • Patcharee Kaewsadet – Yaa Ti Kaa Laai
      • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Bor Ti Kaa Laai
      • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Toey Disco
      • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Kor Bump
      • Ratree Seewilai – Chern Bump
      • Preeda Kaewsadet – Kiew Bao Kae
      • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Toey Taam Kaao
      • 1. Maneerat Kaewsadet – Kieow Choo Pern
      • 2. Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Lam Plearn Sadudee Maharacha
      • 3. Maneerat Kaewsadet – Toey Bump
      • View full info and tracklisting
      Ghisly BrownLet's Talk About ItMonte Cristo
      Reissue of this cult French boogie / reggae / zouk album from 1981 featuring the popular spin, 'Let's Talk About It'.
      • Ghisly Brown – Let's Talk About It
      • Ghisly Brown – Come To Me
      • Ghisly Brown – I Want You Black
      • Ghisly Brown – Be The One
      • Ghisly Brown – Let Me Get Away From You
      • Ghisly Brown – Love Forever
      Kwanjit SriprajanSuphanburi Soul: Kwanjit Sriprajan - The First Lady Of Lae MusicZudRangMa Records
      'Suphanburi Soul' is the long awaited compilation of the magnificent works of Kwanjit Sriprajan - The First Lady Of Lae Music. Lae is traditionally played...
      • Kwanjit Sriprajan – Tam Boon Gun Terd
      • Kwanjit Sriprajan – Pid Thong Pra
      • Kwanjit Sriprajan – Nang Kruan
      • Kwanjit Sriprajan – Panatibat Sin Kor 1
      • Kwanjit Sriprajan – Atinnatan Sin Kor 2
      • Kwanjit Sriprajan – Kamaysumitchajan Sin Kor 3
      • Kwanjit Sriprajan – Musawat Sin Kor 4
      • Kwanjit Sriprajan – Sumayrai Sin Kor 5
      • Kwanjit Sriprajan – Tam Boon Sang Wat
      • Kwanjit Sriprajan – Pid Thong Luk Nimit
      • Kwanjit Sriprajan – Ai Barb Ap Boon
      CholombianosBy Amanda WatkinsTrilce Ediciones
      WICKED LARGE FORMAT USA PHOTO BOOK OVER 50% OFF PRICE!!!!!More than 150 photos on the urban subculture born out of the rich 'sonidero' tradition in Monterrey:...
      Edwidge DanticatAfter the Dance - A Walk Through carnival in Jacmel, HaitiCrown
      If you've seen Soul Jazz Records' Kanaval book - here is an eye-witness look at the carinival in Haiti
      • Original Book (300g)£10.00
        S/hand hardback US first edition book
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      FeminaPerlas & ConchasFemina
      Femina channels blissed out, harmony-soaked soul music with a purpose. Lyrically poignant with hip hop and Latin influences, ‘Perlas & Conchas’ is...
      • Femina – Brillando
      • Femina – Perlas
      • Femina – Agradezco
      • Femina – Resist (feat. Iggy Pop)
      • Femina – Palpita y goza
      • Femina – Fémina - Arriba
      • Femina – Plumas
      • Femina – Cristal
      • Femina – Treparme
      • Femina – Somos lo que somos
      Akira IshikawaBack To RhythmMr Bongo
      Ultra-rare jazz-funk/fusion album from 1975 by Japanese drummer, Akira Ishikawa. Featuring percussion-heavy versions of ‘Let’s Start’, ‘Bongo Rock’...
      • Akira Ishikawa – I've Got To Use My Imagination
      • Akira Ishikawa – Bongo Rock
      • Akira Ishikawa – Do It Til You're Satisfied
      • Akira Ishikawa – Hey Jude
      • Akira Ishikawa – El Condor Pasa
      • Akira Ishikawa – Pick Up The Pieces
      • Akira Ishikawa – Love Is The Answer
      • Akira Ishikawa – I Shot The Sheriff
      • Akira Ishikawa – Let's Start
      • Akira Ishikawa – Boogie On Raggae Woman
      Akiko YanoJapanese GirlWewantsounds
      Wewantsounds continue their ambitious Akiko Yano reissue program with the release of 'Japanese Girl', her landmark debut album from 1976. Backed by Little...
      • Akiko Yano – Kikyu Ni Notte
      • Akiko Yano – Kuma
      • Akiko Yano – Denwasen
      • Akiko Yano – Tsugaru Tour
      • Akiko Yano – Funamachi-uta Part 2
      • Akiko Yano – Ooinaru Shiino-ki
      • Akiko Yano – Herikoputaa
      • Akiko Yano – Futa
      • Akiko Yano – Oka Wo Koete
      • Akiko Yano – Funamachi-uta Part 1
      ColaderaLa Dôtu LadoAgogo
      Coladera releases its second album, presenting the various styles of lusophone music. Led by Brazilian guitarist Vitor Santana and João Pires, who also...
      • Coladera – La Dôtu Lado
      • Coladera – A Luz de Yayá
      • Coladera – Primer Letra
      • Coladera – Mandinga
      • Coladera – Mantafro
      • Coladera – Algum Lugar em Nós
      • Coladera – Funaná do Moreré
      • Coladera – Céu Azulino
      • Coladera – Orixá
      • Coladera – Deserto do Sal
      • Coladera – Gira
      Louis Moreau GottschalkThe Banjo And Other Creole Ballads, Cuban Dances, Negro Songs, And Caprices (1956)Vanguard
        • Original LP£20.00
          Vinyl condition: VGSleeve condition: VG+Thick card sleeve original Vanguard Records - a thing of beauty!
          100% guaranteed
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        BlundettoSlow Dance EPHeavenly Sweetness
        The third and last EP from Blundetto’s album ‘Slow Dance’, featuring remixes from French artists, Patchworks and Voilaaa who drops a heated, kompa...
        • Blundetto – Slow Dance (Extended Version)
        • Blundetto – Slow Dance (Extended Instrumental Version)
        • Blundetto – Slow Dance (Voilaaa remix)
        • Blundetto – Have A Little Faith (Patchworks remix)
        Nicola CruzSikuZZK Records
        Nicola Cruz explores the sounds of his home continent on his latest album. 'Siku' features the rich, cumbia rhythms of Colombia alongside the melodies...
        • Nicola Cruz – Arka
        • Nicola Cruz – Siku
        • Nicola Cruz – El Diablo Me Va A Llevar
        • Nicola Cruz – Hacia Delante
        • Nicola Cruz – Criançada
        • Nicola Cruz – Voz De Las Montañas
        • Nicola Cruz – Siete
        • Nicola Cruz – Obsidiana
        • Nicola Cruz – Señor De Las Piedras
        • Nicola Cruz – Okami
        • Nicola Cruz – Esu Enia
        • 2×LP + Bonus CD£17.99
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        • CD£9.99
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        Al Caiola and his Orchestra and ChorusMoon over Hawaii (1963)RCA
          • Original LP£9.00
            Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original UK LP Vinyl,
            100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' or your money back!
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          El Tipo Este Y Al QuetzLa Revancha de la MananaPura Vida Sounds / Heavenly Sweetness
          For Cubans, El Tipo Este is the pioneer of all things hip-hop. As founding member of Obsesion, one of the nation’s most notable hip hop exports. Early...
          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Zafra
          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Sin Protocolo
          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Lo Emental
          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Regla Sound System
          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Tu Verá
          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Dicen
          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Usame
          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Interludio en el 106
          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Inflowencias
          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Ya No Me Pertenezco
          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Revolución Vivencial
          • El Tipo Este Y Al Quetz – Tierra, Semillas y Frutas
          ON: The Sound Of ON Records 1987-1989Various ArtistsEgoli Records
          **3xLP compilation limited to 300 copies!** A KILLER compilation of tracks from The ON label which was active in South Africa between 1987-1992, an era...
          • The Bees – Mjondolo (Bus House)
          • The Bees – She's A Witch (Tikoloshi)
          • Little Big Man – Don't Do It
          • Little Big Man – Leribe
          • Mafika – Roadblock
          • Mafika – Roadblock (Taxi Mix)
          • Mafika – Sbarara
          • Mafika – Lalavuka
          • Whoosha – Mosquito
          • Whoosha – Nopaka
          • Pamela Nkutha – Gambling
          • Pamela Nkutha – Ano Tambura (Suffering)
          Mkwaju EnsembleMKWAJUWe Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records
          Having previously reissued Mkwaju Ensemble's inspired 1981 debut 'Ki-Motion', WRWTFWW turns its attention to their equally impressive follow-up from the...
          • Mkwaju Ensemble – Mkwaju
          • Mkwaju Ensemble – Shak Shak
          • Mkwaju Ensemble – Lemore
          • Mkwaju Ensemble – Tira-Rin
          • Mkwaju Ensemble – Pulse In The Mind
          • Mkwaju Ensemble – Flash-Back
          Akiko YanoTadaima.Wewantsounds
          Reissue of Akiko Yano's 1981 synth-pop masterpiece, 'Tadaima'. Co-produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto and features the YMO musicians: Haruomi Hosono, Yukihiro...
          • Akiko Yano – ただいま (Tadaima)
          • Akiko Yano – いつか王子様が (Itsuka Ojisamaga)
          • Akiko Yano – Vet
          • Akiko Yano – Ashkenazy Who?
          • Akiko Yano – いらないもん (Iranaimon)
          • Akiko Yano – たいようのおなら (Taiyo No Onara)
          • Akiko Yano – I Sing
          • Akiko Yano – 春咲小紅 (Harusaki Kobani)
          • Akiko Yano – Rose Garden
          Venezuela 70Cosmic Visions of A Latin American Earth: Venezuelan Experimental Rock In The 1970s and Beyond VOLUME TWOSoul Jazz Records
          This is the second collection of music from Venezuela in the 1970s and beyond to be released on Soul Jazz Records. The album once again features innovative...
          • Vytas Brenner – Agua Clara
          • Daniel Grau – Dejando Volar El Pensamiento
          • Un Dos Tres Y Fuera – Relafica Negra En Tiempo De Siembra
          • Orchestra Julian – Do It With Class
          • Vytas Brenner – Gavilan
          • Fernando Yvosky – Estoy Viviendo
          • Daniel Grau – Delirio En Fa Menor
          • Vytas Brenner – Mandingo
          • Un Dos Tres Y Fuera – Machu Picchu Dos (El Niño Anciano)
          • Vytas Brenner – La Sabana
          • Johnny Lamas – Noches En Caracas
          • Aldemaro Romero Y Su Onda Nuevo – Moilendo Cafe
          • Vytas Brenner – Morrocoy
          • Daniel Grau – Voy Caminando Feliz
          • Grupo Bota – Solos
          • Vytas Brenner – Tragavenado
          • La Cuarta Calle – Camino A Casa (On My Way Home)
          • Aldemaro Romero Y Su Onda Nuevo – Una Por Una
          • 1. Vytas Brenner – Agua Clara
          • 2. Daniel Grau – Dejando Volar El Pensamiento
          • 3. Un Dos Tres Y Fuera – Relafica Negra En Tiempo De Siembra
          • View full info and tracklisting
          Antilles Mechant Bateau: Deep Biguines & Gwo Ka From 60s French West IndiesVariousBorn Bad Records
          Born Bad Records present this killer fifteen track completion of deep biguines and Gwo Ka from the ‘60s French West Indies. Biguine is a rhythmic style...
          • Mahy – Antilles Mechant Bateau
          • Guy Conquete – Ban Moin Cle A Titine
          • Dolor – A Dardonne
          • Joseph Lacides – Yo Ka Biguine
          Louis XavierLadjaRebirth On Wax
          Louis Xavier is a complete artist, sincere and talented. He is at the same time: bassist, guitarist - bassist, author - composer, arranger, conductor,...
          • Louis Xavier – Delito
          • Louis Xavier – Trois Ilets
          • Louis Xavier – Hélix
          • Louis Xavier – Steps
          • Louis Xavier – Miss Bee
          • Louis Xavier – Migan
          Take A Knife And Open My HeartVarious ArtistsSound Miracle Recordings
          Sound Miracle Recordings presents a collection of thirteen heart-breaking, primitive flamenco tunes from the 1930s onwards...
          • Manuel Torree Y Manuel Borrull – A la Puerta Rico Avariento
          • Sarita Heredia – Fandango de Huelva
          • Juan Varea – Era Consuelo La Granaína/It as Consuelo from Granada
          • Manolo de Badajoz – Danza Mora/Moorish Dance
          • Antonio Rengel – La Nieve por tu Cara/Through Your Face the Snow
          • Manolo Caracol – Salen a Siete Mujeres/Seven Women for Each Man
          • Carmen Amaya – Pregúntale a mi Sombrero/Go Ask My Hat
          • Estrellita Castro – Al Pasar la Barca/When the Boat Was Passing
          • Pericón de Cádiz – Mi Prima Juana/My Cousin Juana
          • Nina de la Puebla – En los Pueblos de mi Andalucía/In the Villages of My Andalusia
          • Angelillo – María Salomé
          • La Niña de Los Peines – Cielito Lindo/My Pretty Heaven
          • Manuel Vallejo – Como Loco Variaba/I Flipped Like a Madman
          • 1. Manuel Torree Y Manuel Borrull – A la Puerta Rico Avariento
          • 2. Sarita Heredia – Fandango de Huelva
          • 3. Juan Varea – Era Consuelo La Granaína/It as Consuelo from Granada
          • View full info and tracklisting
          Antipodean AnomaliesVarious ArtistsLeft Ear Records
          Awesome compilation that sheds some light on a selection of oddball / DIY / post-punk / synth tunes made in Australia and New Zealand during the 70's and...
          • Olev Muska – Karjapoisi Lugu (A Shepherd's Tale)
          • Delaney Venn – Cub Dub
          • Free Radicals – Don't Ask
          • Toy Division – Melbourne Winter
          • Ngahiwi Apanui – He Whakapapa
          • Errol H. Tout – Metaphoric Allusions
          • Nic Lyon – Woody
          • Helen Ripley-Marshall – Green Chaos
          • Rainbow Generator – City Of The Sun
          Manford BestI've Been Loving YouPMG
          Wicked PMG re-issue of Manford Best's Nigerian disco LP 'I've Been Loving You' produced by Jake Sollo.
          • Manford Best – I've Been Loving You
          • Manford Best – Lets Spend The Night Together
          • Manford Best – Turn The Lights Out
          • Manford Best – I Feel Like Dancing
          • LP£22.99
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          • CD£14.99
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          The Bayan Mongol Variety GroupThe Bayan Mongol Variety GroupSelf Release
          The Bayan Mongol Variety Group existed from the early '70s to the late '80s. After the collapse of the USSR, the ensemble began to experience serious difficulties...
          • The Bayan Mongol Variety Group – Баян Монгол (Bayan Mongol)
          • The Bayan Mongol Variety Group – Хорвоо амгалан байг (May There Always Be Peace)
          • The Bayan Mongol Variety Group – Орь залуу нас (Youth)
          • The Bayan Mongol Variety Group – Аяны Шувууд (Birds Of Passage)
          • The Bayan Mongol Variety Group – Хангайн магтаал (Glorifying The Khangai Valley)
          • The Bayan Mongol Variety Group – Аавдаа (To My Own Father)
          • 1. Баян Монгол (Bayan Mongol)
          • 2. Хорвоо амгалан байг (May There Always Be Peace)
          • 3. Орь залуу нас (Youth)
          • View full info and tracklisting
          The Native Steel Drum BandSteel Drums (1959)HiFi Records
          Heavy pressingOriginal USA pressing Vinyl VG+/Sleeve VG+ 100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy...
            Disques Debs International: Vol. 1Various ArtistsStrut
            Strut present the first ever compilation series to access the archives of one of the greatest of all French Caribbean labels, Disques Debs out of Guadeloupe....
            • Daniel Forestal Et Sa Guitare – Ces P’Tits Je T’Aime
            • Casimir Létang – Travail Z’Enfants! Chantez Après!
            • Cyril Diaz Et Son Orchestre – Feeling Happy
            • Georges Tinedor Et Manuela Pioche – Collié Et Zanno
            • Henri Debs Quintet – Douce Kombass
            • Joseph Lacides – Mr. Morin
            • Geno Exilie – Lan Misè
            • Dolor Et Les Diables Du Rythme – Salvana
            • Sydney Lérémon Et Ses Amis Du Calvaire Baie- Mahault – You You Matayango
            • Raymond Cicault Et Son Orchestre Volcan – – À Mon Ami Lucien Jolibois
            • 1. Daniel Forestal Et Sa Guitare – Ces P’Tits Je T’Aime
            • 2. Casimir Létang – Travail Z’Enfants! Chantez Après!
            • 3. Cyril Diaz Et Son Orchestre – Feeling Happy
            • View full info and tracklisting
            Sibusile XabaOpen Letter To AdoniahMushroom Hour Half Hour
            A lynchpin in South Africa’s new generation of jazz musicians, KwaZulu-Natal-born guitarist and vocalist Sibusile Xaba has all the makings of an acoustic...
            • Sibusile Xaba – Open Letter To Adoniah
            • Sibusile Xaba – Wampona
            • Sibusile Xaba – Liyabukwa
            • Sibusile Xaba – Emazulwini
            • Sibusile Xaba – Sibongile: Tribute to the Mother (Reprise)
            • Sibusile Xaba – Inkululeko (Reprise)
            Lakou MizikWa Di YoCumbancha
            “Lakou Mizik, formed after the devastating Haitian earthquakes of 2010, is a genial cross-generational coalition along the lines of the Buena Vista Social...
            • Lakou Mizik – Poze
            • Lakou Mizik – Panama'm Tonbe
            • Lakou Mizik – Anba Siklòn
            • Lakou Mizik – Bade Zile
            • Lakou Mizik – Pran Ka Mwen