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    Aziz BalouchSufi Hispano-PakistaniDeath Is Not The End
    The brilliant Death Is Not The End label digs deep to pull out some raw Sufi-Flamenco recordings from 1962, by the late Aziz Balouch.
    • Aziz Balouch – Granadina Arabe Del Siglo IX
    • Aziz Balouch – Fandangos
    • Aziz Balouch – Seguiriya
    • Aziz Balouch – Serrana
    DNGDNGDNGContinentes PerdidosOn The Corner Records
    Tropical bass duo Dengue Dengue Dengue condense their operations to DNGDNGDNG on these four immediate club tracks for On The Corner!
      Voz Di SanicolauFundo De Marê PalinhaAnalog Africa
      **Limited 10" album pressing via Analog Africa!** In 1976, seven Cabo Verdean musicians going by the name Voz Di Sanicolau gathered in a small recording...
        • 10"£24.00
          180g 10" vinyl LP pressing in a gatefold sleeve. Limited edition
          Expected 17 JulPreorder
        Tadao Sawai & Kazue Sawai & Hozan Yamamoto & Sadanori NakamuJazz RockMr Bongo
        Mr Bongo reissue 'Jazz Rock', originally released on RCA in 1973, Jazz Rock marries Japanese Min’yō folk rhythms performed on shakuhachi – bamboo...
          Pacific Breeze 2: Japanese City Pop, AOR & Boogie 1972-1986Various ArtistsLight In The Attic
          BACK IN STOCK!!Light In The Attic dig deeper into the sounds of bubble-era Japan with their superb 'Pacific Breeze 2' compilation! From the proto-City...
          • Bread & Butter – Pink Shadow
          • Eiichi Ohtaki – Yubikiri
          • Kimiko Kasai – Vibration
          • The Mystery Kindaichi Band – Kindaichi Kosuke No Theme
          • Tetsuji Hayashi – Hidari Mune No Seiza
          • Anri – Last Summer Whisper
          • Kikuchi Momoko – Blind Curve (1984)
          • Tomoko Aran – I'm In Love
          • Yu Imai – Kindaichi Kosuke Nishi E Iku
          • The Sadistics – Tokyo Taste
          • Piper – Hot Sand
          • Junko Ohashi & Minoya Central Station – Rainy Saturday & Coffee Break
          • Eri Ohno – Skyfire
          • Yumi Murata – Kanpoo
          • Kyoko Furuya – Harumifutou
          • Yuji Toriyama – Bay/Sky Provincetown 1977
          • 2×LP Deluxe vinyl£39.99
            Housed in a deluxe wide spine jacket with full colour inner sleeves
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          • CD£15.99
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          KutimanWachagaSiyal Music
          Eagerly awaited album from the maverick Kutiman, based on field recordings he made in Tanzania of local musicians, then manipulated, layered and expanded...
            • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.99
              • Limited 180g 'splatter' vinyl - 300 units only
              • Gatefold sleeve
              Expected 17 JulPreorder
            The Mystery Kindaichi BandThe Adventures of Kohsuke KindaichiWewantsounds
            The highly sought-after Japanese 'imaginary' disco-funk soundtrack from 1977, featuring the cream of the Tokyo scene. Officially reissued for the first...
            • The Mystery Kindaichi Band – 金田一耕助のテーマ Kindaichi Kosuke No Theme
            • The Mystery Kindaichi Band – 八つ墓村 Yatsuhakamura
            • The Mystery Kindaichi Band – 仮面舞踏会 Kamen Butoukai
            • The Mystery Kindaichi Band – 本陣殺人事件 Honjin Satsujin Jiken
            • The Mystery Kindaichi Band – 獄門島 Gokumontou
            • The Mystery Kindaichi Band – 悪魔の手毬唄 Akuma No Temariuata
            • The Mystery Kindaichi Band – 迷路荘の惨劇 Meirosou No Sangeki
            • The Mystery Kindaichi Band – 悪魔が来りて笛を吹く Akuma Ga Kitarite Fue Wo Fuko
            • The Mystery Kindaichi Band – 三つ首塔 Mitsukubitou
            • The Mystery Kindaichi Band – 犬神家の一族 Inugamike No Ichizoku
            Bechan & Alex FigueiraMoerarie Morei AtjaraMusic With Soul
            'Moerarie Morei Atjara' is the new style of traditional “Hindoestan” (Indian diaspora in Surinam) music and Cumbia. Taking the music of underground...
            • Bechan & Alex Figueira – Moerarie Morei Atjara (Vocal)
            • Bechan & Alex Figueira – Moerarie Morei Atjara (Instrumental)
            Alex FigueiraPlatanito / GuacucoMusic With Soul
            'Platanito' is an uncompromised crossover between classic 70’s style funk, Ghanian / Nigerian Highlife and Angolan Semba. Backed with a the killer instrumental...
            • Alex Figueira – Platanito
            • Alex Figueira – Guacuco
            Conjunto Papa UpaLibre Para AmarNames You Can Trust
            This is the debut album from Conjunto Papa Upa, channeling influences from Suriname, Curacao, Cabo Verde, Portugal and Venezuela. This futuristic blend...
            • Conjunto Papa Upa – Bate Quebrao
            • Conjunto Papa Upa – Libre Para Amar
            • Conjunto Papa Upa – Los Envidiosos
            • Conjunto Papa Upa – El Secreto Del Metalero
            • Conjunto Papa Upa – El Chichero
            • Conjunto Papa Upa – Pa Choroni
            • Conjunto Papa Upa – La Arrugona
            Perú NegroSon De Los DiablosVampi Soul
            Afro-Peruvian music, also known as "musica criolla", finds its roots in West African music, Spanish and European genres and native musical traditions from...
              Erick CosaqueChinal Ka 1973-1995Heavenly Sweetness
              First anthology dedicated to one of the most important figures in Guadeloupean music! Erick Cosaque is a singer-percussionist and leading figure of Gwo...
              • Erick Cosaque – Guadeloupe Ile De Mes Amour
              • Erick Cosaque – Joue Zizipan
              • Erick Cosaque – Decere Nou De Maye
              • Erick Cosaque – Kominike
              • Erick Cosaque – Lheureux Noir
              • Erick Cosaque – Jean Line La Clere
              • Erick Cosaque – Donatien
              • Erick Cosaque – Lundi Bon Matin
              • Erick Cosaque – De Ti Mo Pawol Cweol
              • Erick Cosaque – De Chate Cole
              • Erick Cosaque – Roger A Di Wha Wha
              • Erick Cosaque – Embawgo
              • Erick Cosaque – Jan Pol Rabal Koto
              • Erick Cosaque – A Koz Don Biye
              • Erick Cosaque – Zombie Dance
              • Erick Cosaque – Wolemin Oupwi
              • 2×LP£24.99
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              • CD£14.99
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              Colleen Grant / Sandra HamiltonLatin Parang / Parang JamSoundway
              Soundway reissue two rare, Parang dancefloor cuts from early 1980s Trinidad & Tobago!
              • Colleen Grant – Latin Parang
              • Sandra Hamilton – Parang Jam
              Pour Me A Grog: The Funána Revolt in 1990s Cabo VerdeVarious ArtistsOstinato Records
              A collection of frenetic 'funána' tracks from the 90s, composed and performed from artists dwelling on the Atlantic islands of Cabo Verde.
              • Ferro Gaita – Rei Di Tabanka
              • Etalvino Preta – Mulato Ferrera
              • Tchota Suari – Nha Boi
              • Avelino Pantera – Nha Lutcha
              • Peps Love – Pom Um Grogu
              • Bitori – Mô Na Máma
              • Orlando Pantera – Rabidanti
              • Fefé Di Calbicera – Tra Tchapêu
              Danyel WaroBwarouzBuda Musique
              Buda Musique deliver the first vinyl release for Maloya music royalty, Danyel Waro's seminal album 'Bwarouz'. Originally released in 2001 and previously...
                Saigon Soul RevivalHọa Âm XưaSaigon Supersound
                Ho Chi Minh City based band, Saigon Soul Revival has been bringing alternative pre 1975 music from Saigon back to the stage since 2016 with their live...
                • Saigon Soul Revival – Đi Xa Đời Nhau
                • Saigon Soul Revival – Hào Hoa feat. Blacka
                • Saigon Soul Revival – Nhân Gian Tình
                • Saigon Soul Revival – Vỡ Mộng ân Tình Nguyễn feat. Thị Hải Phượng
                • Saigon Soul Revival – Tình Nhạc Sỹ
                • Saigon Soul Revival – Sầu Đông
                • Saigon Soul Revival – Giây Phút Cuối Tuần feat. Mai Lệ Huyền
                • Saigon Soul Revival – Nào Ta Cùng Hát
                • Saigon Soul Revival – Bài Ca Ngông
                • Saigon Soul Revival – Chuồn Chuồn Xanh (Hòa tấu) feat. Nguyễn Thị Hải Phượng
                • Saigon Soul Revival – Chốn Tình Xưa
                Zap MamaZap MamaCramm
                Originally released on Crammed in 1991, Zap Mama's acapella debut album has become a classic, and influenced hosts of vocalists and musicians around the...
                • Zap Mama – Mupepe
                • Zap Mama – Ndje Mukanie
                • Zap Mama – Abadou
                • Zap Mama – Marie-Josee
                • Zap Mama – Etupe
                • Zap Mama – Nabombeli Yo
                • Zap Mama – Take Me Coco
                • Zap Mama – Son Cubano
                • Zap Mama – Guzophela
                • Zap Mama – Plekete
                • Zap Mama – Bottom
                • Zap Mama – I Ne Suhe
                • Zap Mama – Mizike
                • Zap Mama – Babanzele
                • Zap Mama – Din Din
                AmamiGiantBongo Joe
                Swiss troupe, Amami, drop a wicked blend of dancehall and driving Afrobeat vibes - killer, party-starting release via Bongo Joe!
                • Amami – Far East
                • Amami – Ivory
                • Amami – Fast
                • Amami – Super Shaggy
                • Amami – Giant
                Yukihiro TakahashiSaravah!Wewantsounds
                Yukihiro Takahashi's sophisticated city funk classic released in 1978 when he had just joined YMO. Co-produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto and featuring Haruomi...
                • Yukihiro Takahashi – Saravah!
                BèlènouEmosyon Tambou-ABeauMonde Records
                Reissue of an obscure Martinique release that fuses western jazz traditions with the ancestral folk music of Bélé from the Lesser Antilles islands of...
                • Bèlènou – Emosyon Tanbou-A
                • Bèlènou – Bélya Pou Péyi-A
                • Bèlènou – Tout Pèp La Sanblé
                • Bèlènou – Sové Tè-A
                • Bèlènou – Wi Nou Ké Rivé
                • Bèlènou – Ni Dé Jou
                • Bèlènou – Démokrasi
                • Bèlènou – Dansé Ting-Bang
                Cap'tain CreoleNi Bel JouninBeauMonde Records
                Reissue of this 1985 release that was originally released on a now very rare 7" on CAP records. This release from creole-speaking, French reggae band,...
                • Cap'tain Creole – Fre Moin
                • Cap'tain Creole – Ni Bel Jounin
                Atomic ForestDisco RoarNow-Again Records
                Reissued third album by India's best known psychedelic-rock ensemble, in its entirety. The companion piece Now-Again's 'Atomic Forest' anthology, 'Obsession'....
                • Atomic Forest – 2001 Space Odyssey
                • Atomic Forest – Life Is Anew
                • Atomic Forest – Proud Mary
                • Atomic Forest – Devil Woman
                • Atomic Forest – You Are On My Mind
                • Atomic Forest – Thank You Lord
                • Atomic Forest – Smack Water Jack
                • Atomic Forest – Spectrum
                • Atomic Forest – I Wish
                • Atomic Forest – Rock-N-Roll
                • Atomic Forest – Disco Queen
                • Atomic Forest – Night In White Satin
                • Atomic Forest – Another Star
                Alefa Madagascar: Salegy, Soukous & Soul From The Red Island 1974-1984Various ArtistsStrut
                Strut continues its essential compilation series of Indian Ocean sounds with ‘Alefa Madagascar’, the first compilation to document the unique culture...
                • Jean Kely et Basth – Andosy Mora
                • Soymanga – Moramora Zoky
                • Roger Georges – Mama
                • Ny Anjarasoa – Mahonena
                • Charles Maurin Poty – Amboliako Fary
                • Mahaleo – Izahay Mpamita
                • Papa James – Ngoma Hoe
                • Los Pepitos et Leur Ensemble – BB Gasy
                • Jeanot Rabeson et Son Orchestre – Jazz Sega
                • Feon'Ala – Farahy
                • Terak' Anosy Group – Soaliza
                • Saka Dit The King – Ody Ody (Tsy Mentsy Mandroso)
                • Michael – Razana Tsy Ho Meloko
                • Falafa – Rapela
                • Los Matadores – Andeha Hanarato
                • Nino Rafah – Oa Niny E
                • Kaiamba Orchestra – Tokatoka
                • Atrefy Andriana – Zaka Tiako Mamolaka Keriko
                Edgar ValcárcelComposiciones Electrónicas para los Andes (1967-2006)Buh
                Edgar Valcárcel is responsible for introducing locally the new languages of the international musical avant-garde, in a meeting with the legacies of Peruvian...
                  Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El ClavoLoé Loá - Rural Recordings Under The Mango TreeOlindo Records
                  Landmark album in Afro-Venezuelan music available on vinyl for the first time! Originally released in 2017 on CD; most of the music on the album is in...
                  • Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El Clavo – Oh, Santa Rosa
                  • Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El Clavo – Pueblo De Fiesta
                  • Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El Clavo – No La Peles, Papá
                  Grupo PilonLeite Quente Funaná De Cabo VerdeOstinato Records
                  Following on from the essential 'Synthesize the Soul', Grupo Pilon represents the second chapter of the Krioulu diaspora story. In smaller pockets, second...
                  • Grupo Pilon – Longi Di Bo
                  • Grupo Pilon – Rabes
                  • Grupo Pilon – Txada Liton
                  • Grupo Pilon – S'ta Contente
                  • Grupo Pilon – Kanto Nstaba Nobu
                  • Grupo Pilon – Libertadi
                  PixvaeCaliBongo Joe
                  Musical hybrid, rooted in multiple territories, Pixvae was formed the intention to confront the traditional musics from the Pacific coast of Colombia,...
                  • Pixvae – Mi Sombrerito
                  • Pixvae – Veni Adorar
                  • Pixvae – La Balsada
                  • Pixvae – la Cancion Del Camino
                  • Pixvae – Canto de Lejos
                  • Pixvae – El Currulao Que Me Llama
                  • Pixvae – Ronca Canalete
                  Isaac SassonCantos Campesinos (inc. Hector Plimmer remix)Olindo Records
                  Third release in in Olindo Records 'Venezuelan' series of 45s. Featuring two original compositions by Caracas based multi-instrumentalist and composer,...
                  • Isaac Sasson – Paseo en un sueño
                  • Isaac Sasson – Canción para mi familia, Venezuela
                  • Isaac Sasson – Cantos Campesinos (Hector Plimmer Remix)
                  VariousMizik Solay Sa BonAtangana Records
                  Atangana Records presents its 4th releases, beginning a new collaboration with Henri Debs & Fils imprint. With this compilation EP, gathering rare and...
                  • Ti Celeste – Pa Dekouraje’w Toni
                  • Les Maxels – Bail Ti Bouin Z’Oizo
                  • Lewis Meliano – Oh Claudy My Love
                  • Daniel Dimba – C’est La Vie
                  Akiko YanoIroha Ni KonpeitouWewantsounds
                  Akiko Yano's cult second studio album from 1977, featuring some of the best musicians from Tokyo and New York! East-meets-west pop fusion!
                  • Akiko Yano – Kawaji
                  • Akiko Yano – Iroha Ni Konpeitou
                  • Akiko Yano – A Long Wait
                  • Akiko Yano – Hourou
                  • Akiko Yano – Ike Yanagida
                  • Akiko Yano – Hai Hai Gasa
                  • Akiko Yano – Potsun
                  • Akiko Yano – Kinou Wa Mou
                  • Akiko Yano – On The Way Home
                  • Akiko Yano – East Wind
                  • LP + Download Code£23.99
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                  • CD£12.99
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                  DIY Disco Molam: Rarities From The Khaen Sang LabelVarious ArtistsZudRangMa Records
                  A superb compilation of exceptional experimental Molam from Thailand by producer Soonthorn Chairatanachot, previously only released as a short run of 45’s...
                  • Maneerat Kaewsadet – Kieow Choo Pern
                  • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Lam Plearn Sadudee Maharacha
                  • Maneerat Kaewsadet – Toey Bump
                  • Patcharee Kaewsadet – Yaa Ti Kaa Laai
                  • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Bor Ti Kaa Laai
                  • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Toey Disco
                  • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Kor Bump
                  • Ratree Seewilai – Chern Bump
                  • Preeda Kaewsadet – Kiew Bao Kae
                  • Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Toey Taam Kaao
                  • 1. Maneerat Kaewsadet – Kieow Choo Pern
                  • 2. Soonthorn Chairungreuang – Lam Plearn Sadudee Maharacha
                  • 3. Maneerat Kaewsadet – Toey Bump
                  • View full info and tracklisting
                  Akira IshikawaBack To RhythmMr Bongo
                  Ultra-rare jazz-funk/fusion album from 1975 by Japanese drummer, Akira Ishikawa. Featuring percussion-heavy versions of ‘Let’s Start’, ‘Bongo Rock’...
                  • Akira Ishikawa – I've Got To Use My Imagination
                  • Akira Ishikawa – Bongo Rock
                  • Akira Ishikawa – Do It Til You're Satisfied
                  • Akira Ishikawa – Hey Jude
                  • Akira Ishikawa – El Condor Pasa
                  • Akira Ishikawa – Pick Up The Pieces
                  • Akira Ishikawa – Love Is The Answer
                  • Akira Ishikawa – I Shot The Sheriff
                  • Akira Ishikawa – Let's Start
                  • Akira Ishikawa – Boogie On Raggae Woman
                  Akiko YanoJapanese GirlWewantsounds
                  Wewantsounds continue their ambitious Akiko Yano reissue program with the release of 'Japanese Girl', her landmark debut album from 1976. Backed by Little...
                  • Akiko Yano – Kikyu Ni Notte
                  • Akiko Yano – Kuma
                  • Akiko Yano – Denwasen
                  • Akiko Yano – Tsugaru Tour
                  • Akiko Yano – Funamachi-uta Part 2
                  • Akiko Yano – Ooinaru Shiino-ki
                  • Akiko Yano – Herikoputaa
                  • Akiko Yano – Futa
                  • Akiko Yano – Oka Wo Koete
                  • Akiko Yano – Funamachi-uta Part 1
                  ColaderaLa Dôtu LadoAgogo
                  Coladera releases its second album, presenting the various styles of lusophone music. Led by Brazilian guitarist Vitor Santana and João Pires, who also...
                  • Coladera – La Dôtu Lado
                  • Coladera – A Luz de Yayá
                  • Coladera – Primer Letra
                  • Coladera – Mandinga
                  • Coladera – Mantafro
                  • Coladera – Algum Lugar em Nós
                  • Coladera – Funaná do Moreré
                  • Coladera – Céu Azulino
                  • Coladera – Orixá
                  • Coladera – Deserto do Sal
                  • Coladera – Gira
                  ON: The Sound Of ON Records 1987-1989Various ArtistsEgoli Records
                  **3xLP compilation limited to 300 copies!** A KILLER compilation of tracks from The ON label which was active in South Africa between 1987-1992, an era...
                  • The Bees – Mjondolo (Bus House)
                  • The Bees – She's A Witch (Tikoloshi)
                  • Little Big Man – Don't Do It
                  • Little Big Man – Leribe
                  • Mafika – Roadblock
                  • Mafika – Roadblock (Taxi Mix)
                  • Mafika – Sbarara
                  • Mafika – Lalavuka
                  • Whoosha – Mosquito
                  • Whoosha – Nopaka
                  • Pamela Nkutha – Gambling
                  • Pamela Nkutha – Ano Tambura (Suffering)
                  Venezuela 70Cosmic Visions of A Latin American Earth: Venezuelan Experimental Rock In The 1970s and Beyond VOLUME TWOSoul Jazz Records
                  This is the second collection of music from Venezuela in the 1970s and beyond to be released on Soul Jazz Records. The album once again features innovative...
                  • Vytas Brenner – Agua Clara
                  • Daniel Grau – Dejando Volar El Pensamiento
                  • Un Dos Tres Y Fuera – Relafica Negra En Tiempo De Siembra
                  • Orchestra Julian – Do It With Class
                  • Vytas Brenner – Gavilan
                  • Fernando Yvosky – Estoy Viviendo
                  • Daniel Grau – Delirio En Fa Menor
                  • Vytas Brenner – Mandingo
                  • Un Dos Tres Y Fuera – Machu Picchu Dos (El Niño Anciano)
                  • Vytas Brenner – La Sabana
                  • Johnny Lamas – Noches En Caracas
                  • Aldemaro Romero Y Su Onda Nuevo – Moilendo Cafe
                  • Vytas Brenner – Morrocoy
                  • Daniel Grau – Voy Caminando Feliz
                  • Grupo Bota – Solos
                  • Vytas Brenner – Tragavenado
                  • La Cuarta Calle – Camino A Casa (On My Way Home)
                  • Aldemaro Romero Y Su Onda Nuevo – Una Por Una
                  • 1. Vytas Brenner – Agua Clara
                  • 2. Daniel Grau – Dejando Volar El Pensamiento
                  • 3. Un Dos Tres Y Fuera – Relafica Negra En Tiempo De Siembra
                  • View full info and tracklisting
                  Louis XavierLadjaRebirth On Wax
                  Louis Xavier is a complete artist, sincere and talented. He is at the same time: bassist, guitarist - bassist, author - composer, arranger, conductor,...
                  • Louis Xavier – Delito
                  • Louis Xavier – Trois Ilets
                  • Louis Xavier – Hélix
                  • Louis Xavier – Steps
                  • Louis Xavier – Miss Bee
                  • Louis Xavier – Migan
                  Manford BestI've Been Loving YouPMG
                  Wicked PMG re-issue of Manford Best's Nigerian disco LP 'I've Been Loving You' produced by Jake Sollo.
                  • Manford Best – I've Been Loving You
                  • Manford Best – Lets Spend The Night Together
                  • Manford Best – Turn The Lights Out
                  • Manford Best – I Feel Like Dancing
                  • LP£22.99
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                  • CD£14.99
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                  Disques Debs International: Vol. 1Various ArtistsStrut
                  Strut present the first ever compilation series to access the archives of one of the greatest of all French Caribbean labels, Disques Debs out of Guadeloupe....
                  • Daniel Forestal Et Sa Guitare – Ces P’Tits Je T’Aime
                  • Casimir Létang – Travail Z’Enfants! Chantez Après!
                  • Cyril Diaz Et Son Orchestre – Feeling Happy
                  • Georges Tinedor Et Manuela Pioche – Collié Et Zanno
                  • Henri Debs Quintet – Douce Kombass
                  • Joseph Lacides – Mr. Morin
                  • Geno Exilie – Lan Misè
                  • Dolor Et Les Diables Du Rythme – Salvana
                  • Sydney Lérémon Et Ses Amis Du Calvaire Baie- Mahault – You You Matayango
                  • Raymond Cicault Et Son Orchestre Volcan – – À Mon Ami Lucien Jolibois
                  • 1. Daniel Forestal Et Sa Guitare – Ces P’Tits Je T’Aime
                  • 2. Casimir Létang – Travail Z’Enfants! Chantez Après!
                  • 3. Cyril Diaz Et Son Orchestre – Feeling Happy
                  • View full info and tracklisting
                  Sibusile XabaOpen Letter To AdoniahMushroom Hour Half Hour
                  A lynchpin in South Africa’s new generation of jazz musicians, KwaZulu-Natal-born guitarist and vocalist Sibusile Xaba has all the makings of an acoustic...
                  • Sibusile Xaba – Open Letter To Adoniah
                  • Sibusile Xaba – Wampona
                  • Sibusile Xaba – Liyabukwa
                  • Sibusile Xaba – Emazulwini
                  • Sibusile Xaba – Sibongile: Tribute to the Mother (Reprise)
                  • Sibusile Xaba – Inkululeko (Reprise)
                  Zanmari BaréVounBuda Musique
                  Widely revered in his homeland of Réunion in the Indian Ocean but little known beyond its borders, Zanmari Baré is at the forefront of the renaissance...
                  • Zanmari Baré – Déor in Paradi
                  • Zanmari Baré – Monmon bib
                  • Zanmari Baré – In sor
                  • Zanmari Baré – Mwin Gaby
                  Edmony KraterAn Ka SonjeHeavenly Sweetness
                  Heavenly Sweetness continue their collaboration with Guadeloupean musician, Edmony Krater with the album 'An Ka Sonje', his first in 30 years.
                  • Edmony Krater – Nou Kontan
                  • Edmony Krater – Jouwe Tanbou
                  • Edmony Krater – A Pa Jodi
                  • Edmony Krater – Mi Yo Rive
                  • Edmony Krater – An Ba Jouk
                  • Edmony Krater – Lage
                  • Edmony Krater – Ti Jan Ka
                  • Edmony Krater – Donga Ave Se Neg Mawon
                  • Edmony Krater – An Ka Sonje
                  • LP£16.99
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                  • CD£12.99
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                  Maya DerenVoices Of HaitiFantôme Phonographique
                  Maya Deren (1917-1961) was a Russian-American filmmaker and one of the most important voices in avant-garde cinema of the mid-20th century. When she decided,...
                    10 Years Of Transcendent Music (2007-2017)Various ArtistsHeavenly Sweetness
                    Heavenly Sweetness celebrate a decade in the business by delivering a superb compilation of featuring some of their best releases!
                      • 2×LP£19.99
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                      • 2×CD£15.99
                        Out of stock
                      Mo KoloursAxum EP22a
                      New Mo Kolours - Limited to 300 copies - Exclusive to Sounds Of The Universe!!!!Following the success of his recent 'Meroe' EP on the prolific 22a, Mo...
                      • Mo Kolours – High Spirits (Reprise)
                      • Mo Kolours – Purim
                      • Mo Kolours – Axum
                      • Mo Kolours – Kick Pattern
                      Venezuela 70 : Cosmic Visions Of A Latin American EarthVenezuelan Experimental Rock In The 1970sSoul Jazz Records
                      Soul Jazz Records’ new Venezuela 70 is the first-ever album of its kind to take a look at the groundbreaking experimental rock music made in Venezuela...
                      • Vytas Brenner – Araguaney
                      • Pablo Schneider – Amor En Llamas
                      • Un Dos Tres y Fuera – Machu Picchu
                      • Miguel Angel Fuster – Polvo Lunar
                      • Angel Rada – Basheeba
                      • Fernando Yvosky – Barcos De Papel
                      • Un Dos Tres y Fuera – Son De Tambor y San Juan
                      • Vytas Brenner – Bang-Going-Gone
                      • Aldemaro Romero y Su Onda Nueva – Irene
                      • Miguel Angel Fuster – Dame De Comer
                      • Un Dos Tres y Fuera – San Juan, Tambor y Fuera
                      • Ofrenda Vytas Brenner – Caracas Para Locos
                      • Grupo C.I.M. – Joropo No. 1
                      • Angel Rada – Panico a Las 5am
                      • Apocalipsis – Ayudame a Encontrar Mi Camino
                      • Miguel Angel Fuster – La Quema De Judas
                      Vodou Drums in Haiti 2: The Living Gods Of Haiti21st Century Ritual Drums & Spirit PossessionSoul Jazz Records
                      Soul Jazz Records’ new album features the truly intense, hypnotic and fascinating Vodou drums of Haiti, a stunning collection of trance-like rhythms...
                      • – Bolero
                      • – Adaptation
                      • – Kod Kout
                      • – Pastorelle
                      • – Ti Mole
                      • – Doki
                      • – Rara
                      • – Mazoune
                      • – Tichampet
                      • – Chay-O-Pye
                      • – Kokoplim
                      • – Raboday
                      • – Indien
                      • – Ti Jocelin
                      • – Kalipso
                      • – Banda
                      Oluko ImoPraise-JahInvisible City Editions
                      Invisible City Editions officially reissue the sublime extended 12” version of 'Praise Jah', this eccentric island-disco rarity from '1979, distinct...
                      • Oluko Imo – Praise-Jah
                      • Oluko Imo – Praise-Jah (Version)
                      HejiraThe Lima Limo CeremonyLima Limo
                      Following a lineage from Matthew Herbert's Accidental label (where the band released their album debut of 2013) through to a single release on...
                      • Hejira – Welcome
                      • Hejira – I Don't Belong To Anyone
                      • Hejira – Fresh
                      • Hejira – No Matter
                      Soul Sok Sega Sega Sounds From Mauritius 1973-1979Various ArtistsStrut
                      Strut focus in on the séga sound of Mauritius, the “blues of the Indian Ocean", with a comprehensive look at this utterly unique dance music sounds of...
                      • Ti L'Afrique – Soul Sok Sega
                      • Jean-Claude – Mademoiselle
                      • Georgie Joe – Eliza
                      • John Kenneth Nelson – Manuel Bitor
                      • Marie Josee & Roger Clency – La Vie En Badinage
                      • Claudio – Bonom Chinois
                      • Les Stardust – Sega Lenoir
                      • Coulouce – L'Amour Artificiel (Soul Sega)
                      • Claudio – Bhai Aboo
                      • Christophe – Mo Parrain
                      • Cyril Labonne – Pop Soul Sega
                      • Harold Berty – Mone Lasser Dire Toi
                      • Michel Legris – Elida
                      • Catherine Velienne – Mo Mari Fini Alle
                      • Jean-Claude – Sega Souval
                      • John Kenneth Nelson – Z'Enfant Misere
                      • Georges Jean Louis – Afro Mauricien
                      • Yoyo – Coco Mamzelle
                      • Christian Tosse – Madame Zean