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    CholombianosBy Amanda WatkinsTrilce Ediciones
    WICKED LARGE FORMAT USA PHOTO BOOK OVER 50% OFF PRICE!!!!!More than 150 photos on the urban subculture born out of the rich 'sonidero' tradition in Monterrey:...
    • Book (1.3kg)£22.95 £10.00
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    Cumbia!Scenes of a Migrant Latin American Music GenreDuke University Press
    60% OFF ORIGINAL PRICE!!! LOVELY USA IMPORT PAPERBACK BOOK! CHEAPER THAN AMAZON!! Cumbia is a musical form that originated in northern Colombia and then...
    • Book (500g)£20.99 £7.99
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    Sounds and ColoursArgentinaSounds and Colours
    An alternative guide to Argentine culture full of essays on activist art, marginalised movements and underground music, as well as unexpected stories about...
    Sounds and ColoursPeruSounds and Colours
    Book, CD and DVD taking a look at contemporary Peruvian culture, and the musical, cultural and folkloric icons that continue to have a big impact on country’s...
    • Book (500g)£10.00
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    Buena Vista In The ClubRap, Reggaeton, and Revolution in HavanaDuke University Press
    In Buena Vista in the Club, Geoffrey Baker traces the trajectory of the Havana hip hop scene from the late 1980s to the present and analyzes its partial...
    • Book (600g)£18.99 £6.99
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    Asian Britain: A Photographic HistorySusheila NastaWestbourne Press
    South Asians have lived in Britain for centuries. From the first trade conducted between the two nations along the Silk Route to the adoption of Chicken...
    • Book (1.3kg)£19.99
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    HavanaAutobiography of a CityPalgrave
    Alfredo José Estrada's intimate ties to Havana form the basis for this "autobiography," written as though from the city's own heart. Covering the...
    • Book (350g)£17.99 £13.99
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    Insurgent CubaRace, Nation, and Revolution, 1868-1898Chapel Hill
    £10 OFF RRP In the late nineteenth century, in an age of ascendant racism and imperial expansion, there emerged in Cuba a movement that unified...
    Don Andres and PaquitaThe Life of Segovia in MontevideoAmadeus Press
    50% OFF THIS GLORIOUS USA NEW HARDBACK . THAT's £15 OFF!! £25 ON AMAZON!! This heartbreaking tale uncovers a mystery in the life of one of the most...
    Ethnicity And Identity In Contemporary Afro-Venezuelan LiteratureA Culturalist ApproachUniversity Of Missouri Press
    In this study Marvin A. Lewis examines, from a literary perspective, two central issues of Venezuelan culture - ethnicity and racial identify. By analyzing...
    • Book (500g)£14.99
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    Mondo ExoticaSounds, Visions, Obsessions of the Cocktail Generation Duke University Press
    Tiki torches, cocktails, la dolce vita, and the music that popularized them - "Mondo Exotica" offers a behind-the-scenes look at the sounds and obsessions...
    • Book (600g)£8.99
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    Crafting Civilian Control of the Military in VenezuelaA Comparative PerspectiveUniversity of North Carolina Press
    Unlike most other emerging South American democracies, Venezuela has not succumbed to a successful military coup d'etat during four decades of democratic...
    • Book (500g)£9.99
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    Che: A Graphic BiographyBy Spain Rodriguez Verso
    A graphic biography of the most iconic revolutionary figure of the twentieth century. Since his death in 1967, Ernesto “Che” Guevara has become...
    • Book (450g)£8.00
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    Carriacou String Band SerenadePerforming Identity In The Eastern CaribbeanWesleyan University Press
    Every year, on a weekend before Christmas, the small Caribbean island of Carriacou, Grenada, holds its annual Parang Festival, featuring concerts, performances...
    IntonationsA Social History Of Music And Nation In AngolaOhio University Press
    Intonations tells the story of how Angola's urban residents in the late colonial period (roughly 1945-74) used music to talk back to their colonial oppressors...
    • Book (450g)£29.50
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    Black Rhythms Of PeruReviving African Musical Heritage In The Black PacificWesleyan University Press
    In the late 1950s to 1970s, an Afro-Peruvian revival brought the forgotten music and dances of Peru's African musical heritage to Lima's theatrical stages....
    • Book (500g)£22.99
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    Caribbean CurrentsFrom Rumba To ReggaeTemple University Press
    "Caribbean Currents" presents an engaging panorama of the rich and diverse musics of the Caribbean region. This expanded and updated edition of the award-winning...
    • Book (450g)£22.99
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    Music In The Hispanic CaribbeanExperiencing Music, Expressing CultureOxford University Press
    The Spanish-speaking islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic make up a relatively small region, but their musical and cultural traditions...
    • Book (350g)£24.95
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    Awakening SpacesFrench Caribbean Popular Songs, Music & CultureUniversity of Chicago Press
    The fast-paced zouk of Kassav', the romantic biguine of Malavoi, the jazz of Fal Frett, the ballads of Mona, and reggae of Kali and Poglo are all part...
    • Book (450g)£23.99
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    Music, Race and NationMusica Tropical In Colombia By Peter WadeUniversity of Chicago Press
    Long a favourite on dance floors in Latin America, the "porro", "cumbia" and "vallenato" styles that make up Colombia's "musica tropical" are now enjoying...
    Cassette CulturePopular Music And Technology In North IndiaUniversity of Chicago Press
    In Cassette Culture, Peter Manuel tells how a new mass medium--the portable cassette player--caused a major upheaval in popular culture in the world's...
    • Book (550g)£19.95
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