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    Millsart, aka Jeff Mills, revives the 'Every Dog Has Its Day' series with the fifth volume focusing on the darker, ambient side to his production, employing elements of jazz, Afro and classic Detroit schooling. Stunning.
    Phase Group (helmed by Mr TC and Lo Kindre) are on a roll with their WICKED second release! Cold, slow, moody, EBM and tribal/industrial techno vibes from Serbian talent, Andria - essential!
    Sought-after, bass-heavy techno from visionary Richard H Kirk aka Sandoz! Originally released on his own Intone label in 1992 and now getting the necessary reissue treatment via Music From Memory offshoot, Second Circle!
    Dublin's Minos makes his debut on DBA with a mini-album/EP covering the techno and electro diaspora; backed with a remix by Detroit legend, Claude Young!
    **Repress!** Deep techno vibes from Underground Resistance's Timeline. Smudged jazzy tones with that snappy UR funk!
    The great, peerless Andrew Weatherall bows out with one of his final productions (alongside co-producer Nina Walsh); exploring even further, for the last time, a realm of music quite synonymous with his name: dub. Crushing, dark and weighty dread... A legend, a gentleman and a dear friend to us - you will be missed, sir!
    Featuring 26 unreleased and exclusive tracks from underground talent including Anthony Child (Surgeon), Ron Morelli, Laurel Halo, Octo Octa, Phase Fatale, Function, as well as Rrose and Silent Servant and legends Laetitia Sonami and Charlemagne Palestine.
    • 2×LP£27.99
      N.B. vinyl tracklisting:

      A1 Rrose and James Fei – For Bass Clarinet 8.97 (Rrose Version)
      A2 Ron Morelli – Psychic Harms of Economic Deprivation
      A3 Laurel Halo – Dies Ist Ein
      B1 Anthony Child – Forced Compliance Behavior, Decision-Making And Effort
      B2 Not Waving – Human Disfunction
      B3 Charlemagne Palestine – drruuhhnnn innn duhh mooooohhnnn
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    • 2×CD£10.99
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    Killer bass-heavy techno from the mighty Happa! Crazy, mutated 2-step vibes mixed up with some really out-there sound design. Outrageously good addition to the faultless Whities catalogue.
    • 12"£9.99
      Limited copies available - one per customer!
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    Melodies International reissue Synchrojack's mid 90's techno slammer "Daylight". Flip over for the dramatic sci-fi vibe of "900th Lifetime", reminiscent of some of the best Detroit techno of the time.
    • 12"£11.99
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    Knekelhuis focus on the more obscure end of the late 80s / early 90s european techno scene by releasing this four track 12" with music from the likes of ADSR, Cacophony '33', Drome and Zen Paradox - techno, ambient techno and classic trance sounds.
    Crushing remix pack for Ron Morelli's 'Laugh Taker' track, which originally appreared on his Hospital Productions album, 'Disappearer'. Mick Harris (Scorn, Napalm Death), Parrish Smith and Overlook all contributing the punishing remixes!
    CP/BW is a collaboration between Corporate Park and Beau Wanzer, collecting material recorded over the past 3 years. It's a slimy meld of varied influences processed by rough hardware arrangements, showcasing the duo's unique brand of US, electronic madness.
    • LP£10.99
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    Mid tempo, 80s industrial/New Beat style techno from the German producer. Another crucial release from the ever-reliable Neubau label!
    Following on from that massive collaboration 'Bromley' with Joy O, Overmono release a limited 12" of his own remixes of Thom Yorke's 'Not The News' via his own Poly Kicks label. A rousing, psychedelic techno trip!
    • 12"£9.99
      Limited 12" one per customer!
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    Detroit electro/bass legends Aux 88 are back with a new album! 'Counterparts' is the culmination of all original 4 members returning for a new flight from "the Aux quadrant to invade the world". Features electro/techno funk from Detroit heroes Blak Tony, K-1, Posatronix and Tom Tom.
    **Repress of this essential UR release from 1993!** Marauding, dark Detroit techno CLASSIC from the one and only James Pennington aka The Suburban Knight, featuring the anthemic title cut!
    Karenn's Voam label welcomes Peder Mannerfelt to the fold! Next level techno business - amazing production and sound design - so good!
    ‘55 Year Old Daughter’: an uncompromising statement of intent. Only now has this (essential) extended mix - a simultaneously deconstructed avant-noise and devastating DJ weapon become available. Get your copy of this super limited edition etched white label 12"!
    Repress of this 2009 classic from DJ John Collins, hitting that sweet spot between discotechno and hi-tech funk!
    Kalahari Oyster Cult reissue some timeless music from Belgian duo, Brain Pilot. Futuristic techno, timeless melodies and beat patterns influenced by the 'IDM' tradition. Think classic B12 / Stasis with the crunch of Tri Rep era Autechre!
    Bass-heavy, rude boy techno moves from Xantrax backed with an exclusive fix from the one and only Addison Groove!
    The massively talented Stellar Om Source is back on Dekmantel, bringing some of her fresh, frenetic and wild techno styles. Ace!
    Forest Drive West follows up on that KILLER release for Whities with an EP of heavy dub techno dread, release via cult label, Echocord!
    • 12" EP£12.99
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    KILLER release from UK techno stalwart, Russ Gabriel, whose brittle, electro rhythms are reshaped and remodelled by Future Beat Alliance into slow, heartbreaking, electronic fantasy music!
    • 12"£10.99
      Limited black and white marbled vinyl edition
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    Flørist spices up the the production game with these reinforced, double-jointed techno wares for the the ever inimitable The Trilogy Tapes!
    • 12"£12.99
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    Reissue of the early 00s, hi-tech funk classic 'Inspiration / Transition' from Detroit's legendary techno crew, Underground Resistance!
    • 12"£12.99
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    Shanti Celeste drops her album debut via her own Peach Discs label. Killer mix of steely techno and electro vibes interspersed with spacey, ambient interludes. So good!
    Heavyweight vinyl edition of Mills' continuing 'Director's Cut' series featuring previously unreleased tracks and remixes of productions from the Detroit techno legend. This volume features his most famous track, 'The Bells', in original form along with the orchestrated 'Blue Potential Version'.
    • 12" 180gm£11.99
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    Reissue of rare, UK ambient techno from ’93-‘94, originally released on London-based label, Metatone. A must-have release for the fans of early B12, AFX, The Black Dog, Kirk Degiorgio, et al!
    • 2×LP£22.99
      inc. insert
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    I-F collaborator (as the legendary The Parallax Corporation) Intergalactic Gary drops his first solo release in a while! A unique amalgam of new-wave, industrial, disco-noir and primitive techno touches!
    Japanese DJ/producer compiles a superb, classic and experimental techno album; a showcase of some of his all time favourites. Features gems from the likes of Dan Curtin, Laurent Garnier, Drax Ltd. II, Pan Sonic, Burial (!) and more!
    • 2×LP£20.99
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    NYC's Levon Vincent returns with an album of accessible house and techno tunes via his own Novel Sound imprint.
    • 2×LP£28.99
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    CLASSIC old school techno/hardcore vibes from Dutch techno legend, Orlando Voorn aka The Nighttripper! Originally released in 1991 on a sought-after ESP Records release.
    DBH Music presents another bullet from Orlando Voorn's back catalogue, this time via his FREQUENCY guise. A groundbreaking rave/techno monster from back in 92!
    Beau Wanzer returns with an EP of rough, lo-fi, basment-style club traxx for Brew!
    • 12"£8.99
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    Sandwell District mainstay Function collects 17 tracks produced between 2016 and 2019. Less cold and industrial, 'Existenz' is more "expansive and celebratory" and features the legendary Robert Owens on a couple of the tunes.
    Oddball, industrial acid house / techno experiments from 1990 by Steffe Lewry of cult, UK art and performers collective, Mutoid Waste Company!
    The fifth studio album by Shed has the artist experimental with drone and ambient tropes, finding more introspective space between the synonymous ear-bashing you get from a typical Ostgut Ton release. Ace!
    Damn - this is hot! Joy O and Overmono collude on this MONSTER release via XL. Floor and woofer-wrecking techno, 'Bromley' backed with the blissed out trip 'Still Moving' on the flip. HUGE!
    • 12"£11.99
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    Galcher Lustwerk’s Ghostly International debut is a "clandestine rendezvous of half-dreamt nightlifes and smudged club dossiers." Deep, psychedelic techno traxx from the man behind the cult White Material label!
    • LP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code£17.99
      Limited coloured vinyl edition
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    Marco Passarani channels some rousing kosmiche vibes in this superb, melodic techno release under his F.F.O.M. guise. Stunning!
    Reissue of UR's essential 'World 2 World' EP from 1992, featuring the euphoric Detroit techno classics 'Jupiter Jazz' and 'Amazon'!
    • 12"£13.99
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    Stroboscopic Artefacts releases ‘X – Ten Years Of Artefacts’, a 13-track album curated by label head Lucy featuring genre-defining tracks from Rrose, Lotus Eater, Lucy, James Ruskin, Shifted, Alessandro Adriani and more.
    Whities label mates, Giant Swan, crossover with their big club, festival-friendly techno vibe! Their self-titled album debut from Bristol-based duo fuses industrial, distorted-guitar and vocal manipulation into a beast snarling with punk attitude that's part Blawan and Randomer meets the best bits of Underworld and The Prodigy! ESSENTIAL release!
    Joy O is back with an EP/mini-LP of experimental club/4D techno tracks for his and Will Bankhead's peerless Hinge Finger label! ESSENTIAL!
    • 12" EP£12.99
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    Repress of this MONSTER, sought-after, hi-tech jazz bumper from Underground Resistance affiliates, Timeline!
    • 12"£13.99
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    Photonz taps deep into the Egyptological tradition with a debut album of contemporary EBM and proto-techno traxx for Dark Entries!
    From the Chicago underground (running with the likes of Traxx and Jamal Moss as Dirty Criminals) emerges cult figure DeeCoy for the prolific and essential LIES imprint. Four tracks of killer, raw techno, Chi-town style!
    Much sought after Peel Session recorded shortly after LFO had released their first single on Warp and featuring otherwise unheard tracks.
    4 Hero's Mark Mac returns under his Nu Era guise, with a new album of expertly crafted, soulful techno cuts. Much in the style of the 'Beyond Gravity' debut back in '94, this material is deep and soulful and continues to tick all the boxes - ace!