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    Scan 7Believe EPTransmat
    Underground Resistance affiliates, Scan 7, return via Derrick May's cult Transmat label with an EP of deep, gospel-tinged Motor City techno vibes!
    • Scan 7 – Chuuch
    • Scan 7 – No Enemy No Table
    • Scan 7 – Here To There
    Jon HesterDimensional EPTransmat
    Deep, melodic techno business via Derrick May's cult Transmat label!
    • Jon Hester – Dimension Seven
    • Jon Hester – Return
    • Jon Hester – Outward
    Vince WatsonDnAEverysoul
    UK techno stalwart, Vince Watson, drops an album of deep, melodic, Transmat-style techno via his own Everysoul label. Check the incredible opening track,...
    • Vince Watson – Metamorphosis
    • Vince Watson – Universal Language
    • Vince Watson – Third Wave
    • Vince Watson – Let Dreamer's Dream (Intro Mix)
    • Vince Watson – DnA
    • Vince Watson – Symbiosis
    • Vince Watson – (re)Evolution
    • Vince Watson – Fourth Wave
    BizSet Me FreeTransmat
    Reese-style techno groovers from Biz via Derrick May's cult Transmat label!
    • Biz – Set Me Free
    • Biz – Don't Stop
    • Biz – Autumn Blues
    James HoldenThe Idiots Are Winning (2019 Edition)Border Community
    Reissued edition of James Holden's 2006 classic, 'The Idiots Are Winning'. A stunning blend of skewed house and mutant techno music from this maverick...
    • James Holden – Lump
    • James Holden – Idiot
    • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£24.99
      Limited coloured vinyl edition
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    Call Super is in collusion with Parris on this one-off, two track 12" release. Just as you'd expext: left-of-centre, spaced out techno manoeuvres for the...
    • Call Super and Parris – Chiselers Rush
    • Call Super and Parris – Majenta
    Romaal KultanOff GridYAM Recordings
    YAM do the right thing and release these wicked deep techno flavours from Romaal Kultan, each dusted off with some old school breakbeat touches (check...
    • Romaal Kultan – Isit
    • Romaal Kultan – New Levels
    • Romaal Kultan – High & Mighty
    • Romaal Kultan – Turnin
    Gil.BarteL.i.G EPNeubau
    Gil.Barte returns to Neubau with another demonstration of his complex, tribal sound, delivering the title track 'L.i.G‘ as an uncompromising slow-burning...
    • Gil.Barte – L.i.G
    • Gil.Barte – L.i.G (Lamusa II Remix)
    • Gil.Barte – AGH
    Tribe Of ColinAge of AquariusHonest Jon's
    Soundboy techno, juddering bangers and hypnotic body-rockers; dazed spells and rootical wig-outs spun from early Detroit, West African field recordings;...
    • Tribe Of Colin – Creator God
    • Tribe Of Colin – Alan
    • Tribe Of Colin – Ogun Calling
    • Tribe Of Colin – Eye Of Ra
    • Tribe Of Colin – Woman Of Amazon
    • Tribe Of Colin – Self / Distance
    • Tribe Of Colin – Paradise Lost
    • Tribe Of Colin – Frequency Interference
    • Tribe Of Colin – Cradle To The Sunset
    AfrodeutscheBreak Before MakeSkam
    Essential album from the hugely-talented, Afrodeutsche who provides Skam with her debut, 'Break Before Make'. Tough, Detroit techno and electro inspired...
    • Afrodeutsche – Day Tuner
    • Afrodeutsche – And!
    • Afrodeutsche – Guess What
    • Afrodeutsche – Work It
    • Afrodeutsche – Now What
    • Afrodeutsche – Start Again Part Four
    • Afrodeutsche – Blanket Ban
    • Afrodeutsche – Filandank
    • Afrodeutsche – WTFWTFWTF
    • Afrodeutsche – You Heard Me the First Time
    • Afrodeutsche – The Middle Middle
    • Afrodeutsche – HIAEA
    • Afrodeutsche – OD
    • Afrodeutsche – The Beginning
    • 2×LP£23.99
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    DJAX-RE-UP VOL. 2Various ArtistsDekmantel
    Dekmantel focus in again on cult Dutch techno label, Djax-Up-Beats which was responsible for releasing some trans-atlantic classics (particularly from...
    • Terrace – Bewitched
    • Glenn Underground – Real Space
    • Felix Da Housecat – Temptation (Color Mix)
    • China White – Theme From The Underground
    • The Operator – The Mind Strike
    • Steve Poindexter – Body Jam
    • Mike Dearborn – Deviant Behaviour (Instrumental Mix)
    • DJ Skull – Don't Stop The Beat
    VakulaAcid ToolsBandura
    Seven untitled variations on an acid trance theme - deadly club wares from the one they call Vakula!
    • Vakula – Untitled
    • Vakula – Untitled
    • Vakula – Untitled
    • Vakula – Untitled
    • Vakula – Untitled
    • Vakula – Untitled
    • Vakula – Untitled
    Aux 88Direct Drive EPDetroit Bass Classics
    A repress of the definitive Detroit Techno Bass / Electro tracks - Aux 88's Direct Drive. Ace!
    • Aux 88 – Direct Drive
    Special RequestOffworldHoundstooth
    Paul Woolford returns to his Special Request guise, with 'Offworld'. A blend of 80s electrosoul via the sophisticated techno futurism of Detroit's Metroplex!
      AfrodeutscheRR001 EPRiver Rapid
      Raw, hardware driven techno nodding to classic era Rephlex and Underground Resistance. Skam records affilaite, the excellent Afrodeutsche, launches DJ...
      • Afrodeutsche – I Know Not What I Do
      • Afrodeutsche – Make The Call
      • Afrodeutsche – Drink
      • Afrodeutsche – Phase Two
      RroseHymn to MoistureEaux
      The highly anticipated album debut from Rrose! 'Hymn to Moisture' is the point where forward-thinking techno music converges with the uncharted depths...
      • Rrose – Columns
      • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£22.99
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      DNAonDNANonchalant Sounds From Across The Solar SystemSilver Dollar Club
      Glasgow based label co-helmed by Sombre Sam. Killer breakbeat techno wares channelling the energy of Shed / WK7 etc. Absolute beast!
      • DNAonDNA – (This is Not) A Love Song
      • DNAonDNA – Day 4 Night
      • DNAonDNA – O Jogo Bonito
      • DNAonDNA – Untitled 5
      Jeff MillsMoon: The Area Of InfluenceAxis
      Conceptual, spaced-out techno experiments from Detroit legend, Jeff Mills, who ties in this album with the 50th anniversary of the "moon landings".
      • Jeff Mills – Control, Sattva & Rama
      • Jeff Mills – Stabilising The Spin
      • Jeff Mills – The Tides
      • Jeff Mills – Sleep-Wake Cycles
      • Jeff Mills – Erratic Human Behaviour
      • Jeff Mills – Lunar Power
      • Jeff Mills – Electromagnetic
      • Jeff Mills – Decoding The Lunar Sunrise
      • Jeff Mills – Peaks Of Eternal Light
      • Jeff Mills – Measuring The Doppler Shift
      • Jeff Mills – Theia
      • Jeff Mills – 180-Degree Repositioning Phase
      • Jeff Mills – Absolute
      • 2xLP + Download Code£26.99
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      • CD£14.99
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      Forest Drive WestBlue 05Whities
      Livity Sound affiliate, Forest Drive West lands on Whities with a loaded 12" of sub-heavy techno rollers!
      • Forest Drive West – Other
      • Forest Drive West – Time
      LNSRecons Two (inc. DJ Sotofett remix)LNS
      Bit-crushed electro / techno traxx from LNS backed with a weighty dubwise remix from DJ Sotofett!
      • LNS – Recons Two
      • LNS – Ecumene
      • LNS – 37th Degree (DJ Sotofett's Dubfix)
      • LNS – Pravic
      • LNS – Lehkist
      • LNS – To Be Continued
      The Abstract EyeWhats Real Anymore?DMNSN XKNWN
      Killer techno-boogie from Gifted & Blessed operating this time and The Abstract Eye. Mini-LP loaded with propulsive electro rhythms and icy-cool, Drexciya...
      • The Abstract Eye – Algorithmns With Emotions
      • The Abstract Eye – Land, Sky And Sea
      • The Abstract Eye – You'll Miss It Later
      • The Abstract Eye – Whats Real Anymore?
      • The Abstract Eye – Y'all Are A Bit Much
      • The Abstract Eye – Butterfly Patterns
      Zegin BernatoreDraebt Af Et Tilbud (inc. DJ Sotofett remix)Oblivion Dip
      DJ Sotofett works in some weighty dubwise muscle into this idiosyncratic techno EP release from Zegin Bernatore. Strong.
      • Zegin Bernatore – Dræbt Af Et Tilbud (Original Mix)
      • Zegin Bernatore – Dræbt Af Et Tilbud (Skeletonmix)
      • Zegin Bernatore – Dræbt Af Et Tilbud (DJ Sotofett's Laton Remix)
      • Zegin Bernatore – Panning (Cymbalmix)
      Zero BLock Up (inc. 2 Bad Mice / Lady Blacktronika / Red Rack'em / Jerome Hill remixes)Food Music
      One of 1991's biggest rave anthems gets a reboot with new remixes from the likes of veterans 2 Bad Mice, Lady Blacktronika, Red Rack'em, Jerome Hill and...
      • Zero B – Lock Up (2019 Remaster)
      • Zero B – Lock Up (2 Bad Mice Remix)
      • Zero B – Lock Up (Lady Blacktronika Remix)
      • Zero B – Lock Up (Red Rack'em Remix)
      • Zero B – Lock Up (Jerome Hill Remix)
      • Zero B – Lock Up (Kiwi Rework)
      • Zero B – Lock Up (Necrotype Remix)
      Melancholy ManPrecautionWarriors Dance
      Reissue of this sought-after rave/breakbeat classic from 1991, remastered and revised with bonus previously unreleased tracks from the original sessions.
      • Melancholy Man – Precaution
      • Melancholy Man – Precaution (Unreleased Mix 3)
      • Melancholy Man – Caution
      • Melancholy Man – Extra Caution
      Karen GwyerMan on MountainDon't Be Afraid
      Karen Gwyer returns to Don't Be Afraid with her first new work since 2017's superb 'Rembo' album. 'Man On Mountain' is a further evolvement of the duality...
      • Karen Gwyer – Faces on Ankles
      • Karen Gwyer – Ian on Fire
      • Karen Gwyer – Cherries on Shoulders
      • Karen Gwyer – Ribbon on Neck
      Hieroglyphic BeingA Synthetic Love Life Vol. 2Mathematics Recordings
      Raw, analogue techno jams done Chi-Town style from the one and only Hieroglyphic Being!
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Synthetic Rhythm 9
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Synthetic Rhythm 10
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Synthetic Rhythm 11
      • Hieroglyphic Being – Synthetic Rhythm 12
      Ondo FuddEyes Glide Through The OxideThe Trilogy Tapes
      Call Super switches into his Ondo Fudd guise once again for another eccentric trip to the outer reaches of techno via The Trilogy Tapes!
      • Ondo Fudd – Eyes Glide Through The Oxide
      • Ondo Fudd – Joyride To My Inside
      • Ondo Fudd – Earth Queen Voice
      • Call Super – The Mess
      • Ondo Fudd – Fluenka's Song
      LCD Soundsystem / Paperclip PeopleThrowPlanet E
      Repress of the classic Carl Craig track originally released in 2010, featuring an LCD Soundsystem production on the A side and a Paperclip People production...
        HypnobeatForbidden PlantArtificial Dance
        Ace drum and minimal wave tracks from 80s DIY music heroes, Hypnobeat!
        • Hypnobeat – Polychrome Desert
        • Hypnobeat – Spies In Malaysia
        • Hypnobeat – Sumatra Railway
        Aux 88My AUX Mind (feat. Cybotron & Egyptian Lover remixes)Direct Beat Classics
        Classic, Detroit techno/electro from 1995 gets reissued with exclusive new remixes from Juan Atkins as Cybotron and Egyptian Lover!
        • Aux 88 – My AUX Mind (Cybotron Mix)
        • Aux 88 – My AUX Mind (AUX88 Original Version)
        • Aux 88 – My AUX Mind (Egyptian Lover Mix)
        • Aux 88 – My AUX Mind (Egyptian Lover Acapella Mix)
        Harmonious TheloniousUnidentified Ensemble plays...Harmonious TheloniousThe Trilogy Tapes
        Twisting, sinuous polyrhythms given a distinct, ancestral, North African/Middle Eastern tonality. Superb experimental club material from the highly talented,...
        • Harmonious Thelonious – Women's Chorus From The Region Of...
        • Harmonious Thelonious – Halb Ding
        • Harmonious Thelonious – Delusion (Version II)
        • Harmonious Thelonious – Unidentified Soundtrack
        Fabio & Grooverider30 Years Of RageAbove Board Projects
        Essential compilation of music from a club that provided the "DNA of the global Jungle / D&B movement". Pioneering DJ / production duo, Fabio & Grooverider,...
        • Leftfield – Not Forgotten (Dub Mix)
        • Lennie De Ice – We Are IE (Original Mix)
        • Zero B – Lock Up
        • Wots My Code – Dubplate
        • Foul Play – Being With You
        • Fallout – The Morning After (Sunrise Mix)
        • Rhythim Is Rhythim – Emanon
        • Cybersonik – Technarchy
        • Frankie Bones – Just As Long As I Got You (Club Mix)
        • Ecstasy Club – Jesus Loves The Acid
        • Nightmares On Wax – Aftermath
        • Juno – Soul Thunder
        • 33 1/3 Queen – Searchin'
        • Q-Project – Champion Sound (Alliance remix)
        • Tronikhouse – Straight Outta Hell (Hellbound Mix)
        • Yennek – Serena X (Innerzone Mix)
        • Richie Rich – Salsa House (Original Mix)
        • Debbie Malone – Rescue Me (Club Mix)
        • Neon – Don't Mess With This Beat (Instrumental Mix)
        • The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea (Original Mix)
        • De-Lite – Wild Times (Mayday Mix)
        • D-Mob ft. Cathy Dennis – That's The Way Of The World (Dub Me Mix)
        • Top Buzz – Living In Darkness
        • Brainkillers – Screwface (Original mix)
        • Tic Tac Toe – Ephemerol
        • Ability II – Pressure Dub
        • Awesome 3 – Don't Go
        Fabio & Grooverider30 Years of Rage: Part 3Above Board Projects
        A definitive selection of tunes popular in Fabio & Grooverider's influential club night, Rage, picked by the duo themselves. Featuring classics by the...
        • Tronik House – Straight Out Of Hell (Hellbound Mix)
        • 33 1/3 Queen – Searchin'
        • Yennek – Serena X (Innerzone Mix)
        • Landlord – I Like It (Blow Out Dub)
        • Richie Rich – Salsa House (Original Mix)
        • Debbie Malone – Rescue Me (Club Mix)
        • Neon – Don't Mess With This Beat (Instrumental)
        • The Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea (Original Mix)
        JTCFlightSTRENS2Rd / The AssemblyBopside
        Metro-Detroiter JTC (Charles Manier, Dabrye, Tadd Mullinix, James T. Cotton) returns on his own Bopside label with a brace of two hypnotic, Terrence Dixon...
        • JTC – FlightSTRENS2Rd
        • JTC – The Assembly
        Lost Souls Of SaturnThe Awakening (inc. James Holden remix)R&S
        Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa’s deep and exploratory collaboration, Lost Souls Of Saturn gets the most amazing, ancestral trance / ceremonial techno overhaul...
        • Lost Souls Of Saturn – The Awakening
        • Lost Souls Of Saturn – The Awakening (James Holden's Past Life Rave Regression)
        Erik TravisTDM 365Otho / F.A.C.T
        Cult Detroit producer, Erik Travis returns with and EP of crisp electro tracks for F.A.C.T. Records!
        • Erik Travis – TDM365
        • Erik Travis – Zat Ket
        • Erik Travis – I Like It Sweet
        • Erik Travis – Doos In TDM
        • Erik Travis – Let The Universe Bang
        • Erik Travis – TDM Nonstop
        Fabio & Grooverider30 Years of Rage: Part 2Above Board Projects
        A definitive selection of tunes popular in Fabio & Grooverider's influential club night, Rage, picked by the duo themselves. Featuring classics by the...
        • Rhythim Is Rhythim – Emanon
        • Cybersonik – Technarchy
        • Looney Tunes – Just As Long As I Got You (Brooklyn Club Mix)
        • Ecstacy Club – Jesus Loves The Acid
        • Nightmares On Wax – Aftermath
        • Juno – Soul Thunder
        • Bodysnatch – Just 4 U London (Kuff Mix)
        • Q Project – Champion Sound (Alliance Remix)
        Eye Of The Minotaur: Collage 001Various ArtistsSoft Machine
        An EP of lo-fi, overdriven, warehouse style techno and EBM traxx. RIYL Hieroglyphic Being, L.I.E.S. etc.
        • Ciarra Black – DuPont Street
        • Stallone The Reducer – Eyes Up
        • Perfect Headache Forever – Itself Ecstatic
        • Circling Vultures – Sludge
        • Moze Pray – No Tears
        TV VictorMoondanceTresor
        Reissue of this classic ambient techno production from 1989!
        • TV Victor – Rendevouz In Space
        • TV Victor – Tomorrow
        • TV Victor – Moon Dance - The Original
        • TV Victor – They Are Coming
        • TV Victor – Strange World
        • TV Victor – Moon Dance II - The Dance
        • TV Victor – Lunatic Creature
        • TV Victor – Room To Move
        • TV Victor – Lost
        ZombyVantaBedouin Records
        An EP of chugging, warehouse style techno bruisers from the man like Zomby!
        • Zomby – Void
        • Zomby – Bleed
        • Zomby – Emerald
        • Zomby – Threshold
        • Zomby – Zexor
        BonkaCement Block EPINTA
        Bonka drops an EP of killer bass and sub heavy, techno experiments via INTA!
        • Bonka – Pootek (feat. Solpara)
        • Bonka – whendialupbecomeform
        • Bonka – dosheepdreamofandroidelectrics
        Hague style electro and hard, EBM traxx from duo, TV.OUT!
        • TV.OUT – XTC
        • TV.OUT – Live In Beit Shemesh
        • TV.OUT – Blackout
        • TV.OUT – Safe House
        Reissue of Ex-Terrestrial’s deep, mediative techno classic from 2016 that came and went with a flash via Canadian imprint 1080p! Fans of old school UK...
        • Ex-Terrestrial – Paraworld
        • Ex-Terrestrial – Aletheia
        • Ex-Terrestrial – Dreams Of Jupiter
        • Ex-Terrestrial – Blue Smoke
        Master Of IllusionsB09Brew
        Raw proto-house / experimental EBM drum traxx for the club! More floor-friendly rhythms for via the shadowy Master Of Illusions!
        • Master Of Illusions – Track 1
        • Master Of Illusions – Track 2
        • Master Of Illusions – Track 3
        CygnusDeep AnalysisCentral Processing Unit
        Tough, melodic, old school inspired electro traxx / vocoder rap from label regular, Cygnus!
        • Cygnus – Her Majesty (The Universe)
        • Cygnus – Sheffield Bleep
        • Cygnus – Deep Analysis
        • Cygnus – Ultraterrestrial
        • Cygnus – Decent Of Man
        • Cygnus – Hallucinate Data
        Mick Harris (Napalm Death, Scorn) is back on L.I.E.S. with a second EP under his Fret moniker! Rugged, overdriven techno dread that nods to early Aphex...
        • Fret – Slowly Moving In
        • Fret – The Hill
        • Fret – Pirates
        • Fret – Walking With Cameras
        Itinerant DubsHuman EmulationItinerant Dub
        Rough, analogue house and techno wares from the shadowy, Itinerant Dubs figure - the saga continues!
        • Itinerant Dubs – Dub This
        • Itinerant Dubs – Human Emulation
        • Itinerant Dubs – Three Four
        Lakker return to R&S with their stunning new album. Época is a bracing return to form,combining caustic electronics with fresh inspiration from the...
        • Lakker – Shoulder To The Bat
        • Lakker – 100 Bar
        • Lakker – Nest
        • Lakker – A Juggling Of Numbers
        • Lakker – Clavier
        • Lakker – Dropped Shoulders
        • Lakker – A Whisper In Your Ear
        • Lakker – Body From The Water
        • Lakker – Murmuration
        • Lakker – Discourage It All
        Red Rack'emWonky Techno BangerBergerac
        Red Rack'em returns in familiar fashion, following up on the monster 'Wonky Bassline Disco Banger' of 2016. Expect more eccentric, party-friendly techno...
        • Red Rack'em – Wonky Techno Banger
        • Red Rack'em – Devon Analogue 4.2
        • Red Rack'em – Nave Gazing
        ANFMauna Kea EPPacific Rhythm
        Deep, aquatic, old school style techno tracks on Pacific Rhythm from Montreal duo, ANF!
        • ANF – Mauna Kea
        • ANF – Chi-Motion
        • ANF – State/Function
        • ANF – Mary Lynne