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    The Execution of Sun Raby Thomas StanleyWasteland Press
    This book is not a biography, it is an explanation of how Sun Ra was executed in this world and on this planet.
    Hartmut Geerken and Chris TrentSun Ra - Omniverse (2nd Edition)Art Yard
    Twenty years after its first publication, Art Yard present the fully revised 2nd edition of Hartmut Geerken’s long unobtainable book 'Omniverse –...
    Sun RaMonorails and Satellites - Works For Solo Piano Vol 1, 2 & 3Cosmic Myth
    'Monorails and Satellites Volumes 1 & 2' were the first commercial LPs of Sun Ra's solo keyboard excursions. Recorded in 1966 and released on his Saturn...
    • Sun Ra – Space Towers
    • Sun Ra – Cognition
    • Sun Ra – Skylight
    • Sun Ra – The Alter Destiny
    • Sun Ra – Easy Street
    • Sun Ra – Blue Differentials
    • Sun Ra – Monorails and Satellites
    • Sun Ra – The Galaxy Way
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    The Sun Ra ArkestraThunder Of The Gods (Coloured Vinyl Edition)Modern Harmonic
    **Limited, coloured vinyl edition!** A new Sun Ra LP touches ground in the earthly bins, 50 years after its creation! Sun Ra and the Arkestra weren’t...
    • The Sun Ra Arkestra – Calling Planet Earth - We'll Wait For You (Stereo)
    • The Sun Ra Arkestra – Moonshots Across The Sky (mono)
    • The Sun Ra Arkestra – Thunder Of The Gods (mono)
    Sun RaThe Early Albums Collection 1957-1963Enlightenment
    Contains the classic Chicago albums Jazz, Sound of Joy, Super-Sonic Jazz, Interstellar Low Ways, Jazz in Silhouette, Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra, When...
      Sun RaOf Abstract DreamsStrut
      Another exclusive from the vast catalogue of cosmic jazz pioneer Sun Ra: a previously unreleased radio session most likely recorded at the WXPN FM radio...
      • Sun Ra – Island In The Sun
      • Sun Ra – New Dawn
      • Sun Ra – Unmask The Batman
      • Sun Ra – I’ll Wait For You
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      Sun RaOn JupiterArt Yard
      A mixture of live recording and studio post-production, 'On Jupiter' sounds unique to any other album Sun Ra made. The arkestra reflects a disco pulse...
      • Sun Ra – On Jupiter
      • Sun Ra – UFO
      • Sun Ra – Seductive Fantasy
      Space Is The PlaceThe Lives And Times Of Sun Ra by John SzwedPerseus
      Sun Ra, a.k.a. Herman Poole "Sonny" Blount (1914-1993), has been hailed as "one of the great big-band leaders, pianists, and surrealists of jazz" (New...
      Sun Ra & His Solar ArkestraThe Magic City (Remastered and Expanded Stereo Version)Cosmic Myth Records
      Full stereo and remastered version of this classic Sun Ra album originally from 1969 - fantastic edition!
      • Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra – The Magic City
      • Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra – The Shadow World
      • Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra – Abstract Eye (a.k.a. Cosmic Eye)
      • Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra – Abstract "I"
      • Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra – Other Worlds (Alternate)
      • Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra – The Magic City (Mono Version Ending)
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      The Sun Ra ArkestraThe Outer DarknessNorton Records
      The wonderfully quirky third chapter of lost Sun Ra material in the 'Space Poetry' series – Slightly different from the first two! Side...
      • The Sun Ra Arkestra – I Gotta Get Away
      • The Sun Ra Arkestra – Know What It’s Like On My Planet
      • The Sun Ra Arkestra – The Outer Darkness Part One
      • The Sun Ra Arkestra – The Outer Darkness Part Two
      • The Sun Ra Arkestra – This Is My Day
      • The Sun Ra Arkestra – The Scheme Of Words
      • The Sun Ra Arkestra – Black Holes In Space
      • The Sun Ra Arkestra – A Better World
      Sun Ra And His Solar ArkestraI Roam The CosmosArt Yard
      Limited, vinyl only issue of this thoroughly cosmic, intergalactic jazz experience from the one and only Sun Ra. Recorded at Slug's Saloon, New York,...
      • Sun Ra And His Solar Arkestra – I Roam the Cosmos Astro Black / Discipline 27-II
      • Sun Ra And His Solar Arkestra – I Roam the Cosmos / Discipline 27-II
      Sun RaHoliday For Soul Dance (1970)Saturn Research
      This album of standards is delightful. It is only 32 minutes long and contains one vocal track. Recorded mid-60s, released by Ra in 1970.
        Sun RaContinuation (1963)El Saturn Records
        Hyper-rare El Saturn LP, recorded in 1963, early in the Arkestra's NY period. Sun Ra (piano, space organ); John Gilmore (tenor sax); Pat Patrick (baritone...
          Sun RaStrange Celestial Road (1980)Celestial Recordings
          The band Sun Ra had at the end of the '70s was surely the funkiest he ever had.
            Sun Ra And His ArkestraBad And Beautiful (1972)Saturn Research
            Recorded in 1961 in New York City at the Choreographers' Workshop, 414 W. 51st St., the album was the second to be recorded in New York by the Arkestra...
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              Sun RaUniverse In Blue (1972)Saturn
              Featuring Arkestra stawarts John Gilmore (tenor sax) and June Tyson (vocals). 
              • Sun Ra – Universe In Blue Part I
              • Sun Ra – Blackman
              Sun RaDisco 3000Art Yard
              Legendary session recorded in Milan in 1978, this quartet recording gives John Gilmore, Michael Ray and Luqman Ali the space to improvise and solo more...
              • Sun Ra – Dance Of The Cosmo Aliens
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              Sun Ra And His ArkestraSuper-Sonic JazzEl Saturn
              Abstract free jazz from Sun Ra featuring John Gilmore and Juilian Priester!!!