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    Yabass Yaba RadicsYear Zero DubbHornin' Sounds
    Seriously good dub album from Alan 'Yaba' Blizzard recorded and mixed at Yaba Studios in London, with extra dubness coming from Al Breadwinner. For fans...
    • Yabass Yaba Radics – Enter The Cisis
    • Yabass Yaba Radics – Money Crisis
    • Yabass Yaba Radics – The End Is Nigh
    • Yabass Yaba Radics – Them A Lie, We Dub Them
    Winston Reedy & The Inn House CrewBlack PearlRoom In The Sky
    Those with a love of reggae should be familiar with the work of Winston Reedy - after all, he's been offering up singles and albums since the early 1970s....
    • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – Created By The Father
    • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – Oh Mama
    • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – Equality & Justice
    • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – You Don't Know
    • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – Message
    • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – None Shall Escape The Judgement
    • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – Love Fari
    • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – Wild Fire
    • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – Baby Love
    • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – Love Is On My Mind
    • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – So In Love
    • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – Give Love A Try
    • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – Cold As Ice
    • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – What You Sow
    • Winston Reedy & The Inn House Crew – I Won't Let You Go
    The Inn House CrewSomething SpecialRoom In The Sky
    The Inn House Crew is a nucleus of top musicians including Vin Gordon - the legendary trombone player from Studio One and Bob Marley & The Wailers - and...
    • The Inn House Crew – Jay Funk
    • The Inn House Crew – Up Shut
    • The Inn House Crew – Basidea
    • The Inn House Crew – Fame
    • The Inn House Crew – Heckling
    • The Inn House Crew – Bossa B
    • The Inn House Crew – Ten To Ten
    • The Inn House Crew – Something Special
    • The Inn House Crew – Eggs Ben Boogaloo
    • The Inn House Crew – Lesean
    • The Inn House Crew – The Dolphin
    • The Inn House Crew – Afras
    Lee Perry The UpsetterDubwise Anthology Vol.1 (Dubs)Studio 16
    Compilation of Lee 'Scratch' Perry productions, all from original 7" singles dated between 1973-79. All of the selections were recorded at The Black Ark...
    • The Upsetter – Rockstone Dub
    • The Upsetter – Noah Sugar Pan
    • The Upsetter – Ketch A Dub
    • The Upsetters – Black Bat
    • The Upsetters – Proverbs Of Dub
    • The Upsetters – Militant Rock
    • The Upsetters – Iron I
    • Lee Perry – Know Love Version
    • The Upsetters – Kiss Me Neck - Da Ba Da
    • Jah Lloyd – Leggo
    • Lee Perry – Travelling Version
    • The Upsetters – Groovy Dub
    The Upsetters with Vin GordonMusical BonesRecorded at The Black Ark Studio in 1975Studio 16
    KILLER RARITY!! Bargain priced! Very rare Upsetters & Vin Gordon album 'Musical Bones' was first released in the U.K. in 1975 only on a white-label pressing...
    • The Upsetters with Vin Gordon – Coco-Macca
    • The Upsetters with Vin Gordon – Fly Away
    • The Upsetters with Vin Gordon – The Message
    • The Upsetters with Vin Gordon – Licky-Licky
    • The Upsetters with Vin Gordon – Labrish
    • The Upsetters with Vin Gordon – Quinge-Up
    • The Upsetters with Vin Gordon – Raw-Chaw
    • The Upsetters with Vin Gordon – 5 Cardiff Crescent
    • The Upsetters with Vin Gordon – Four Of A Kind
    • The Upsetters with Vin Gordon – Voodoo Man
    The EthiopiansSongs Of Our Forefathers14 Timeless Classics from Jamaica's Top Vocal TrioStudio 16
    Long overdue collection on vinyl of The Ethiopians vocal rocksteady, early reggae output from 1968 - 1973 with killer tracks - Well Red, Everything Crash,...
    • Well Red – 1968 JA Sir JJ 7"
    • Drop Him – 1970 JA Sir JJ 7"
    • My Testimony – 1969 JJ Sir JJ (Blank) 7"
    • Everything Crash – 1968 UK Duke 7"
    • Mek You Go On So – 1970 UK Duke 7"
    • I'm A Believer – 1969 JA Sir JJ 7"
    • The Selah – 1971 JA GG's 7"
    • Sounds Of Forefathers – 1971 JA GG's 7"
    • Pirate – 1970 JA Duke Reid 7"
    • It's Impossible – 1973 JA Upsetter 7"
    • Stay Loose Mama – 1970 JA Gay Feet (Blank) 7"
    • Hong Kong Flu – 1971 UK JJ 7"
    • No Baptism – 1970 Derrick's (Blank) 7"
    • Cool It Omego – 1967 JA Gay Feet 7"
    Dennis BrownThe Joe Gibbs Discomixes Vol. 1Studio 16
    Great upbeat collection of six Dennis Brown's 12" discomixes from his work with Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson featuring classic as his version of Slave Driver,...
    • Dennis Brown – Slave Driver
    • Dennis Brown – Three Meals A Day
    • Dennis Brown – Man Next Door
    • Dennis Brown – Oh What A Day
    • Dennis Brown – Home Sweet Home
    • Dennis Brown – Open Up
    Phoenix City All-StarsSkatisfactionHappy People
    Happy People Records reissue of Phoenix City All-stars ska take on the Rolling Stones - Skatisfaction!*** Update... There are now only 198 copies of Skatisfaction...
      Horace MartinWatermelon ManMister Tipsy
      Limited repress of rare 80s roots dancehall album from one of the most underrated singers Horace Martin, featuring updated classic rhythms as "Real Rock"...
      • Horace Martin – Round The Clock Rock
      • Horace Martin – See Me Ya
      • Horace Martin – My Ghetto Queen
      • Horace Martin – Give Me Your Love
      • Horace Martin – Jamaican Dance
      • Horace Martin – Hold You In My Arms
      • Horace Martin – Tired Body
      • Horace Martin – Talk Them A Talk
      • Horace Martin – Watermelon Man
      The Unreleased Sounds Of Top RankAba/NigeriaDig This Way Records
      Eight Unreleased Digital Roots tracks made in Nigeria in the late 80s, never released or pressed, if not on a couple of test presses made on recycled plastic. Surely...
      • Yangaman Bob – Change Your Ways
      • Mysta Wey – Africa Is Burning
      • Mysta Wey – Sermon On The Mountain
      • Mysta Wey – Sweet Reggae Music
      • Yangaman Bob – Walking In The Rain, Walking In The Sun
      • The Forces – Mystic Drum
      • The Forces – Rastaman
      • The Forces – Reggae Dj
      Black Ark PlayersBlack Ark In Dub17 North Parade
      Black Ark In Dub is another piece of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s limitless musical puzzle. "Featuring a bedrock of deep and heavy rhythms recorded...
        Lee ‘Scatch’ PerryBlack Ark Vol. 217 North Parade
        Black Ark Vol. 2 is another piece of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s limitless musical puzzle. "It’s a bedrock of deep and heavy rhythms recorded around...
          Augustus PabloBlowing With The WindGreensleeves Records
          Released on Greensleeves in 1990 to glowing reviews ‘Blowing With The Wind’ went on to be Pablo’s most successful album since the seventies. The...
          • Augustus Pablo – Blowing With The Wind
          • Augustus Pablo – Twinkling Star
          • Augustus Pablo – Ancient Harmonies
          • Augustus Pablo – Creation Blues
          • Augustus Pablo – Zion UFO
          • Augustus Pablo – Eastern Code
          • Augustus Pablo – Twnty-One Years Later
          • Augustus Pablo – First World Call
          • Augustus Pablo – This Song
          • Augustus Pablo – Drums To The King
          Augustus PabloRising SunGreensleeves Records
          The release of  Rising Son in 1986 on Greensleeves began a new era for Augustus Pablo edging his Rockers revolution into the digital age. In his...
          • Augustus Pablo – Dub-Wiser
          • Augustus Pablo – Hop-I-Land
          • Augustus Pablo – Rising Sun
          • Augustus Pablo – Fire Red
          • Augustus Pablo – Jah Wind
          • Augustus Pablo – Pipers Of Zion
          • Augustus Pablo – The Day Before The Riot
          • Augustus Pablo – African Frontline
          • Augustus Pablo – Melchesedek (The High Priest)
          • Augustus Pablo – Signs And Wonders
          Guardian AngelWoman At The WellJamwax
          Sylvia Fagan aka Guardian Angel is the oldest sister of Bevin Fagan which is Matumbi's lead singer. Matumbi was the top british Reggae band from the 70's...
          • Guardian Angel – Crucial Loving
          • Guardian Angel – Spirit
          • Guardian Angel – Last Funk
          • Guardian Angel – Woman At The Well
          • Guardian Angel – World's End
          • Guardian Angel – Casablanca
          • Guardian Angel – Catch Dis Beat
          • Guardian Angel – Alive And Kicking
          The DisciplesFor Those Who UnderstandPartial Records
          For Those Who Understand is a collection of raw dubs as played on the Boom Shacka Lacka Sound System between 1991 and 1995. Eight of the best have been...
          • The Disciples – Prowling Lion (Ext. Mix)
          • The Disciples – Chetswayo
          • The Disciples – Kali
          • The Disciples – Abyssinia
          • The Disciples – Upliftment
          • The Disciples – D.P. Special
          • The Disciples – Guidance Style
          • The Disciples – Humble Lion (Ital Vibes)
          Nat Birchall Meets Al BreadwinnerTradition Disc In DubTradition Disc
          The third release on Tradition Disc, Nat Birchall & Al Breadwinner return with a killer all analogue 10 track dub album mixed & recorded at Bakery Studio...
          • Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner – Hornsman Rock
          • Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner – Dub In The Heavens Pt.1
          • Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner – Dub In The Heavens Pt.2
          • Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner – Mystical Dub
          • Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner – Struggle Dub
          • Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner – Organizer Version
          • Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner – Olaudah Equiano Dub
          • Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner – Freedom Man
          • Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner – Congo Drum Style
          • Nat Birchall Meets Al Breadwinner – Giza Dub
          Count BoboBird Of ParadiseNot On Label
          Excellent debut album from the Bristol collective Count Bobo mixing up Jazz Rocksteady instrumental rhythms, if you liked Jackie Mittoo's Soul Brothers...
          • Count Bobo – Lazy Susan
          • Count Bobo – Beat Milk
          • Count Bobo – Sierra Madre
          • Count Bobo – Toshiro
          • Count Bobo – Lunaberry Trail
          • Count Bobo – Alphonso Ribelli
          Mighty ThreesAfrica Shall Stretch Forth Her HandJah Fingers Music
          Long time out of print, originally released in 1978 on American label April Records. Heavyweight vocal roots music of the highest order featuring Noel...
          • Mighty Threes – Rasta Business
          • Mighty Threes – Sinking In The Mist
          • Mighty Threes – Backyard Movement
          • Mighty Threes – Good Thing Going On
          • Mighty Threes – Nearer To Africa
          • Mighty Threes – One Black People
          • Mighty Threes – Don't Say You Don't Love
          • Mighty Threes – Sata (Version 1)
          • Mighty Threes – Sata (Version 2)
          • Mighty Threes – Rasta Dub Business
          • Mighty Threes – Sinking In The Mist Dub
          • Mighty Threes – Backyard Dub
          • Mighty Threes – Good Dub Going On
          • Mighty Threes – Nearer To Dub
          • Mighty Threes – One Black Dub
          • Mighty Threes – Don't Say You Don't Dub
          Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of RastafariTales Of MozambiqueSoul Jazz Records
          Soul Jazz Records are releasing Count Ossie and The Mystic Revelation’s seminal 1975 album Tales of Mozambique in an expanded double album/single CD/digital...
          • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – Sam's Intro
          • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – Tales Of Mozambique
          • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – Selam Nna Wadada (Peace & Love)
          • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – No Night In Zion
          • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – I Am A Warrior
          • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – Wicked Babylon
          • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – Let Freedom Reign
          • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – Lock, Stock And Barrel
          • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – Nigerian Reggae
          • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – Run One Mile
          • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – Rasta Reggae*
          • Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari – Samia*
          Vin GordonWay Over YonderStudio 16
          From the man who played trombone on the all time classic Studio 1 anthem "Real Rock" comes forward with the long over due reissue of his first solo album...
          • Vin Gordon – Easy Living
          • Vin Gordon – Medley: Fiddler Rock, Reel Rock
          • Vin Gordon – Green Callie
          • Vin Gordon – Confucious
          • Vin Gordon – So Delightful
          • Vin Gordon – Medley: Summer Time, Blue Moon
          • Vin Gordon – Lovable You
          • Vin Gordon – Way Over Yonder
          The PioneersBattle Of The GiantsTrojan
          Rocksteady goodness, originally released on Trojan, 1970.
            The UpsettersEastwood Rides AgainTrojan
            Classic Lee Perry and the Upsetters from 1970 on Trojan, re-issued here on orange vinyl.
              Various ArtistsGreatest Jamaican BeatRock Steady Baba Boom TimeMusic On Vinyl
              Originally released in 1968 on Treasure Isle and featuring Rocksteady nuggets such as "Ba Ba Boom Time", "Queen Majesty", "Down On Bond Street" and many...
                John HoltLike A BoltDoctor Bird
                First issued in 1973, “Like A Bolt” is today widely regarded as one of the finest albums to showcase the inestimable talents of Jamaican singing legend,...
                  Ini KamozeStatementIsland
                  Released in 1984 and the follow up to his debut mini album released on Island records. Dancehall / crossover appeal with the stand out tracks "Taxi For...
                    U-RoyVersion GaloreTreasure Isle
                    “All of a sudden, Jamaica awoke one morning and U-Roy was everywhere…” - So read the original liner notes to this classic reggae LP, which originally...
                    • U-Roy – Your Ace From Space
                    • U-Roy – On The Beach
                    • U-Roy – Version Galore
                    • U-Roy – True Confession
                    • U-Roy – Tide Is High
                    • U-Roy – Things You Love
                    • U-Roy – The Same Song
                    • U-Roy – Happy Go Lucky Girl
                    • U-Roy – Rock Away
                    • U-Roy – Wear You To The Ball
                    • U-Roy – Don't Stay Away
                    • U-Roy – Hot Pop
                    Various ArtistsWhat Am I To DoTrojan Records
                    The Jamaican reggae record producer Harry Zephaniah Johnson, better known under his stage-name Harry J, started working as a producer at the end of the...
                      The EthiopiansWoman Capture ManMusic On Vinyl
                      The Ethiopians was one of Jamaica's most popular bands during the late ska, rocksteady and early reggae periods. Their third album Woman a Capture Man...
                        African Head ChargeVoodoo Of The GodsentOn-U Sound
                        2011 album available on vinyl for the first time. Master percussionist Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah joins forces once again with dubmaster Adrian Sherwood at the...
                        • African Head Charge – In "I" Head
                        • African Head Charge – The Best Way
                        • African Head Charge – Take Heed... And Smoke Up Your Collyweed
                        • African Head Charge – Stoned Age Man
                        • African Head Charge – African Bredda
                        • African Head Charge – Mysterious Happenings
                        Lee ‘Scatch’ PerryDisco Devil Vol. 4 (6 More Classic Discomixes From The Black Ark Studio 1977-9)Studio 16
                        Killer new selection of Lee Perry's Black Ark productions from the 70s featuring Augustus Pablo, Carlton Jackson, Junior Murvin, Truth, Fact & Correct...
                        • Augustus Pablo – Vibrate On
                        • Carlton Jackson – History
                        • The Upsetters – Stay Dread / Kingdom Of Dub
                        • Truth, Fact & Correct – Babylon Deh Pon Fire
                        • Junior Murvin – Tedious
                        • Raphael Green – Rasta Train
                        Lee PerryDisco Devil Vol. 5 (6 More Classic Discomixes From The Black Ark Studio 1977-80)Studio 16
                        Volume 5 of the Disco Devil Discomix series featuring deep roots vocal cuts from Junior Murvin, Twin Roots, Watty Burnett, Keith Texon & Michael Campbell.
                        • Junior Murvin – Cross Over
                        • Twin Roots – Know Love
                        • Watty Burnett – Rainy Night In Portland
                        • Keith Texon – Living My Life
                        • Michael Campbell – Schoolgirl
                        • Junior Murvin – Memories
                        CultureMore CultureJoe Gibbs Record Globe
                        Killer vocal roots album produced by The Mighty Two at Joe Gibbs Studio in 1981 featuring "Innocent Blood" "Callie Weed Song" "Weeping And Wailing"
                        • Culture – Innocent Blood
                        • Culture – Iniquity Worker
                        • Culture – Iron Sharpenth Iron
                        • Culture – Weaping And Wailing
                        • Culture – Callie Weed Song
                        • Culture – More Vacancy
                        • Culture – Play Skillfully
                        • Culture – White Belly Rats
                        African Head ChargeIn Pursuit Of Shashamane Land (Expanded Edition)On-U Sound
                        Originally issued in 1993 and the last African Head Charge album on On-U Sound for 12 years, released at the height of the band’s popularity as a staple...
                          • 2xLP + Download Code£20.99
                            Includes 8 bonus tracks.
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                          The UpsettersScratch The Upsetter AgainAntarctica Starts Here
                          "The inventive record producer and vocalist Lee 'Scratch' Perry was involved in every musical shift of note in his native Jamaica, from the rhythm and...
                          • The Upsetters – Bad Tooth
                          • The Upsetters – The Dentis' (AKA The Dentist)
                          • The Upsetters – Outer Space
                          • The Upsetters – One Punch
                          • Dave Barker – Will You Still Love Me
                          • The Upsetters – Take One
                          • The Upsetters – Soul Walk
                          • The Upsetters – I Want To Thank You
                          • Count Prince Miller – Mule Train
                          • The Upsetters – Touch Of Fire
                          • Alva "Reggie" Lewis – She Is Gone Again
                          • The Upsetters – The Result
                          Augustus PabloEarth Rightful Ruler: Emperor Haile Selassie IMessage
                          Killer late 70s album from Augustus Pablo, reissued with the original J.A. artwork, Hugh Mundell guests a one track, with stand out tracks "Java" (recut)...
                          • Augustus Pablo – Earth Rightful Ruler
                          • Augustus Pablo – King Alpha And Queen Omega
                          • Augustus Pablo – Jah Love Endureth
                          Lee Scratch Perry & Mr. GreenSuper Ape Vs. 緑 "Open Door"Tuff Kong Records
                          Tuff Kong Records will be releasing the brand new collaboration between Jamaican legend Lee Scratch Perry and New Jersey producer Mr. Green: the upcoming...
                            • CD£11.99
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                            I-Leen, Matah, High Paw, Sista Awa & Belen NataliWomen SoldierRiddims By Chalart58La Panchita Records
                            The project started with the single that Belén Natalí and Chalart58 released in early 2017, "Woman Soldier." Hence the idea came from doing a job at...
                            • Matah – On My Mind
                            • Sista Awa – Good Ova Evil
                            • High Paw – Lyrics Designer
                            • Sis I-Leen – Chase Dem
                            • Belén Natali – King Artifacts
                            Elite BeatSelected RhythmsResearch Records
                            Elite Beat is a musical collective from Portland U.S.A., who specialise in a heady mix of DIY dub, heavily influenced by Ethio Jazz, Black Ark psychedelia,...
                            • Elite Beat – Roggish & Unclean
                            • Elite Beat – Go Back to Oly
                            • Elite Beat – Budget Dancehall
                            • Elite Beat – Mellow Fellows
                            • Elite Beat – North Trini
                            • Elite Beat – Powerdance
                            • Elite Beat – Sports Radio
                            • Elite Beat – RLC (Ambient Mix)
                            Lee PerryDisco Devil Volume 3 (6 More Classics From The Black Ark Studio 1977-79)Studio 16
                            3rd instalment of the Disco Devil Black Ark series featuring Max Romeo, Jolly Brothers,Leroy Sibbles, Devon Irons and more.
                            • Jolly Brothers – Conscious Man (Seven Leaves 12" Mix 1977)
                            • Max Romeo – Norman (Upsetter 12" Mix 1978)
                            • Leroy Sibbles – Garden Of Life (Big Spanner Disco Ajax 12" Mix 1978)
                            • King Scratch – Dread Lion (Black Art 12" 1977)
                            • The Mistic – Forward With The Orthodox (Special 7" edit 2019)
                            • Devon Irons – When Jah Come (Special 7" edit 2019)
                            • 1. Jolly Brothers – Conscious Man (Seven Leaves 12" Mix 1977)
                            • 2. Max Romeo – Norman (Upsetter 12" Mix 1978)
                            • 3. Leroy Sibbles – Garden Of Life (Big Spanner Disco Ajax 12" Mix 1978)
                            • View full info and tracklisting
                            Studio One DJ PartyFeaturing Dillinger Prince Jazzbo, Lone Ranger, Michigan & Smiley and many moreSoul Jazz Records
                            Soul Jazz Records’ new Studio One DJ Party is the latest instalment from the mighty Studio One Records catalogue, a wicked new collection of the finest...
                            • Screechie Dan – We A Don
                            • Lone Ranger – My Number
                            • Dennis Alcapone – Riddle I This
                            • Kentrus – It A Fi Bun
                            • Lone Ranger – Apprentice Dentist
                            • King Sporty – DJ Special
                            • Prince Jazzbo – Little Joe
                            • Ragga Muffin – Ragga Muffin
                            • Mad Roy – Universal Love
                            • King Sporty – Choice Of Music
                            • King Stitt – Rhyming Time
                            • Prince Jazzbo – Fire Coal Version
                            • Dillinger – Fountain on The Mountain
                            • Michigan & Smiley – Thank You Jah
                            • Prince Garthie – Raindrops
                            • Jah Buzz – Automatic Clapping
                            • Dennis Alcapone – El Paso
                            • Big Joe – Nanny Version Skank
                            No Wahala In The DanceAdventures In Contemporary Reggae, Dub & ElectronicsNo Wahala Sounds
                            The tracks on this album are a snapshot of contemporary reggae, dub and electronics from mainly London based artists. In addition to the UK capital, there...
                            • Majah Tunder – Wicked Man
                            • Teshay Makeda – OMG
                            • Owen Hender & Trevor Westcarr – Last Days (Dub)
                            • U.K. Principal ft. Charmaine Holder – Theme
                            • Mosi (All The People) – Search
                            • D'Oxman – The Best Is Yet To Come
                            • Mad X – Real Sensimilla
                            • Charmaine Holder ft. U.K. Principal – Carry Come
                            • Markee Ledge – Conscious Brother
                            • U.K. Principal – More Peace (Junglist Remix By Sasha Khan)
                            Explosive Rock SteadyGreatest HitsAmalgamated Records
                            From the vaults of the legendary Jamaican producer Joe Gibbs, rocksteady gems from 1968/9 period with The Pioneers, Ansel Collins, Stranger Cole, The...
                              Vin GordonAfrican ShoresTradition Disc
                              Second release on Tradition Disc featuring Vin Gordon...don't leave! Heavyweight Sounds. Solo album excursion from the legendary Jamaican trombonist....
                              • Vin Gordon – African Sores
                              • Vin Gordon – Gold Coast Dub
                              • Vin Gordon – Styler Man
                              • Vin Gordon – Dubbing Style
                              • Vin Gordon – Spill Over
                              • Vin Gordon – Gusum Peck
                              • Vin Gordon – Voodoo Man In Dub
                              • Vin Gordon – Shucumooku
                              • Vin Gordon – Sa La Vie
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                              Sock It To Me!Boss Reggae Rarities - In The Spirit Of 69Trojan
                              ‘Sock It To Me’ collects a dozen of the rarest and most collectable tracks from the Trojan catalogue, all of which have remained unavailable on CD...
                                Dennis BovellAkoustikOld School
                                AKOUSTIK is Dennis Bovell's latest release on OLD SCHOOL only available on vinyl LP or a five song download. It features some of the most popular tunes...
                                • Dennis Bovell – Sunrise
                                • Dennis Bovell – Lovers Rock
                                • Dennis Bovell – After Tonight
                                • Dennis Bovell – Heaven
                                • Dennis Bovell – Keep On Coming
                                • Dennis Bovell – Man In Me
                                • Dennis Bovell – Ordinary Man
                                • Dennis Bovell – Movie
                                • Dennis Bovell – Walk Away
                                • Dennis Bovell – Picking Up The Pieces
                                • Dennis Bovell –  Faded Rose
                                • Dennis Bovell – Silly Games
                                Phoenix City All-StarsClash Version RockersHappy People
                                Following their Jamaican ska takes on 2 Tone Records, The Rolling Stones and Dexys Midnight Runners, Phoenix City All-stars return with their fourth studio...
                                  The ViceroysWe Must UniteThompson Sound
                                  Great vocal roots album from The Viceroys originally released in 1982 on Trojan records produced by Linval Thompson at Channel One, "Rising In The Strength...
                                  • The Viceroys – Come Closer My Love
                                  • The Viceroys – Show Me Your Company
                                  • The Viceroys – We Must Unite
                                  • The Viceroys – My Mission Is Impossible
                                  • The Viceroys – Rising The Strength Of Jah
                                  Yabby You Meets King TubbyWalls Of JerusalemWith Unreleased Mixes And Studio OuttakesPressure Sounds
                                  ‘Walls of Jerusalem’ is a unique musical collaboration between the producer Yabby You and the legendary dub master King Tubby. The two were close...
                                  • Yabby You – Walls Of Jerusalem
                                  • Yabby You Meets King Tubby – Chant Down Babylon
                                  • Yabby You Meets King Tubby – Firey Dub
                                  • Yabby You Meets King Tubby – Dub Plague
                                  • Studio Outtakes - Vivian Jackson – The Man Who Does The Work*
                                  • Vivian Jackson & The Prophets – Go To School Jah Jah Children*
                                  • More Versions - The Prophets – Jah Vengeance*
                                  • 2×LP£17.00
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                                  • 2×CD£11.99
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                                  The Flying LizardsThe Secret Dub Life Of The Flying LizardsStaubgold
                                  A collection of late 1970s dub remixes that the Flying Lizards' David Cunningham created from source tapes recorded in Jamaica by Jah Lloyd. Strange, otherworldly...