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    Nice disco picture and info book from 1979. Large format paperback secondhand original book.
    Kingsley AmisThe Old DevilsFirst Edition Hard Back 1986Hutchinson
    First Edition Hard Back 1986
    Uncorrected proof, stained pages on edges, unread. Box 1
    Uncorrected UK Proof. Soft cover. Bit worn.
    Uncorrected proof. v g condition. softcover.
    Soft cover uncorrected proof. Limited. Excellent condition. Box 1.
    Julian BarnesEngland, EnglandSoftcover uncorrected proof 1998Jonathan Cape
    Uncorrected proof, softcover. Couple of creases on cover.
    Peter BenchleyJawsUncorrected proof 1973Andre Deutsch
    Andre Deutsch, 1974. First Edition. JAWS, A Deutsch, 1973, first English edition, vg+ soft cover. Uncorrected proof dated August 16th, 1973. Scarce. A hollywood blockbuster and rare. Box 1.
    Limited Uncorrected Proof. Softcover. 1987. Unread, pages a little wavy.
    Len DeightonWinter - A Berlin Family 1899-1945Limited edition uncorrected proof number 906 / 1000
    Limited edition uncorrected proof number 906 / 1000.Yellowing cover. One crease. Box 1
    1937 Hardback Book. 1937
    Uncorrected proof. excellent condition. little fading on cover. Softcover. Box 1
    Uncorrected proof UK edition 2000. Box 1
    Uncorrected book proof 1984 Excellent condition. Box 1.
    Signed soft cover. Box 1
    Uncorrected proof little staining on cover. Softcover.
    Anita BrooknerBrief LivesSoftcover uncorrected proof 1990Jonathan Cape
    Uncorrected proof 1990 Softcover. Bend in cover.
    Rose TremainMusic and SilenceUncorrected proof soft cover 1999Chatto and Windus
    Uncorrected proof soft cover 1999 Excellent condition.
    Vikram SethA Suitable BoySoftcover Uncorrected ProofPhoenix House
    Uncorrected Proof limited edition Softcover.
    Uncorrected proof 2000. Soft cover, bends on front cover. Unread.
    Sebastian FaulksA Fool's AlphabetUncorrected SIGNED proof 1992Hutchinson
    Uncorrected SIGNED proof 1992 good condition. pages a little wavy.