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    Endangered Species Vol. 1Various ArtistsDark Entries
    Another exemplary selection of new-wave/minimal synth music from around the world, sourced by the keen-eared Dark Entries label! Previously unreleased...
    • – John King - Munich
    • – The Actor - Picture 210 (Demo)
    • – Brazil - Tvoj Svijet
    • – Jamal Khe - L'Étranger (Ana Gharib)
    • – Nightless - Abemus Mind
    Sal, Dennis & Scott (Liquid Liquid)Groove to GoInnermoods
    3 track EP of post-punk NYC disco from 3 members of the legendary LIQUID LIQUID. "GROOVE TO GO" was recorded in the 80s and was due to come out on 99 RECORDS...
    • Sal, Dennis & Scott (Liquid Liquid) – Groove to Go
    • Sal, Dennis & Scott (Liquid Liquid) – Herbie
    • Sal, Dennis & Scott (Liquid Liquid) – Live 1984
    • 12"£15.00
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    Robert RentalParalysisDark Entries / Optimo Music
    Dark Entries and Optimo team up to present some rare nuggets from the archives of Scottish synth-pop legend Robert Rental, co-produced by the great Thomas...
    • Robert Rental – Paralysis
    • Robert Rental – A.C.C.
    • Robert Rental – G.B.D.
    • Robert Rental – Untitled
    • Robert Rental – Ugly Talk
    Holy TongueHoly TongueAmidah
    Psychedelic, free-form steppers from Valentina Magaletti (who's known for her work with Vanishing Twin, Raime and Nicolas Jaar) with UK bass hero Deadboy...
    • Holy Tongue – Misinai
    • Holy Tongue – Emet
    • Holy Tongue – Erev
    • 12" EP£10.00
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    Gray (feat. Jean-Michel Basquiat)Never Gonna Leave New York CityAnasyrma Record Label
    12" £12 Formerly unreleased, super-rare tracks from the original New York scene, art-house band Gray originally fronted by the legendary artist Jean-Michel...
        CrisrailThe Game Of MusicAthens Of The North
        Athens Of The North reissue this funky US post-punk / new-wave obscurity from 1984!
        • Crisrail – November 18, 1983
        • Crisrail – November 18, 1983 (ESLA Dub) [feat. East Side Love Affair]
        • Crisrail – Hard Black Glass
        • Crisrail – Riding Seasons
        • Crisrail – Meteora
        • Crisrail – Eyes Tell All
        • Crisrail – Red Train
        L.F.T.Blood in the GrassOsàre! Editions
        KILLER new-wave, minimal synth, industrial and EBM tracks from L.F.T.! Check the icy cool opening track, 'Stay Away From The Light'!
        • L.F.T. – Stay Away From The Light
        • L.F.T. – No Covenent
        • L.F.T. – Die Geldmaschine
        • L.F.T. – Tentakel Der Liebe (ft. Rosaceae)
        • L.F.T. – Chloe-Rose
        • L.F.T. – Trapped In The Pyramids
        • L.F.T. – Manon
        Earth To MickeyBrace & BiutL.A. Club Resource
        **Repressed!** Delroy Edwards channels early Depeche Mode and Fad Gadget through his experimental synth pop guise, Earth To Mickey!
        • Earth To Mickey – Brace & Biut
        • Earth To Mickey – Factory Beats
        • Earth To Mickey – Pleasure Comes and Pleasure Goes
        Pubblicazione PrivataVarious ArtistsHiroshima 45 Chernobyl 86 Windows 95
        Re-edits of four obscure Italian library music tracks on an Italo-disco/minimal-synth tip - highly recommended!
        • BQ – Born Left Hearted (JE 458695 Discoteca edit)
        • DC – Lipstick On The Sunglasses (MM 458695 Discoteca edit)
        • DC – Elektromadkatze (WH 458695 Discoteca edit)
        • AD – European Crime (PR 458695 Discoteca edit)
        • 1. BQ – Born Left Hearted (JE 458695 Discoteca edit)
        • 2. DC – Lipstick On The Sunglasses (MM 458695 Discoteca edit)
        • 3. DC – Elektromadkatze (WH 458695 Discoteca edit)
        • View full info and tracklisting
        Interstellar Funk & Robert ValeraDevil's JuiceArtificial Dance
        Interstellar Funk and Robert Valera channel the darkwave, minimal synth and EBM vibe on this wicked EP for Artificial Dance!
        • Interstellar Funk & Robert Valera – Serge
        • Interstellar Funk & Robert Valera – Devil's Juice
        • Interstellar Funk & Robert Valera – Northsea
        • Interstellar Funk & Robert Valera – Klangin
        • 12" EP£10.99
          Out of stock
        Maxx MannMaxx MannDark Entries
        Reissue of this insanely sought-after release from the NYC underground, '82! Lyrical themes before the AIDS crisis focus on "homosexual experience before...
        • Maxx Mann – Bloody And Blue (Instrumental)
        Joy DivisionAtmosphereWarner Music
        Joy Division's haunting epic 'Atmosphere'+ the equally essential b-side 'She’s Lost Control'. THESE 3 SINGLES HAVE NEVER BEEN REPRESSED OR REISSUEDALL...
        • Joy Division – Atmosphere
        • Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
        • 12" 180gm£12.99
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        Joy DivisionLove Will Tear Us ApartWarner Music
        • Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
        • Joy Division – These Days
        • 12" 180gm£12.99
          Out of stock
        Joy DivisionTransmissionWarner Music
        • Joy Division – Transmission
        • Joy Division – Novelty
        • 12" 180gm£12.99
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        NyrabakigaCor CoronaSpaziale Recordings
        Reissue of this amazing Afro-cosmic/industrial masterpiece from Rotterdam, 81! Big with the likes of Daniele Baldelli and Beppe Loda!
        • Nyrabakiga – Cor Corona
        • Nyrabakiga – Cor Corona (Long Version)
        • 12"£15.99
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        Talking HeadsRemain In Light - Unreleased OuttakesSire
        Wicked collection of unreleased outtakes from Talking Heads' art-rock/post-punk classic 'Remain In Light' album!
        • Talking Heads – FELA'S RIFF
        • Talking Heads – UNISON
        • Talking Heads – DOUBLE GROOVE
        • Talking Heads – RIGHT START
        • 12" EP£16.99
          Out of stock
        GrauzoneRaumWRWTFWW Records
        ** Reissue of this killer dancefloor-friendly minimal synth/cold wave gem from 1980!** This EP includes the full title track sourced from the original...
        • Grauzone – Raum
        • Grauzone – Raum (Naum Gabo Rework)
        • Grauzone – Raum (Ata’s Extended Edit)
        • Grauzone – Raum (Naum Gabo Rework - Radio Edit)
        • 12" EP£12.99
          Out of stock
        V.C.V.SHum (feat. DJ Sotofett remix)Vodkast
        Georgian production duo Irakli Shonia and Sandro Kozmanishvili aka V.C.V.S deliver an EP of new wave / minimal synth tracks, smudged n' dubbed by the one...
        • V.C.V.S – Hum
        • V.C.V.S – Trapped In A Corner
        • V.C.V.S – Trapped In A Corner (DJ Sotofett AM Remix)
        Caroline KDon't Believe It's OverMannequin
        Mannequin issue a rare and lost demo tape recording from Caroline K - the founding member of cult, UK, experimental/industrial group from the 80s, Nocturnal...
        • Caroline K – Don't Believe It's Over (Original Version)
        • Caroline K – Don't Believe It's Over (Dub)
        • Caroline K – Don't Believe It's Over (Alessandro Adriani Re-Edit)
        • Caroline K – Don't Believe It's Over (Instrumental)
        • 1. Don't Believe It's Over (Original Version)
        • 2. Don't Believe It's Over (Dub)
        • 3. Don't Believe It's Over (Alessandro Adriani Re-Edit)
        • View full info and tracklisting
        Poison IdeaPick Your King E.P.Jackpot Records
        Reissue of Poison Idea's the 1983 debut from Portland'd Poison Idea. 'Pick Your King' is arguably the greatest hardcore punk release ever!
        • Poison Idea – Think Twice
        • Poison Idea – It’s An Action
        • Poison Idea – This Thing Called Progress
        • Poison Idea – In My Head Ache
        • Poison Idea – Underage
        • Poison Idea – Self Abuse
        • Poison Idea – Cult Band
        • Poison Idea – Last One
        • Poison Idea – Pure Hate
        • Poison Idea – Castration
        • Poison Idea – (I Hate) Reggae
        • Poison Idea – Give It Up
        • Poison Idea – Think Fast
        • 12" EP£22.99
          Out of stock
        Mekanik KommandoDancing ElephantsDark Entries
        Reissue of this coldwave classic from the Dutch underground, 1982 - another killer release via Dark Entries!
        • Mekanik Kommando – Stop And Play
        • Mekanik Kommando – Beauty Of Language
        • Mekanik Kommando – Window
        • Mekanik Kommando – 'A Swan In The Ocean'
        • Mekanik Kommando – Miss. B.
        Mode/IQMind / SoulPlatform 23
        Platform 23 continue to do a great service to all seekers of furtive sounds from the DIY underground, this time shining a light on the wonderful Mode I/Q....
        • Mode/IQ – Competition
        • Mode/IQ – Confidence
        • Mode/IQ – Looking Thru Your Mind
        • Mode/IQ – Two Different Things
        • Mode/IQ – At Random
        • Mode/IQ – I'm Immune
        GrauzoneEisbærWRWTFWW Records
        Official reissue of Swiss 'Neue Deutsche Welle' / post punk group Grauzone’s 1981 maxi featuring the classic title tune and the essential proto-techno...
        • Grauzone – Eisbär
        • Grauzone – Film 2
        • Grauzone – Ich Lieb Sie
        • 12"£12.99
          Out of stock
        Outro Tempo: Single PromocionalVarious ArtistsMusic From Memory
        Ahead of a second volume of the highly anticipated 'Outro Tempo' compilation, Music From Memory drops this teaser EP with the never before heard cassette...
        • Bruhahá Babélico – Babélico II
        • Individual Industry – Eyes
        Davy KehoeThe PilotWah Wah Wino
        Another oddball gem from Davy Kehoe via the unstoppable Wah Wah Wino crew! Quirky. eccentric, out-there, electronic / no-wave rhythms! Essential!
        • Davy Kehoe – The Pilot (Part 1)
        • Davy Kehoe – The Pilot (Part 2)
        Thomas LeerSaving, Drum (inc. Bullion remixes)Emotional Rescue
        Emotional Rescue dip into the work of Scottish new-wave / synth pop artist, Thomas Leer, focusing on two early 80s, DIY releases 'Saving Grace' and 'Tight...
        • Thomas Leer – Saving Grace
        • Thomas Leer – Saving Grace (Bullion Redux)
        • Thomas Leer – Tight As A Drum
        • Thomas Leer – Tight As A Drum (Bullion Redux)
        People Places & ThingsTreating Patient B (inc. Gabe Gurnsey remix)Art for Arts Sake
        Trippy industrial / wave experiments from People Places & Things backed with tough EBM remixes from Factory Floor's Gabe Gurnsey!
        • People Places & Things – Funf
        • People Places & Things – Funf (Gabe Gurnsey Remix)
        • People Places & Things – Sechs
        • People Places & Things – Sechs (Gabe Gurnsey Remix)
        • 12"£8.99
          Out of stock
        808HzCabane 8CAF?
        Club-friendly minimal-synth, industrial and darkwave traxx from 808Hz (Lux Rex) on promising-sounding new label, CAF?
        • 808Hz – Leather Jack
        • 808Hz – Rage Out
        • 808Hz – Wolfgang
        • 808Hz – Manifesto
        • 808Hz – Stuckist
        Short-Term MemoryPlus Or Minus TwoSéance Centre
        Séance Centre issues early 80s material by cult, Kansas City based minimal wave group, Short-Term Memory.
        • Short-Term Memory – Twitch & Jerk
        • Short-Term Memory – Yelping Doggies
        • Short-Term Memory – City In Mind
        • Short-Term Memory – Hysteria
        • Short-Term Memory – The Veldt
        • Short-Term Memory – The Words
        Free LevelBlue GrassInto The Light
        George Theodorakis' unreleased material as Free Level is the focus on this release from the brilliant, Into The Light label. Four unique tracks that blend...
        • Free Level – Blue Grass 1
        • Free Level – Little Fox
        • Free Level – Blue Grass 3
        • Free Level – Sun
        • 12"£8.99
          Out of stock
        AntenaCamino Del SolNumero Group
        Back in Brussels, 1982, Antena made contemporary bossanova record that provides the missing link between Antonio Carlos Jobim and Kraftwerk. Numero reissue...
        • Antena – Achilles
        • Antena – Silly Things
        • Antena – Camino Del Sol
        • Antena – Bye Bye Papaye
        • Antena – Si C'est Que Ca
        • 12" EP£19.99
          Out of stock
        ZongaminOMulti Culti
        Zongamin is back! The mastermind of one of the most underrated albums of the early 2000s, the XL released, self-titled classic. This release for Multi...
        • Zongamin – Nonstop
        • Zongamin – Underwater Paramid
        • Zongamin – Fractal Maze
        • Zongamin – DNA Mutation
        • Zongamin – Cosmic Serpent
        • Zongamin – High Tension
        • 12" EP£10.99
          Out of stock
        LolaWax The VanGroovin Recordings
        Classic proto-house / disco-not-disco tune from Bob Blank and Arthur Russell! Another essential reissue via Groovin'!
        • Lola – Kenny’s Club Version
        • Lola – Cherry’s Club
        • Lola – Radio Edit
        • Lola – Jon’s Dub
        • 12"£12.99
          Out of stock
        AmorSinking Into A MiracleNight School
        Amor are a Glasgow-based dance outfit. Their eclectic line-up bleeds eclecticism into their music, however. The band consist of avant-garde musician Richard...
        • Amor – Phantoms Of The Sun
        • Amor – Glimpses Across Thunder
        • Amor – Full Fathom Future
        • Amor – Heaven Among The Days
        • Amor – Truth Of Lufe
        Life In SodomThe Stains (inc. Alessandro Adriani remix)Mannequin
        Reissue of the group's 1991, EBM debut, 'The Stains'. This extended edition includes the bonus, 'Phantasmagoria' and a floor-wrecking mix the title-track...
        • Life In Sodom – Stains (Extended Mix)
        • Life In Sodom – Stains (Original Version)
        • Life In Sodom – Stains (Alessandro Adriani Remix)
        • Life In Sodom – Phantasmagoria
        LCD SoundsystemConfuse The Marketplace DFA
        Iconic EP from LCD Soundsystem originally released in 2007. The EP contains two non-LP tracks, including the 121⁄2 minute slo-mo disco workout ‘Freak...
          • 12"£11.99
            Expected 15 Feb
          StrandedCeline's Dilemma EPOptimo Music
          Optimo Music release a 5 track EP and also a debut release from Nashville’s Stranded, who use the backdrop of post punk, disco, and synth pop. Includes...
          • Stranded – Celine's Dilemma
          • Stranded – Celine's Dilemma (RSD remix)
          • Stranded – Time For Nothing
          • Stranded – Behind The Wall
          • Stranded – Nervous Splendour
          VideosexVideosexRush Hour
          Re-issue of this Slovenian (former Yugoslavia) new wave gem from,1984.
          • 12"£17.99
            Out of stock
          Death Of The Machines Vol.1Various ArtistsMannequin
          Wicked EBM and minimal synth traxx on the ever excellent, Mannequin label! Featuring Exterminador, Craow, R. Gamble and Plastic Ivy!
          • Exterminador – Mohammed Bin Salman (Tegeler Mix)
          • Craow – Lot
          • R. Gamble – Dead Advice (Club Mix)
          • Plastic Ivy – Exit Strategy
          • 12"£7.99
            Out of stock
          Les Choc Stars Du Zaire / Teknokrat'sNakombe Nga / What Did She SayRush Hour
          Zairian electronic dance floor banger “Nakombe Nga” by Les Choc Stars, backed with the, largely unheard Belgium new beat version on the flip from the...
          • Choc Stars – Nakombe Nga
          • Teknokrat's – What Did She Say
          • 12"£8.99
            Out of stock
          Garage ClassTerminal Tokyo (inc. JD Twitch edit)Outer Reaches
          UK punk / power pop oddity reissued with a KILLER edit from Optimo's JD Twitch, who flips the accompanying track, 'I Got Standards' into a fully functional,...
          • Garage Class – Terminal Tokyo
          • Garage Class – I Got Standards
          • Garage Class – I Got Standards (JD Twitch Say It Again Edit)
          • 10"£12.99
            Out of stock
          Patrick SelingerBusinessmenSTROOM
          Reissue of this obscure industrial / new beat release from 1989, that stood out at the time for being less propulsive and energetic than some of the other...
          • Patrick Selinger – Businessmen (Original)
          • Patrick Selinger – Businessmen (Radio)
          • Patrick Selinger – Businessmen (Instrumental)
          • 12"£12.99
            Out of stock
          New MusikThe Planet Doesn't Mind / 24 Hours From Culture - Part IIGTO
          'The Planet Doesn't Mind' is a flawless piece of shimmering electro disco, uptempo, synthetic, futuristic - almost a perfect fusion of pop and 'proper'...
          • New Musik – The Planet Doesn't Mind
          • New Musik – 24 Hours From Culture - Part II
          • 12"£8.99
            Out of stock
          A-TeamTroubleSeance Centre
          Reissue of this cult / post-punk / mutant disco 12" from '82 that fits into the whole Maximum Joy, Slits, 99 Records oeuvre and it was engineered by Mad...
          • A-Team – Trouble (Parts 1 & 2)
          • A-Team – Double Trouble (Club Mix)
          • A-Team – Trouble (BH Club Dub)
          Lord TuskCommuniqué EPMIC
          Sci-fi electro, hits and stabs of new jack swing and FM boogie from Apron / Levels records affiliate, Lord Tusk! Pulsating body music evokes the astral...
          • Lord Tusk – Shyne Eyed Gal
          • Lord Tusk – Champion Lovers
          • Lord Tusk – Beyond Limitation
          • Lord Tusk – Don't Be Shy
          • Lord Tusk – Elevation
          Split (feat. Heinrich Mueller)Various ArtistsPeripheral Minimal
          'Beta Evers / Spatial Relation', is a six-track 12" E.P., featuring Heinrich Mueller of Dopplereffekt / Drexciya! Cold, minimal synth and technoid darkness,...
          • Beta Evers – Hiding
          • Beta Evers – Soundtrack For A Tomorrow
          • Beta Evers & Heinrich Mueller – Innerhalb Der Zeit
          • Spatial Relation – Highly Questionable
          • Spatial Relation – Last Night I Dreamt
          • Spatial Relation – Spectrum Of Hues
          Respuesta AlternativaGrata CompañíaLeft Ear Records
          Previously only released on a cassette album, Australian label Left Ear have polished five choice cuts by Respuesta Alternativa - the project of Spanish...
          • Respuesta Alternativa – Amigos
          • Respuesta Alternativa – De Paso
          • 12"£13.99
            Out of stock
          Fockewulf 190Body HeatDark Entries
          Reissue of this Italian new wave gem by Fockewulf 190, originally released in the early 80s and features the great Fred Ventura on vocals!
          • Fockewulf 190 – Body Heat (Vocal)
          • Fockewulf 190 – Body Heat (Instrumental)
          • 12"£13.99
            Out of stock
          Mono BandGhost TownDark Entries
          Reissue of the 1984 debut 12” single by Mono Band from Italy via Dark Entries! 'Ghost Town' treads the line between Italo disco and the more melancholy...
          • Mono Band – Ghost Town (Vocal Version)
          • Mono Band – Ghost Town (Ghost Version)
          • 12"£13.99
            Out of stock
          WINO DWINO DWah Wah Wino
          **Back in stock - one of the standout releases of 2018!** Wah Wah Wino release this absolute gem from clandestine affiliate, WINO D! Experimental, sparse,...
          • WINO D – Untitled
          • WINO D – Untitled
          • WINO D – Untitled
          • WINO D – Untitled
          • WINO D – Untitled
          • 12"£9.99
            Out of stock