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    Stelvio CiprianiBersaglio Altezza UomoFour Flies Records
    Outrageous soundtrack/disco tune with a killer bassline and spacey moogs! Both cues taken from cult Italian crime flick from 1978, Bersaglio Altezza Uomo...
    • Stelvio Cipriani – Bersaglio Altezza Uomo (Titoli)
    • Stelvio Cipriani – Bersaglio Altezza Uomo (Caccia Mortale)
    Peppino De Luca & I Marc 4Il Dio chiamato DorianFour Flies Records
    Two heavy psychedelic groovers, loaded with fuzz guitar, tough breaks and hammond organ blasts - played by Italian library music legends, I Marc 4 with...
    • Peppino De Luca & I Marc 4 – Rito a Los Angeles
    • Peppino De Luca & I Marc 4 – Dorian Gray (Shake 3)
    Bruno NicolaiDéfense de SavoirTransversales Disques
    First LP reissue of the tense score to 1973 French thriller, Défense de savoir (L’uomo a destra basso nella fotografia) written by legendary Italian...
    • Bruno Nicolai – Sans Espoir
    • Bruno Nicolai – Une Vie Brève
    • Bruno Nicolai – L'Accusée
    • Bruno Nicolai – Retrospective
    • Bruno Nicolai – Thème De Juliette
    • Bruno Nicolai – La Vérité
    • Bruno Nicolai – Sans Espoir (Version 2)
    • Bruno Nicolai – Incompris
    • Bruno Nicolai – Une Vie Brève (Version 2)
    • Bruno Nicolai – Le Pouvoir
    • Bruno Nicolai – Thème De Juliette (Version 2)
    • Bruno Nicolai – Tourbillon Final