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    DELUXE IMPORT USA HARDBACK BOOK. OVER £20 OFF - MORE THAN 60% OFF. A GREAT BOOKAWESOME BACK - wicked photos Chicago black club life in the 1970s. Accompanied by some super deep words and poems. This book rocks!Michael Abramson takes out his small Leica camera at Pepper’s Hideout on Chicago’s South Side. 1974. Cool music. Cool scene. Over the next...
    People Apart: 1950s Cape Town Revisited offers a rich and fascinating insight into South Africa at the very beginning of the apartheid era through Bryan Heseltine's previously unpublished photography of the early 1950s. Heseltine's work is replete with historical, social and political implications; yet, at the same time, these images transcend the purely...
    DELUXE HEAVY USA HARDBACK BOOK OVER £20 OFF!!!!! (66% OFF!!!) WICKED PIX!!! Walking in the Light is John Cohen’s photographic journey towards and through gospel music. From 1954 to 1964 he photographed in the black churches of East New York, on the streets of New Haven, in the home of blind Reverend Gary Davis, as well as in the darkness of a boxing...
    Nice collectible hardback book in good condition with dustjacket in ok cond
    This catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same title, organised by the The David C. Driskell Centre for the study of the Visual Arts and Culture of African Americans and the African diaspora at The University of Maryland, College Park.
    Import USA small booklet 50% OFF!!!! CHEAPER THAN AMAZON!Exhibition Catalogue, Published by The Amistad Center for Art & Culture, Inc., 2008.
    70% OFF!!! GROOVY USA NEW HARDBACK AMERICANA PHOTOGRAPHY BOOKOver the course of several years, photographer Chris Enos travelled U.S. Route 285 from Santa Fe through south-eastern New Mexico into West Texas, documenting the nearly 500-mile corridor with its vestiges of another, more prosperous and hopeful era.
    50% OFF !!!!! STUNNING LARGE FORMAT USA HARDBACK BOOK 100s pix and text 200+ pages This book is in the style of a Warholian scrapbook, with pictures, articles and remembrances of Lance Loud.Loud became a most unlikely star when he was featured on the PBS documentary series "An American Family" in the early 1970s. Shocking the nation, he was a defiant...
    USA IMPORT PAPERBACK BOOK OVER 50% OFF - KILLER! (literally)Disco Fury. Wrathchild. Bam-Bam Bambi. Ladies Choice. Gorgeous Michelle Starr. Welcome to the world of minor-league professional wrestling. One Ring Circus pays homage to the wrestling life: the sound and the fury and the die-hard fans who are often as colorful and outrageous as the wrestlers...
    OVER 70% OFF!In 1920, black Americans made up 14 per cent of all the farmers in the nation and worked 16 million acres of land. Today, battling the onslaught of globalization, changing technology, an ageing workforce, racist lending policies, and even the U.S. Department of Agriculture, black farmers account for less than 1 percent of the nation's farmers...
    A holy water dispenser in ancient Greece serves as the first known historical reference to a vending machine. What a long way this invention has come! With our ever-growing desire to eliminate the cashier from the retail equation, Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism documents the journey vending machines have made from ancient Greece to the consumer...
    We have seen the films of professionals and propagandists celebrate Adolf Hitler, his SS henchmen, and the Nazi Party. But what of the documentary films and photographs of amateurs, soldiers, and others involved in the war effort who were simply going about their lives amid death and destruction? And what of the films and photographs that want us to...
    Gordon Parks was born with, he says, a stubborn need to be somebody. Though Parks is remembered most notably as a photographer and filmmaker, on his enthralling climb to fame between 1944 and 1978 he was successful in many pursuits, including journalism, poetry, and music. It was not always an easy journey, but by thirty-six he had overcome many obstacles...
    Large format original out-of-print paperback - excellent photos of New York's no wave/art music crossover 83-87 w/ Basquait, Haring, Warhol etc at AREA nightclub. 
    The American Southwest is a region of energetic growth and multicultural vitality. Its quaint towns are enjoying renewed attention as their rich history, striking settings and distinctive architecture attract visitors from around the world, along with Americans touring their homelands picturesque byways. Ranging from tiny villages of a few hundred people...
    In the Industrial North at the end of the 1970s, people were at work using hands and machinery to make things we all use. In the mid 80s, in Wisconsin, they built supercomputers; at the same time, near Boston, they typed on desktop computers. In New York City, in the early 90s, people stood on stock floors, trading. In 1995, in Omaha, they sat at computers,...
    Classic blue-collar americana photography book. A personal narrative photo book, spanning more than fifty years and three generations, that explores one family’s achievement and subsequent demise of the American Dream. Kereszi’s grandfather, a first-generation American and boxer-turned-junkman, built an empire of used cars and scrap metal...
    AMAZON UL PRICE £22.49 Jul 2015 Henry P. Bosse and his views on the Mississippi river between Minneapolis and St. Louis, 1883 - 1891. Good book!
    Frederic Church (1826 1900), who gained international renown for paintings such as Niagara (1857), Heart of the Andes (1859), Twilight in the Wilderness (1860), and The Icebergs (1861), was inspired by his extensive travel and study. His work was also informed by his appreciation of a new visual medium. "Fire and Ice", a selection from the several thousand...
    Large format hardback s/hand book.
    Nice imformation and photo book. (S/hand hardback book. Different cover to that shown)
    Large format hardback s/hand book.
    Large format hardback s/hand book.
    Sabbathday Lake, founded in 1794, is one of the 19 original Shaker sites in America. Whilst all the other sites are now just historical re-creations, this small hamlet in Maine continues to thrive as a vital centre for the Shaker faith in the 21st century. "A Place in Time" is a stunning collection of photographs by renowned photographer Stephen Williams,...
    American mobile homes have received little attention from cultural historians, sociologists, architects or artists. This study offers a depiction of trailers and their inhabitants. The autobiographical text seeks to abolish high and low notions of what constitutes a meaningful dwelling.
    Excellent photographic-based book on East Harlem. RECOMMENDED USA paperback
    The Depression Era photographs of Walker Evans (1903-1975) remain some of the most indelible and iconic images in the American consciousness. James R. Mellow's landmark biography of Evans-the first to make use of all his diaries, letters, work logs, and contact sheets-shows that Evans was not the social propagandist that many presume, but rather...
    Taking a cinematic approach to photography, Sharon Lockhart's photographs are the result of comprehensive preparation and staging. This book presents images taken in Brazil's Amazon Basin, in a fishing village on the island of Visio and among the rubber-trappers along the river Madeira. Focusing on a balance between composing to bring out certain...
    This is a world of elderly ladies and shopping bags, firemen battling blazing thatched roofs, days out at the seaside, and cricket on the village green. The people, only inches tall, are all residents of Bekonscot, a model village set firmly in a 1930s time warp. Everyday life, from the mundane to the extraordinary, carries on unchanged. Originally...
    In the mid-1930s, British cigarette manufacturer Stephen Mitchell & Son produced an imaginative series of 50 cigarette cards that set out to forecast the future: through specially commissioned illustrations or stills from science fiction films, the cards made predictions about transport, housing, workplaces, modes of communication and sources...
    Rosalie Peck and Jon Wilson share stories of the resilient African-Americans who built thriving communities, established strong businesses, raised churches, created vibrant entertainment spots, forged bonds among family and friends and offer a rich narrative of hardships overcome, leaders who emerged and the perseverance of pioneers who kept the...
    Photographer Otis Hairston's camera snapped nearly forty years of fond memories and historic Greensboro events- from community gatherings and North Carolina A&T Aggie homecomings to celebrations of the historic 1960 sit-in. This stunning photo collection depicts ordinary people, local heroes and national celebrities as it captures the strength...
    Born Into Brothels is the powerful story of a photographer who became a teacher in the red-light district of Calcutta, India, and the extraordinary children she met. More than 7000 women and girls work as prostitutes in this district and only one group has a lower standing: their children. This book features the photographs taken by the children....